America is Amazing But Not Sarah Palin!

Well she has not gone away. Sarah is hangin in there using all means necessary. She was not conservative in her politics! But she is called “the Teaparty Darling” she had NO understanding of industry, let alone Big Oil. But, she was talked about as some kind of oil expert.. Now some believe she’s skilled in hunting, fishing, shooting and all manner of outdoor sports. Sarah Palin the called by The Sportsman Channel “the first lady of the outdoors”. This 50 year old woman, Sarah Palin is as much a fraud now as she was years ago when she first started this lie! And you know what, she will continue as long as the media perpetuated her as legitimate, never researching or asking real questions about her unethical behavior, failed policies as a elected 1/2 term governor or her character. She was found guilty of abuse of power if anyone was wondering..

Here’s a predication. Just a guess but, her channel and this newest show isn’t gonna last for long.

Sarah Palin promo out: ‘Amazing America’.

“Noah” The True Bible Epic!

I have done some reading on the history of the Great Flood! It’s one of the most fascinating and forever relevant events in The Bible! The directions that this movie can go, are many! From the understanding that man did indeed live along side the dinosaurs to the introduction of knowledge and sexual perversion by the Watchers to the creation of a new seed.

And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel.
‎Genesis 3:16

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were giants, the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown. Genesis 6:4
Who are those men of renown all you history buffs?

Genealogy is the code of the Bible narrative. An amazing prophecy emerges when the meanings of all 72 names in the genealogy from Adam to Jesus are read sequentially!

The meaning of a name was very important in bible days. The bible itself informs the reader what the meaning of many biblical persons are, men of renown such as Adam, Cain, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all his 12 sons. Their names tell the story of why or how they were born.

Some have wondered if these names (with their meanings) were intended by God to be strung together in chronological succession to tell some larger story. Already, the first 10 names in the bible from Adam to Noah have been strung together. But do they continue to read like this all the way to Jesus, 72 persons in all?


Literal Meaning of All 72 Names-

We begin with “God” in the genealogy of Jesus just as the Gospel of Luke does. Luke calls Adam, “The son of God”, therefore “God” is the correct starting point in Jesus’ genealogy, (Luke 3:38).

The names given to the people described the events just prior to the flood and after! As a Christian I can discern when artistic license is used because I stand on the truth so I don’t fall for just anything!
Cecil B DeMille presented many Bible narratives and he even applied some artistic license to his Epic Movies! It was Epic, Spectacular and great way to get people interested in just what The Bible has to say.
1 Corinthians 9:19-23 – I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.

The movie studio and the National Religious Broadcasters released a joint statement announcing the move, and Paramount placed the following text on its website for the movie.

“The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe this story is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The Biblical story of Noah can be found in the Book of Genesis.”

Many Christian bloggers and media sites have offered their take on the upcoming Noah movie from director Darren Aronofsky and Parmount Pictures. According to early screenings and a disclaimer from the movie website, the film is likely to take some creative license with the events of Genesis 6–9.


So, should Christians see it? Here are 5 reasons to see it:

But even with such ponderables and warnings floating around, many believers are cautiously anticipating seeing Noah on the big screen in a few weeks. Here’s why:

1. It’s the Year of the ‘Christian Movie’. We’re at the start of a year in which many biblical and Christian stories are coming to the screen. Earlier today in fact I posted Christian Hamaker’s review of Son of God on Crosswalk, an imperfect but fairly well-executed telling of the life of Christ. We’ll also see Heaven is for Real, Exodus, and Mary, with possibilities for Cain & Abel and Pontius Pilate on the horizon. This is an intriguing trend. It may turn out to mean nothing, or it could be the start of another golden age of biblical epics. Those of us who are deeply interested in themes of hope, love, sacrifice, redemption, and forgiveness in film, and who have been disappointed by the quality of many works of ‘Christian art,’ are invested in finding out.

2. The Flood on Film. Imagine what today’s special effects wizards can do to make a global flood look convincing. How will they depict the concept of rain in a world that possibly has never seen it? What will the springs of the earth look like? How loud will it be, both within the ark and without? What will Noah see as the waters subside? Will we get any rationale to explain the ark not having been found (unless of course it has been)? This all has potential to be very cool. If the sights and sounds are resonant, accurate, and memorable enough, the film has promise to enhance our readings of Genesis the way a trip to the Holy Land informs our understanding of the gospels.

Find out the rest of the reasons


Even a broken clock is right twice a day

Re-postedAuthor Sedaye_man

How’s that saying go, “Even a broken clock is right twice a day”? Well, I would compare Sarah Palin to a broken clock, but I don’t want to insult the clock.

Since Palin first burst onto the scene in 2008, I pretty much always knew she was a babbling idiot. Sure, she plays well to crowds of imbeciles who fall prey to the “hockey mom” shtick she tries to portray herself as – but the reality is, she’s just not an intelligent person.

I’m sure many of you have heard that Sarah Palin made a “prediction” back in 2008 that if Obama was elected president, considering his stance on the Russian invasion of Georgia, that it would probably tempt Russia to invade Ukraine.

Heck, she even posted about it on her Facebook:
“Yes, I could see this one from Alaska. I’m usually not one to Told-Ya-So, but I did, despite my accurate prediction being derided as “an extremely far-fetched scenario” by the “high-brow” Foreign Policy magazine. Here’s what this “stupid” “insipid woman” predicted back in 2008: “After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

Let’s not pretend like she used some intricate knowledge of foreign policies to come up with her “prediction.” All she did was utilize a situation that at the time was a fairly large conflict, then pointed out the next logical country with which Russia might do the same thing.

The situation in Ukraine has nothing to do with Obama being President of the United States. If that’s her stance, did Bush’s policies (and handling of foreign affairs) lead the Russian government to invade Georgia?

Because we can’t gloss over the fact that the Russian invasion of Georgia happened before Obama was elected president. So how could what caused Russia to invade Georgia be the same thing that has now led to Russia sending troops into Ukraine, considering these events happened under two different presidents?

(Side note: I love how she had to say the nation of Georgia. She was probably afraid that millions of misguided conservatives might think Russia had invaded Atlanta – or that she thought the same.)

And let’s not forget that the unrest between eastern Europe and Russia has been going on for decades. This isn’t something that just magically sprung up in the last five years.

Palin’s comments, seemingly trying to take some kind of credit for this “prediction,” only serve the purpose of showcasing how much of a fool she really is. She cherry-picked one comment out of her thousands of absurd claims and is now trying to pass it off like she was some savant who knew exactly what would happen if Obama became president.

But the worst part is the conservative media (and those misguided conservative voters) are falling all over themselves to point out Palin’s “intelligence” by getting this “prediction” accurate.

Doesn’t this whole situation tell the story of just how ignorant this woman really is? After 5 years, she’s now basing her argument against her detractors completely on a claim with which she essentially just got lucky. One claim, one “prediction” out of thousands of absurd claims and predictions she made.

Though I doubt she, and her millions of loyal followers, are intelligent enough to really understand that.


Putin raises his head!



Watching the Olympics



And Alaskans all said .. FINALLY!

Former half term governor of Alaska Sarah Palin signed her tax structure into law in 2007, aligning herself with Democrats who said the extra revenue would help Alaska invest in new jobs. The future of Alaska will benefit from the repeal of an oil tax championed by Sarah Palin when she was governor, and it will bring in enough crude to end the state’s two-decade-long slump in production.

Governor Sean Parnell signed a bill in May that wipes out a system which was the highest tax rate on private business and it was backed by Palin. This so called conservative Republican administration essentially set up this tax system tying oil producers’ taxes to the price of crude. The end of the “progressivity” formula has triggered investments from companies including BP and Conoco that may boost the state’s output by at least 90,000 barrels a day within four years and renew exploration in the nation’s second-largest oil reserve, estimated at 3.82 billion barrels.

@AkSyrin: BP to Conoco Seek Alaskan Oil Comeback as Palin Tax Dies: Energy via @BW

Good riddance to you Sarah Palin! You will never work in this state again!!

2013 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Only in Alaska

Alaska’s wildlife getting out and about this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas from Alaska


Most Alaskan Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th, just as people do in the continent of the US. Santa Claus may arrive for a pre-Christmas visit, but, food, gift giving, and decorations are like what you might see in Texas or Wisconsin.
The songs sang at each home include Aleut words Gristuusaaq suu’uq, or Christ is born. Everyone joins in the closing words, Mnogaya leta, or god grant you many years. At the end of the carols the host provides carolers with maple-frosted doughnuts, cookies, candy, piruk, or fish pie, and sometimes smoked salmon.

In Alaska, children wander from house to house carrying a colored star on a long pole, and singing carols.

Happy Thanksgiving



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