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  1. climber357
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 12:32:56

    Six billion dollars were spent in the last election, and it didn’t make a damn bit of difference.

    The Oval Office is not for sale.

    The “Real Patriots” won.


  2. WakeUpAmerica
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 13:58:39

    Just remember which leader of his party swore to make Obama a one term president (not jobs) as his top priority. Remember which party signed a pledge to not raise taxes no matter what even though the previous admin had engaged in two wars paid on credit cards and put this country in unspeakable debt while cutting revenue. And remember which party is the party of “No.” Don’t forget which party is primarily against gun control laws of any kind even though most of their constituents want the laws. Who are they working for? It sure as hell isn’t the general population who elected them.


  3. WakeUpAmerica
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 13:59:53

    BTW, so glad you finally got some sunshine and warm weather. It was way overdue.


  4. Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 00:50:39

    Which party has spent $50M in attempts to repeal the healthcare act despite knowing it will never go through? Which party refuses to pass a bill that will repair and replace our nation’s badly damaged infrastructure and bring jobs that will bring the economic recovery we’re so desperately needing for the middle class? Which party is wasting time with make-believe scandals when they ignored far more serious infractions from the previous White House occupants? The GOP is the guilty party and they prove repeatedly that the only thing they care about is their party and their individual jobs. They didn’t give a damn about foreign embassy attacks, all 11 of them, that occurred on Bush’s watch nor did they care that Bush refused to investigate the worst terror attack in world history that happened on U.S. soil until he was shamed into doing so by the families of survivors after 18 months. They’ve been trying to pass on the failures of the previous administration and set them squarely on President Obama’s shoulders since the day he was elected. It was Obama’s recession immediately after he was inaugurated and then the idiots from the GOP appearing on Fox tried to credit Bush when the economy started to improve, just like they tried to credit Bush for bin Laden being caught and killed. They obviously forgot that it only took Bush six months after 9/11 until he told the media that he didn’t know where bin Laden was, didn’t care and wasn’t worried about him. He disbanded the group set up by the CIA that was looking for bin Laden in 2005 yet the GOP still tried to give him the credit. While neither the GOP nor the Democratic Party are blameless for the situation we have today, I can say with all certainty that the GOP is doing their very best to make sure nothing improves under President Obama’s watch because they refuse to let him get any credit. Too bad for them that there are far more intelligent voters that see through their seditious tactics. They should all be booted out of Congress. I don’t think 2014 is going to look anything like the 2010 elections as the GOP is predicting and hoping. We have to rid congress of these useless cretins who are collecting a fat paycheck for doing nothing.


  5. dragonpuff
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 07:52:44

    Thank you Kate for clarifying the insanity.

    Really, I am getting tired of the lie that democrats are behaving as badly as the GOP. All of the false equivalencies are old and tired. Many old school republicans are calling out the GOP for their insanity. I think when decent republicans like Syrin start the false equivalencies this means they are horrified about how their party is really behaving. Are they aware that the deficit has fallen more in the last three years than anytime since WW2? Do they think we can just let infrastructure go and let others die as bridges collapse? Do they think not passing bills that they themselves came up with (but reject when the president goes with them) are making Americans trust them? Do they think congress can cover their own guilt when they refused to fund embassy security by screaming that the president wanted to kill his own ambassador? IRS—really? Seems like the only people who did not get tax empt in the end were liberal groups. Now the GOP cares about the press when they may have leaked things only Intelligence Committee members were supposed to know? Hmmmm, that whole Patriot Act thing seems silly now to republicans them?

    I have heard and seen the president and his family called monkeys, accused of terrorism, murder, treason, not being American, wanting to kill old people and pillared because he wanted to welcome children back to school. Republicans have taken us to the edge of financial destruction just because they refused to deal with the President who has been trying to deal with them since he got into office–no matter what they say. It is ongoing insanity by the GOP AT RIDICULOUS LEVELS. If democrats fight back—republicans become the victims suddenly. GOP congressmen and senators have behaved atrociously to get face time (Bachmann, Gohmert, Stockman, Inhofe, McCain, Cruz, King, Ayotte, Graham–the list is endless) on television. Now they are cannibalizing each other. Some GOP nut now blames Bachmann for Obama’s win and Gohmert blames John McCain for Benghazi (after McCain stupidly blamed Susan Rice–for what)?. Any republican that wants to govern or refuses to be crazy is called a RINO and dismissed out of hand. These people don’t like
    Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, women, gays, atheists, the poor,students, unions members, old people, college educated people,people who live in cities.
    Who’s left?

    I have no problem with republicans not agreeing with President Obama’s policies. But this has gone beyond. They are walking a fine line of treasonous behavior. At this point they don’t even care what their constituents want. They only care about losing money from their ideologue donors. Treason. I did not like most of George Bush’s policies–but I wanted democrats to try to work with him even when he was literally destroying the country with wars, tanking the economy and making us a laughingstock all over the world. Is it any wonder that more than seventy percent of people polled think these “scandals” are nonsensical and congress needs to get to work—something they have not done since before the elections of 2010.
    The President’s poll numbers climb and the GOP’s are in the toilet.

    I was recently at a party where the majority of the people were republican (old school republicans). One woman said she couldn’t bring herself to admit in public that she was a republican because people might think she was like “those other” republicans. Nodding heads all around. I felt bad—and I’m so liberal I walk to the left. I miss the old republican party.

    Sorry for the rant—but this is out of hand.


  6. Syrin
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 11:08:32

    Thanks for your comments! Let me just say that it’s kind of disingenuous of those of you to be soo upset and offended that the GOP is in opposition to far reaching policy under President Obama’s watch.. It seems to me that certain elements of change instigated by Obama need to be challenged!!! Besides, that’s how politics plays out in every cycle from the very beginning. Every 4 years the choice of two lines of thought, perspectives and ability to implement! (us against them), two party system! I see the failings in some high ranking Republicans and how that threatens the cause, the message! But, do any of you see that the Democrats have harbored utter hate for anyone who doesn’t believe what and how they do. I’ve felt it! It is difficult to have a conversation with these people who lack of objectivity. I’ve tried to find common ground, but Dems dont want to share the ground with a Republican Conservative! Oh how I remember the vile crap said about Reagan, George H Bush, George W. and how the Liberal Democrats were doing their very best to make sure nothing improves under any Republican President’s watch! Don’t know where we can go from here when I’m accused of false equivalencies. So all you fine people who happened to be a liberal Democrat, you saying that you cant see where your party is behaving badly?


    • dragonpuff
      Jun 02, 2013 @ 14:21:23

      Syrin it has come to this because being nice does not work being nice
      to the new republicans. I respect people’s belief systems. I am pro-choice
      but I respect anyone who isn’t. I am liberal and I respect anyone who isn’t
      until they go crazy like the modern day republicans have. When you have a congress that claims to want to help the economy but does the complete opposite.
      When you have a bunch of MEN trying to dictate what women will do with their bodies. When you have multi-millionaires trying to take food out of small children’s mouths—–people get personally fed up and angry. It should not be personal and I make it a habit not to attack people I know personal beliefs . . . .as long as they don’t release the words libtards, communists etc. Get it? You may feel attacked, but liberals are being attacked and it is just not politics, its personal because you seem to come from a party who has become unhinged because a black man lives in the WH. And you know that is the truth. Denying it would be silly.

      And Syrin, you know democrats worked with both Bushs. W and Cheney destroyed the country all by themselves. Of course I blame every dem who voted to go to war—all of them. Never in recent memory has the congress behaved this way and saying it was like this during the Bush administrations would mean that you refuse to see the truth or are just angry. They have voted against EVERYTHING this president has done. Did that happen during the Bushs.?
      No it did not. Check it out,

      And remember Syrin–Reagan left office with his poll numbers in the toilet–down in
      the thirties. He was cleaned up as a savior much later.



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