Bristol Palin: “It’s not fair to him that he has no one here except for me.”

Nearly four years ago, Bristol Palin found herself in the public eye in what she calls “one of the most intense and embarrassing ways possible,”


It was when her unintended, out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy became national news just days after her mother was tapped as Sen. John McCain’s running mate.

For the 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, the spotlight was unwelcome. But since then, it’s something Bristol, now 21, has sought out. Two years ago, she went on “Dancing With the Stars.” Last year, she penned a memoir. These days, she’s busy courting controversy on her frequently updated blog, such as her recent criticism of President Barack Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage. And soon, Bristol will be back on TV — this time as the star of her own Lifetime reality show.

“Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” set to air on June 19, follows Bristol’s move to Los Angeles with her then-2-year-old son, Tripp. In the first episode, Bristol explains that she’s leaving Alaska to work for a charity, to “get out of my comfort zone and show Tripp another part of the world.” (It’s not Bristol’s first time living outside Alaska, however: She lived in Arizona for a few months last year, before returning home to Wasilla.) While discussing the plan with her youngest sister, Piper, their mother — casually dressed, hair piled atop her head — pops into the living room and encourages Bristol to go have “an adventure.” Later, Sarah teases Bristol and her other daughter, Willow — who’s also going to California — by singing the theme song to “The Beverly Hillbillies.”
The show is reminiscent of another Palin clan reality show, TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which offered a carefully curated peek inside the family’s life. Bristol’s show offers some of the same — shots of the Palins hanging outdoors in Alaska or spending time together at home — but there’s a bit more drama.

The second episode, for instance, gives a play-by-play of Bristol’s headline-making fight in an L.A. bar — a spat provoked by a heckler who called her mother an offensive name. The cameras follow Bristol, who has just ridden a mechanical bull, as she confronts the man, asks him if he’s a homosexual and eventually leaves in tears. “Mom, this is not fair and this is not fun,” Bristol later tells her mother on the phone. “And I’m so pissed off, Mom. The hate that we go through. How many times has this happened already?”

In another scene that recalls MTV’s “The Hills,” Bristol and Willow, both wearing big, dark sunglasses, sit outside, arguing at a café in Los Angeles. There’s also plenty of talk about Bristol’s boyfriends (her ex, Levi, who fathered Tripp, and Gino, with whom she’s “on and off”). Another scene shows the Palin girls shopping in Hollywood.

“This is a normal store …” Willow says incredulously, browsing tight, sequined dresses.

“For strippers,” Bristol quips.

As you’d expect, viewers also get a glimpse of Bristol as a single mom to her blond-haired toddler. Crying about how hard it is to raise a child alone, she says at one point, “It’s not fair to him that he has no one here except for me.”

While Bristol is ostensibly the star of the show, Willow may be more interesting to watch. Largely kept out of the spotlight during her mother’s rise to fame, the 17-year-old comes off as fun-loving, fiercely independent and unconcerned about what others think. Before moving to California, Willow laughs about quitting her job in Alaska via text message.

“You quit by texting your boss? Willow!” her mom says.

Willow shrugs it off.

In another scene, Willow and Bristol sit and chat with Sarah as she prepares for an appearance.

“I have to go study,” Sarah says, asking the girls, “Do you have any advice on Syria?”

“I don’t know what Syria is,” Willow says, smiling.

To which her mom playfully replies, “Don’t admit that publicly, please, oh my God!”


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  1. Just_a_Mote
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 21:27:42

    It is all about grifting by being “adored celebrities.” The Palin/Heath clan is a very shallow pool. Sarah is a peawit but she thinks she is much more because of her upbringing (religious delusions) and narcissism. She will never have the ability to understand her limitations. Her children are mirror images of her. They are self-important, uneducated, self-entitled, ignorant hayseeds.


  2. anon
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 01:43:06

    I don’t mean to be rude, but how much attention are we going to give the Palins under the guise of information-sharing and transparency? How many times does she need the blog world to promote her show?

    People aren’t fascinated. Nobody wants to know much of anything about this teen pregnancy’s television series. There’s a small group of committed regulars who continue the same vigilance as during the McCain campaign, both bloggers and readers. The rest of us have mild interest in our spare time, with more pointed focused interest when something actually happens. NO interest whatsoever in what the Palin family children are doing.

    Let the network promote it.

    Sorry for the rant; I’m a guest being badly behaved in your house – I’m overwhelmed and topped out. I can’t get on the internet and NOT hear something about Sarah Palin and read a repetitious blog post, reposting the same thing for the ninth time. I cannot get away from it. They’re getting more attention every day.

    MONEY has to be a motivation here. What else can it be? I don’t know how it works, if bloggers are outright contracted by Bristol’s show and promoters, or revenue is generated by clicks. Don’t care, not going to help generate revenue nor promote the Palin family’s various entertainment industry endeavors.

    I’m starting a Palin-free month in the morning. I won’t be reading my favorite blogs anymore. I simply can’t take any more Shailey Tripp, Bristol Palin, Sarah’s-got-bad-hair. This isn’t compelling thought-provoking analysis. This is boring insipid gossip.


    • Syrin
      Jun 03, 2012 @ 10:39:27

      ….how much attention are we going to give the Palins under the guise of information-sharing? I do agree that some of this is just perpetuating these people and their bad behavior. In this piece there were a few things that where to appear in this goofy show I wanted out there.. 1. Willow thought it funny and appropriate to QUIT a job by text. Shows LACK of Palin Family Values! 2. Bristol is crying and whining about being a unwed mother! Again, shows LACK of Palin Family Values! 3. This total incompetent woman — asking her obviously uneducated children for advice on Syria..
      I try to pick and choose what I post for that very reason. However, I’m told if Syrin posts it about Sarah Palin, it can’t be a real positive for her! The real fun here is I enjoy the comments from all of you!


  3. Lani
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 04:56:38

    I don’t understand why this show would be interesting to anyone. Many of us are single parents and are negotiating the relationship with the other parent. Any loving adult parent never ever says bad things about the noncustodial parent to the child. To do otherwise is to tell that child that she or he is 50% bad DNA.

    My child’s dad walked when the prenatal testing showed a possible serious problem. I researched it and found that there was a high level of misdiagnosis and chose to continue the pregnancy alone. Turns out, it was a false positive. It was hard, but I included the dad in every important event and encouraged as much interaction as possible. I took so many photos that it looks like he was always there and I wasn’t. But that’s ok. Children need to know about both parents.

    My son knows who raised him and who wasn’t always there. Unfortunately, that’s what happened. But he also knows his dad loves him and has a relationship with him. He is a young adult now and very active politically. Respectful of women and their choices. Supportive of LGBT rights. Appreciative of life’s difficult decisions. A advocate for human rights and an end to violence against women. Very stable. And working his way to a college degree.

    Good luck with that, Bristol.


  4. dragonpuff
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 08:12:10

    The Palin’s are grifting, lying, bores.
    Their children will always be used to make them money.
    And Sarah must owe Bristol a buttload to continue this reality tv crap.


  5. Linda
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 09:13:48

    some fundamentalists are not going to like hearing Sarah say “oh my God.” my parents, were they still living, would probably watch the show up until that point. and then they would turn it off and they would lose all respect for Sarah, a supposedly god-fearing woman, using the name of the Lord in vain.


    • Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
      Jun 04, 2012 @ 00:00:09

      What I have a difficult time understanding is how the fundies can still admire Palin when she’s admitted that Bristol was right when she said they don’t go to church because they just don’t have the time?! How does she reconcile her so called Christianity with her attitude towards others that is anything but Christ-like? I’m so sick of these people who are shoving their Christianity at other people and yet their actions are evil, nasty and unaccepting of anyone who is the slightest bit different than others. A real, true Christian doesn’t need to proclaim their Christianity, it’s visible in their actions. Sarah Palin has fooled some people but not all of them. Her actions and those of her children speak loudly and clearly.


  6. Guest
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 11:54:09

    Bristol could have married Levi. So, whining about doing everything by herself doesn’t make any sense. The only ones who will feel sorry for the daughter of the millionaire Palin are Palinbots.

    I went to c4pee the other day. One bot actually said that Sarah would still be happy if she “lost her millions because there are free hiking trails and beautiful views.” There are no words for their delusions.


    • different guest
      Jun 03, 2012 @ 12:55:43

      The defendant is hereby sentenced to disgorge the remaining funds and to through hike the Appalachian Trail in an orange jumpsuit. Weekly reports will be submitted to this court by the defendant reporting hours hiked and miles traveled. Sunsets shall be enjoyed without intrusive media present.

      In the absence of funds to repay donors, letters of apology shall be handwritten by the defendant and sent to the clerk of court who will inspect same for inappropriate comments and spelling errors before forwarding to the defrauded. Any sightings of foreign lands and Crunch Wrap Supremes shall be reported to this court, also, too.


    • Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
      Jun 04, 2012 @ 00:02:34

      C4P is truly delusional and think Sarah is perfection. They’re incapable of seeing and understanding reality. Have they yet to accept that she won’t be nominated at the RNC convention? Or are they still planning their takeover?


  7. WakeUpAmerica
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 11:55:16

    Another Palin “Waaah waah, boo hoo!! Everyone’s picking on me!” non-reality show. I would rather set my hair on fire and stick pins in my eyes than watch this. They are boring people (among other things). I wonder if the this train wreck will show Todd at work pimping.


  8. debbie
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 15:40:59

    It is not fair to her son to continue to let Tripp not see his family. Even if Levi is behind child support payments, it is not a reason, by law, to hold a parent at bay and not let the parent’s visitation take place.


  9. WakeUpAmerica
    Jun 03, 2012 @ 16:55:53

    No surprise that the daughter of Pimp Daddy and Media Whore would do a victim sequence for Lifetime. The turd didn’t fall far from the butts.


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