Politics in the Windy City

Hi Everyone! I’ve been so busy with a kitchen remodel and a trip out of state that I just have not cared too much about keeping up with my blog.

I have been talkin politics, however. First, my amazing husband finally got around to giving me my dream kitchen! We started that project. Did the demo and pulled out my old hard wood floors. We were then off to Chicago for a week. We were going for two reasons. my lil brother’s wedding and my parent anniversary. Boy, those folks like there politics! I have a story to share about a woman named Judy. Before the night is over I’m gonna want to ‘punch’ her!

Ok, so my husband Tom was invited by one of his Freedom Sledder blogging buddies to the 50th anniversary of his family business. It was a wonderful evening, fabulous food and drink. What an amazing city view from the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame

My husband’s friend Vince and his wife were gracious and very nice. All of Vince’s family were in attendance for this great achievement. We mingled and chatted about all subjects. I felt so cosmopolitan! You know, I could learn to love city life! As the sun was going down more people were showing up to the gathering. Vince was directing his friends and family to come meet his Alaskan friends. So here comes his sister Judy! She was the oldest sister! She came over started questioning mine and my sister’s city credentials. Judy proclaimed how she was a conservative living in a city of liberals. Judy went on and said I believe everyone should be able to do what they want when thy want to! She offered to my sister and I that she even smokes pot and very rarely turns down a good time! I said, well, Judy, you sound like you’re more Libertarian than Conservative. She had this weird look come over her, a unhinged look! I asked her if she’s actively involved in a political group or club.
That’s when she started to get a little annoyed at me. I re-addressed the question in case she may have misunderstood. I was thinking perhaps Republican Women’s club. She said why the f@&! would you ask me that? I responded ” I guess I’m confused to what I asked that has offended you.” I thought you liked talking politics. Judy then said to me, “not to liberals!” My sister and I together said, ” Who’ s liberal?” I mentioned that I believe in conservative values like small government, resource development. Couldn’t help myself, so I asked her what she thought about Sarah Palin. Oh, she absolutely loves her! Judy is about 54 made a point to say that lots of people tell her that he looks like Sarah. Geeez! No she doesn’t!
Judy was all over the place! She started the Palin pandering when my sister, Laura revealed that I have blogged about her for the last few years. I said, well keep in mind that she’s a liar, cheat and also a fraud and seems to be corrupting conservative perspective. My sister Laura, who I might add went to school and was friends with Sarah said, we actually know her, do you know Obama? She said, go get a life and blog or whatever about the evil Barack Obama, he’s the fraud. She went on and on about her city dealings and problem that he has created for apparently only her and her family. She was talking like she knew the Obama personally. So, I asked her! And, in her not so classy way she says, f@&$ yes! Everyone in Chicago was disgusted when Obama was elected! Thats where the conversation stopped! Music was starting to play so we went our separate ways before it got ugly! Finally, at the end of the evening she came up to me and said that I’m intelligent and seem to know about issues. But, I’m just a “angry liberal”. I was ready to punch her! .. Punch & Judy .. But instead, I laughed hysterically! As usual, because of the way I feel about an absolutely irrelevant individual such as Sarah Palin, now includes Ron Paul– I’m a liberal.







4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 00:20:07


    Happy to hear you enjoyed your trip to Chicago. It’s a great city despite the occasional wingnut named Judy. When it comes to people like her, I prefer to think of them not as a liberal, conservative, libertarian, etc. but just a very rude, crazy person who has zero tolerance for anyone who thinks differently than they do. What a despicable way for anyone to behave yet to act like that when they are a member of the family that is hosting the party? I wonder if she’ll be checking your blog to read your views on Sarah? I’ll always blame her as one of the people who first really tried to encourage this hatred of President Obama. While there were people on the left who treated President Bush with irresponsible, immature behavior, I don’t think there’s any comparison to the outright hatred by Congressional members of a political party towards a President in our nation’s history.

    The very idea that you have to be a liberal to dislike Palin was put to rest long ago. After all, the great majority of Republicans said they would never vote for her. You’re in good company, Syrin.

    Hope you’ll enjoy your new kitchen and will post pics when it’s finished. Enjoy!


    • Syrin
      Oct 06, 2012 @ 00:36:11

      Thank you Kate! You’re so right, she was just rude. It turned out that my husband’s friend Vince told my husband he was gonna sic her on me! My hub said.. Go for it!


  2. dragonpuff
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 03:10:02

    Actually Syrin, Judy just seemed crazy and delusional. She was indeed all over the place. She’s a pot smoking conservative who parties and says Chicago hated it when the President was elected?! Uuuummm . . . . .

    I think laughing at her was the best medicine. It must have tickled you to become a sudden liberal, Syrin.


  3. curiouser
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 15:47:15

    Here’s a photo that shows how much Pres. Obama’s Chicago neighbors dislike him…yelling at him and so forth. ;p

    7th picture down


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