What We Believe… A Visual




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  1. Syrin
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 23:05:38

    Do you agree with the assumptions laid out here? I thought this showed the differences between the two political thoughts quite well! I mean not eveything will apply to everyone! Of course there are many areas where only one suggestion is offered as in the (Family love) Left nurtures, while the Right shows tough love. I believe that most families try to strike a balance between nurturing and discipline. It covers how each side feels about government to society and culture..


  2. Older_Wiser
    Jul 17, 2013 @ 06:01:57

    Actually, they’re wrong, also, to lump “libertarian” in with the left. The economic, social and political theories are very different.


  3. WakeUpAmerica
    Jul 17, 2013 @ 08:27:05

    I agree with Older_Wiser that Libertarian does not belong on the liberal side. I don’t think either party wants to own it.

    The family/adult part of the graphic is probably fairly accurate.

    The part about liberals’ view of religion is just peculiar to me. I wonder what the parameters of that assessment were.

    I find it hard to believe that most conservatives believe that homeless people in general have no work ethic or sense of shame. Certainly there are those who are that way, but there is also a large portion of homeless who are disabled, mentally ill, or lost everything in the economic implosion. There are whole families who have been looking for work for years. It is very hard to find work when they can’t bathe, wash their clothes, or cut their hair. People with jobs and homes often don’t think about that. There are also homeless people who are working hard at their jobs but are paid so poorly they need public assistance (looking at you Wal Mart).

    Certainly there are criminals who choose that life, but there are also criminals who are mentally ill, very low IQ, and wrongly accused. That part of the graphic is too simplistic on both sides.

    I think the part about war is sadly spot-on as is the part about individual rights.

    It is a conversation-stimulating graphic for sure. It would be interesting to see how the authors chose their categories and gathered their information.


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