7 Qualities of Women Who Influence Nations

The Lord gives the word (of power); the women who bear and publish (the news) are a great host. Psalm 68:11, TAB

by Earma Brown
In a study conducted with ten thousand people they were asked, “Who has had the most positive influence on your religious faith?” “My mother,” was the most frequent answer from every age group. “My wife,” was the second most frequent response from men. This poll confirms woman’s gift of influence.

The gift commonly taken for granted is the woman’s ability to influence. Have you watched a little girl with her daddy? She is already getting to know her power to influence, batting those baby soft eyes or pouting those lips to close the request of what she wants. And don’t leave Grand-mama out as she scours the stores one by one to find that trinket for her beloved granddaughter.

To further confirm this fact, we may visit the fact that almost every ad has a woman present in it. Take the woman out of the ad and sales drop. Why? The truth is God has given woman the ability to influence and along with this privilege comes a responsibility to use it for God’s glory. From our physical makeup to the sound of our voice are all empowered to influence others.

Are you using your influence to encourage someone? We can choose to use this power in a godly manner influencing others for the good. We all have an area of influence to be accountable for. For example, are you influencing those around you with encouragement, respect, admiration and your faith in God? Or are you influencing them with negative words, gossip and disrespect? What about your children? Are they being influenced by your graciousness or your temper tantrums?

Let your light of influence be a signal to the weary. Influence others to the good. Godly influencers empower, persuade, and convince others to the reality of Christ and to the common good. There are some qualities to nurture to become the powerful woman of influence God has created you to be:

Use the power of invitation. We as women have the power of invitation. We have the power to attract, draw in, entice, urge, persuade, captivate and so on. Determine to use your power to invite others to obey God. Spend your invitations wisely. Make sure your invitations include inviting others to Christ.

Give good counsel. Why is it that the woman is often the friend everyone brings his or her problems to? Is it because she listens better than her male comrades? I believe its because God has gifted His woman with the ability to give good counsel. Ask God for wisdom with any counsel you attempt to give. Sometimes, the best counsel is to listen and allow the Holy Spirit to whisper the answer to the person talking.

Be an encourager. Are you influencing your husband, your family, or those in your area of influence to God or away from God? Are the decisions in your life and family lining up with God’s plans for your life? For example, God has called you and your family to a holy life. Are you suggesting you go watch the latest R rated movie? Or are you influencing your family to obey God and purify your lifestyle?

Empower others. Decide to use your power to influence to empower those around you. According to Webster to empower is to ‘influence; to give power to or to enable.’ Every now and then we all need a little appreciation. Our families, our co-workers, our associates need to know they are affirmed and appreciated.

Set a good example. Your life is often the only Bible some will read. Is anyone being influenced for Christ by the life you lead? Remember the wife of the unsaved husband. The Apostle Peter’s advice to her was even if her husband did not obey the Word of God, that he could perhaps be won over by her godly life and observing her purity and reverence (1 Pet. 3:1,2).

Be gracious. Have you learned the power of a soft answer, well-chosen words or silence? The writer of Colossians puts it this way, “Let your speech at all tines be gracious (pleasant and winsome), seasoned (as it were) with salt, (so that you may never be at a loss) to know how you ought to answer any one (who puts a question to you)” Col 4:6 AMP.

Stir to Action. Tap into your enthusiasm. Share your enthusiasm with others. It is contagious. According to the writer of Ephesians enthusiasm has the power to stir others to action. Rejoice in God’s gifts to you and use them enthusiastically.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Halftime
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 18:32:35

    Wonderful read Syrin.


    • Syrin
      Mar 09, 2013 @ 12:08:57

      Thank you for reading it.. I’m at a point in my life where being gracious is more important to me than making sure everyone sees things my way..The author asks… Have you learned the power of a soft answer, well-chosen words or silence? Yes, I have!


  2. climber357
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 08:15:07

    ¨It was his first experiment in giving the reins to a woman, and he was so much pleased with the results that he never wanted to take them back. In after life he made a general law of experience – no women had ever driven him wrong; no man had ever driven him right.¨

    The Education of Henry Adams.

    Henry would have considered Sarah to be unworthy of being called a ¨woman¨ and would have labeled her a ¨child.¨


    • Syrin
      Mar 09, 2013 @ 12:17:37

      Thank you for your comment… Read just a bit on Henry Adams.. Interesting that he had no desire in following in the footsteps of his influential family members John Adams and John Quincy Adams.. Found this statement associated with Henry… Thought this was excellent!

      Knowledge of human nature is the beginning and end of political education.


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