Conservatives to Palin: We’re over you.

They’re over her.

Sarah Palin’s odd, rambling speech last weekend before an audience of committed conservative activists in Des Moines has many influential voices on the right saying that the time has come to acknowledge that the romance has gone cold and the marriage is dead.

There is also a tone of soul-searching and even repentance in some of the commentary, as pundits on the right reconsider their own role in stoking the Palin phenomenon.

“In hindsight I regret contributing to the premature deification of Sarah Palin,” columnist Matt Lewis wrote Wednesday in the Daily Beast.

He added that “maybe her early critics saw some fundamental character flaw — some harbinger of things to come — that escaped me.”

Among those critics had been Washington Post op-ed columnist Kathleen Parker, who also weighed in after Palin’s speech contending that the Republicans had themselves to blame.

“In the end, the story of Palin’s rise and fall is a tragedy,” Parker wrote. “And the author wasn’t the media as accused but the Grand Old Party itself. Like worshipers of false gods throughout human history, Republicans handpicked the fair maiden Sarah and placed her on the altar of political expedience.”

Conservative bloggers who were once Palin fans, but have since moved on.. Finally!!

Has conservative genuflection at the altar of Sarah Palin finally come to a halt?

In case you missed it, her speech in Iowa this week was not well received on the right. The Washington Examiner’s Byron York called it a “long, rambling, and at times barely coherent speech” and National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke said she slipped into self-parody. And there’s more. The Examiner’s Eddie Scarry, for example, contacted several conservative bloggers who were once Palin fans, but have since moved on.

Merry Christmas


Sarah Palin the joy of the Alaska Democrats

While governor, Ms. Palin jammed through a tax hike on oil profits as crude prices doubled between 2006 and 2008. Oil and natural-gas royalties and taxes account for roughly 90% of state coffers. Surging oil profits also helped prop up the state’s economy, personal incomes and tax revenues. While U.S. GDP plunged between 2006 and 2009, Alaska’s economy grew by a compounded annual 4.4%—the most nationwide.

Mr. Parnell, the former lieutenant governor, assumed office in July 2009 after Ms. Palin stepped down. The new governor inherited an economic crisis of Ms. Palin’s making. Oil profits subsequently plunged while drillers disembarked for Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Alaska’s crude production has fallen by 20% since 2009.

Last year Alaska’s GDP contracted by 2.5%—the only state to record negative growth. The Republican governor sought to stabilize volatile revenues and stimulate investment by reforming Ms. Palin’s progressive oil tax. Ms. Palin responded by throwing her weight behind the August referendum.

A slim majority of voters rejected the ballot measure, yet the populist furies fueled Mr. Walker’s rise. Although most people have made up their minds and or have voted already. Two weeks before the election, Ms. Palin formally endorsed the Walker-Mallott “Unity Ticket” on the pretext of encouraging political comity in Juneau. “This strong independent ticket represents an Alaskan-sized heart, putting people over party machine politics and Alaskans over egos,” she declared.

Ms. Palin is not overwhelmingly popular in her home state—a Public Policy Polling survey in August showed that just 36% of voters statewide view her favorably—but she does carry clout among anti-establishment conservatives. Given that the election appears to have been decided by fewer than 5,000 votes, and that Republican Dan Sullivan topped incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich by nearly 8,000.

Wall Street Journal

Palin’s Thanksgiving Massacre and Banquet of Word Salad

Alaska Republican Women Finally Said It



Sights and Sounds of a Palin Brawl

Valley Trash, indeed!

Through sobs, Bristol Palin, described as “heavily intoxicated” in the police report, tells police she was pushed to the ground and dragged across the grass while Klingenmeyer called her names. “They took my $300 sunglasses, they took my f**king shoes and I’m f**king just left here?”

The officer asks where she’s injured. “My f**king knees, my face, where’s my sh*t? I have a 5-year-old in the car,” she replies.



Sarah is confused about lots of stuff!

“Don’t retreat. You reload with truth, which I know is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, anyway truth,” Palin said. “The media’s favorite president. He just can’t stop telling lies.”

It doesn’t appear that a 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue NW actually exists-but the closest thing is the Willard Hotel, which is located at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW.




The green leaves are turning
To yellow, red and brown
And when the wind comes
Whistling by, they’ll

Hope you’re enjoying your PFD

Honestly it’s offensive to me that so many folks who live in a oil producing state are so ignorant of basic business practices. Oil business that is!

First off the stability of a reasonable tax regime and the selling of a small portion of BPs Alaska assets has absolutely nothing to do with each other!!

This is how it works folks. When talking of a relatively small field the big guys go in create infrastructure, start the process by exploring, and drilling test wells. If it’s financially reasonable to keep that asset they do! If not, they sell it off to a smaller company that is able to put the time into the project and yes make a profit! Look here all you haters, you still drive cars, you still use cosmetics, you still use plastic items! I can go on and on!! Get a freaking grip!

And all this hate and discontent as ALL Alaskans are enjoying a PFD check of $1884. And here is how the PFD works

Hillcorp is a good company! A matter of fact they are actually bringing back over half that number you people keep spouting!! Packages will be offered, to those who might be laid off..
Sick factor:
Interesting how the Ak liberals, Dems make this a big deal. I’m thinking since when would these people even care about the welfare or job security of a oil field worker anyway!!? Oh I’ve read the ugly coming from your side.. Your hypocrisy is obvious!! Move on!

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