Behold the Palin party fight song

AK Beat: Behold the Palin party fight song


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  1. Palinochio
    Sep 18, 2014 @ 07:14:28

    Isn’t it great that the major oil companies up here, after receiving their 2billion dollars from Captain Zero backed 100% by Syrin herself, have started to lay people off already. I mean, isn’t.t it terrific! I thought it would take big oil at least a few months to give Alaska the big middle finger again but it only took them a few weeks to lay off the first 500 folks. I just wish I could reach out to those 500 and give them Syrins address so they could personally thank her for giving big oil all her support and her vote


  2. Syrin
    Sep 19, 2014 @ 13:45:20

    So glad you spewed to me… Honestly it’s offensive to me that so many folks who live in a oil producing state are so ignorant of basic business practices.. Oil business that is! First off the stability of a reasonable tax regime and the selling of a small portion of BPs Alaska assets has absolutely nothing to do with each other!! This is how it works folks. When talking of a relatively small field the big guys go in create infrastructure, start the process by exploring, and drilling test holes. If it’s financial reasonable to keep that asset they do! If not, they sell to off to a smaller company that is able to put the time into the project and yes make a profit! Look here all you haters who still drive cars, you still use cosmetics, you still use plastic items! Get a freaking grip! And this is besides enjoying a PFD check of $1884. Hillcorp is a good company! A matter of fact they are actually bringing back over half that number you people keep spouting!! Packages will be offered no doubt to those who might be laid off.. Interesting how the Ak liberals, Dems, since when would you even care about the welfare or job security of a oil field worker!! Your hypocricacy is obvious!!


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