Palin: “I’ve considered it because people have requested me [to] consider it,”

(CNN) – Sarah Palin may not be done with politics after all.
By Kevin Liptek

The former 1/2 term Alaska governor, who was also 2008’s GOP vice presidential nominee, said Tuesday she’s contemplating a bid for U.S. Senate against Democrat Mark Begich. He’s up for re-election in 2014.

“I’ve considered it because people have requested me [to] consider it,” Palin told conservative radio host Sean Hannity on his show. “I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be. And hoping there will be some new blood, new energy. Not just kind of picking from the same old politicians in the state that come from political families.”

Begich, a former mayor of Anchorage, was elected in 2008. He defeated longtime GOP Sen. Ted Stevens, who died in 2010 in a plane crash.

The 2014 race is labeled “lean Democratic” on the Cook Political Report. Joe Miller, a Republican who lost a U.S. Senate bid in Alaska in 2010, has also said he’ll run against Begich next year.

“Sen. Mark Begich has got to be replaced,” Palin told Hannity. “He had not done what he had promised to do for the people of Alaska, which is to represent what it is the nation needs in terms of energy development.”

“Because he’s on the wrong side of the aisle, he has to go along to get along with his Democrat leadership, and that’s a shame,” she continued. “That’s a waste of opportunity for our nation.”

Palin, who currently acts as a commentator on the Fox News Channel, told CNN last month she would definitely hit the campaign trail for fellow Republicans next year.

“Time’s-a-wasting. Things are moving really quickly and if we don’t get out there and defend this republic then America will be transformed into something we do not recognize,” she told CNN.

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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lovelily
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 17:42:49

    She’s so selfless. It’s no wonder she’s so likable when one meets her and that she was always the fun mom. Always doing things for others. firsthand proof doesn’t lie.


    • aussiebluesky
      Jul 10, 2013 @ 03:33:49

      Kristy, you’re forgetting that (unlike yourself) Sherry knows Sarah Palin and has known her for years. Your nonsensical blatherings are really out of place here.


    • WakeUpAmerica
      Jul 10, 2013 @ 21:29:20

      She is considering another grifting run. Tease her minions, including you, and suck as much money out of them as possible. Come on, Shit For Brains, put your money down if you think she will run. Bwaahaahaahaa ROFLMAO! You’re such a tool.


  2. bluecat
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 17:52:32

    yeah she is running-away from alaska where her approvals are below the tank not in the tank!
    she is ginnin up money for another surgical procedure paid for by sarahpac.

    oh and lovelily -she maybe was the favorite mom to bristol’s boyfriends so the rumor goes. otherwise, she was a no show as a mom, governor, human.


  3. aussiebluesky
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 18:55:31

    Such a fun mom that gave her inarticulate dropout kids a tent instead of an education. How many single parents has Sarah Palin spawned so far?


  4. mommom
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 00:13:42

    Like she considered running for President ?


  5. Moles
    Jul 18, 2013 @ 20:49:40

    “Sen. Mark Begich has got to be replaced,” Palin told Hannity. “He had not done what he had promised to do for the people of Alaska..”

    Pot meet kettle.


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