Do these people have no shame? Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck Heath, Jr., have a book out

Palin’s Father Had To Be Held Back From Assaulting Her Detractors

Sarah Palin’s brother and father were on Hannity last night as her brother revealed that there have been times when “I’ve had to hold him back from going after some of these people” that have attacked her verbally. Oh, and her father also indirectly said Palin lied in her book.
In case you missed it, Sarah Palin’s father and brother, Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck Heath, Jr., have a new book out about her and they’ve been making regular appearances on Fox News to promote it. Last night was the Hannity show’s turn.
First off, her father pegged her as a liar for saying in her book that she didn’t take the eyeballs of the moose (I kid you not) her Dad handed her when they went hunting together before school. “I handed them to her and in her book she said that she didn’t take ‘em. But I saw her take ‘em,” Daddy Chuck said.
After a round of laughter, Hannity asked how they deal with “the smears, the attacks, the names.” He meant the ones toward poor widdle Sarah, not the ones that are her stock in trade.
Brother Chuck said:
We’ve been listening to this for the last four years… It never stops and there’s been times when literally, I’m not kidding, I’ve had to hold him back from going after some of these people that, with the profanity and, you know, they’re hanging on these lies and doing their best to destroy her. It’s been real tough.
Do you think Hannity evidenced even a smidgen of concern that his guest had considered assaulting someone for engaging in what Hannity would have surely called free speech had it been a conservative criticizing a liberal candidate? Let’s just say he showed the same concern as when another guest announced that most blacks in Tennessee are racists. In other words, none.


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  1. Sarah Halftime
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 18:43:17

    Pooooor chuckie.

    Someone give him a pacifier and a blanket.


  2. themom
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 19:32:59

    Geez Louise!!! They speak in the same word salad language that SP speaks!


  3. sallyngarland,tx
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 20:52:34

    I don’t know why Sr and Jr don’t understand that we know plenty about Sarah. There was the 2008 campaign, Going Rogue, America by Heart, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Sarah on Fox, Sarah’s FB and twitter, Bristol’s Blog, Life’s a Tripp, Stars Earn Stripes with Todd, Dancing With the Stars 1 and 2 with Sarah in the audience, numerous magazine interviews with Sarah and Bristol, Sarah on Oprah, etc., etc. –all put out by Palin or acting as a participant. All of this and more not listed, and they still think we don’t know what THEY want us to know!??? Really!? A bit like propaganda, huh?

    We know all of this they want us to know–and much they didn’t. They love that $$$money$$$, don’t they? I actually heard Sr say how bipartisan Sarah can be (and maybe she was at one time) but she spent the last 4 years trying to act as head honcho of the Tea Party. So I assume this is being put out there in case she decides run again. They are disgusting–always trying to be in the news.


  4. Kallie
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 21:58:56

    They have no shame. They are shameful!


    • Amy L
      Oct 22, 2012 @ 06:02:13

      So Kallie, you think 100s of writers are justified in making money off unofficial biographies of famous people’s lives (despite most of it being libel, which is near impossible to prove and not worth the time usually)?

      How is THAT more respectable than the family of these famous people actually taking the time to write an honest portrait of their family life growing up in the wilds of Alaska. It’s not like these people are writing for the critics. Critics are too often irrational people by nature and few use objectivity to make a solid arguments.

      You need perspective and to stop drinking media koolaid. The media is for no one. Despite being more “left”, its job is to write a salacious and revenue earning story, regardless of accuracy. Look at the celebs who’ve been victim of the “is she pregnant? she was walking into a building (despite it being a dental building)”

      Rags will never be respectable and hardly carry truth. That goes double for blogs. IT’s all about manipulation, which makes them worse than ANY politician.


    • Amy L
      Oct 22, 2012 @ 06:04:54

      Yes, they were forced to give interviews to magazines when blogs kept writing crap about them, dragging them into the limelight even when things were calm. HOWEVER, there hasn’t been an accurate depiction with details of the Heath life growing up in Alaska. And considering all the lies about that, told by strangers to the family, is it really shocking that they wrote the book?


      • Amy L
        Oct 22, 2012 @ 06:08:20

        I mean, they had a girl who has no legal ties to Sarah’s grandson selling pictures of him, accompanied by lies, for shopping money. If that were involving anyone else’s son, you’d be outraged. Notice that same girl doesn’t obsessively promote being an aunt to a niece and buy her niece 36 gifts for all occasions. Or does she? I hope not. I hope she has more respect than that.

        It’s natural for outsiders to pursue their 15 minutes and even more natural for Wasilla resident who don’t know Sarah to pretend like they do. That happens everywhere with most famous people.

        But you cannot treat the families of the famous people as if they are wrong when they write a true account of their live growing up in Alaska for their fans.

  5. Blake
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 05:54:16

    Look at how their family and childhood in Alaska was fictionalized by ignorant outsiders penning false accounts of such things. I don’t blame them for writing this book for their fans. They lived a charming and life-defining life in Alaska. This book isn’t for you Syrin. It’s for people who actually care.


  6. Amy L
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 05:57:16

    There’s a difference between free speech and the act of speaking out of hate and ignorance and spreading libel. The latter is far too prevalent in society thanks to idle minds and trashy blogs/gossip sites that rely on blog revenue and manipulative blog titles. I would highly doubt whoever first coined the term free speech would support yellow journalism and people offering ignorant opinions.

    People need to learn the difference.


    • Oh Brooky!
      Oct 22, 2012 @ 12:33:56

      Hey Brooky! How’s life under the bridge? You sound as whacked out as ever! Poor little thing. And here YOU are on a blog offering ignorant opinions. You’re slipping bad, Brookster. Try to get a grip.

      All I can do here is offer one of my favorite lines from a movie. “She ain’t all there, is she?”

      By the way, Goofy, what’s with all of the fake names? Everybody knows it’s Brooky.


  7. guest
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 09:21:32

    Amy L/Blake, you don’t know the Palins. You don’t know Alaska. Syrin knows the Palins and Alaska.


  8. Trent
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 07:51:35

    sounds like the two chuckles only have one thing they know for sure: the ALMIGHTY dollar is what Christians worship and you get more of them if you exploit your own child. Chuck and Chuckie are doing that to Sarah; Sarah and Todd are doing that to their kids; and now Bristle is doing that to little Tripsy. Too bad that Todd wasn’t a stronger leader–his parents never did that to him and his own mother has said that she never would vote for Sarah. Now Sarah is trying to get attention for marrying an Eskimo and licking his popsicle.


  9. Lottie
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 16:24:36

    Palins are trying so hard to replace the Kardashians. No talent; no smarts but Sarah is so greedy that she will exploit her own children to get media attention. So now she is in rehab–that should cut down her promoting her new book about how to get thin without any exercise or cutting down on your helpings of comfort foods. People like the Palins can just pay for plastic surgery and go to the spa and have personal trainers–and then Bristol has to tell the world how hot her Mom is and how every guy in America wants to go to bed with her. Hard to believe that money is so important to a 21 year old that she has to pimp out her own Mom! And Sarah isn’t doing any public appearances while she is getting treatment so let’s get the media publishing stories about how beautiful Bristol is and how fit she was while dancing. Only thing is that most people could look at Bristol’s dance routine and realize that she has no energy and no talent–and she was the worse one in the competition. Bristol should have been embarrassed by her dancing–but instead all she cared about was getting more money to spend on herself and she felt no sympathy for the better dancers who were eliminated before her. Lasting until the 4th week without even practicing and getting everyone to treat her like a Diva just gave her something to talk to the tabloids about. The cell phone was stuck to her hand with Super Glue–impossible for her to practice because she was so busy trying to be a celebrity and talk show queen.


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