Ron Paul takeover of the Alaska Republican Party

This is a tale of deception and ignorance.

Call to Convention

Alaska State Convention:

Elected State Convention Delegates gathered at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel from April 26-28 for the 2012 Republican State Convention. The State Convention will adopt the 2012 Alaska Republican Platform & Resolutions and the ARP Rules. The State Officers & National Convention Delegates bound by the March 6 PPP vote will be elected. Article V of the ARP Rules provide the process for the State Convention. Here are the RULES of convention

I didn’t get to join in on the GOP activities until late Friday afternoon. Why? I had to work my day job. Besides, I wasn’t a delegate this time around! I and a couple other workerbee ladies decided that we were going to sit this one out and hang at the Alaska Federation of Republican Woman’s booth to be in a position to see and hear about all the day’s events from lots of different sources. Yes, Republicans like to wear lot’s of political swag! We had elephants on scarves, key chains, jackets, vests and pins! Oh, it didn’t take me long to spot a piece of trash hanging around since 2008. You guessed it! There was a pink McCain/Palin pin. I paid $2.00 and I quickly tossed it in the trash! It was worth it to me to get it out of circulation!

There are so many things that do happen regularly at convention that should bring anyone who takes time to participate; a sense of unity and renewal. Districts coming together and finally having an opportunity to meet people you may have never met in person, but have had contact by Facebook, Skype or email. There has been coordination and cooperation between membership on all sorts of state wide issues and events in the last two years. Republicans in all parts of Alaska break out into committee to discuss the party platform and how or if anything should be changed or amended.

My favorite part of a political gathering like this is the exchange of information on how to serve our respective communities and of course, all those creative fundraising ideas. Remember, this is not a regular year, it is a presidential campaign year. Let me say that when I first saw that there was an insurgence of energetic people I thought we should at least at the local level embrace these new people. Which leads me to the rest of the story…

I arrived around 4pm Friday at the Hilton Anchorage where this event was taking place. I was staying at the Ramada a block or two down 3rd. On my walk from the Ramada to the Hilton I passed a few Ron Paul people aggressively waving signs in your face as you walk by. I was told that there was a march heading our way. Alaska Democrats with signs of their own. They read, “Republicans are waging a war on women”. Nationally the Democrats have been ambushing Republicans almost daily with topics as varied as mammograms and day care. If Republicans are truly engaged in a “war on women,” as the Democrats claim, I don’t see it! What I see is a series of statements by Republicans that are in most cases taken out of context by some media and Dems. Except of course anything spoken byRush Limbaugh. He is on a war path against women, all women, any woman! Just look at his history with relationships.

I make my way into the hotel and I found the Federation’s table situated directly across from main convention hall. Oh, goody, I thought to myself, NO, I actually said it out loud! “Oh, goody, we are not going to miss a thing!”
And, we didn’t miss ‘a thing’! There was a movement afoot in Alaska’s GOP. I personally call it a cult based on the conversations and discussions that I’ve had with what most of us call “The Ron Paul People”. These folks are in my opinion, the same one’s who have a tendency to be sycophants, useful idiots, blind followers! These are whackadoodles organizing to support another whackadoodle! And, when I say organize, I mean nationally sending out emails with instructions on how to interrupt and take over the convention to essentially give Ron Paul the delegates.

Here is an email that was intercepted from the Ron Paul organization to its Alaska surrogates directing them on how to take over the Alaska Republican Party. These tactics are reprehensible.



From: Mike Cook <>
Date: April 26, 2012 7:36:21 PM AKDT
Subject: Delegate instructions – do not forward

Alaska Ron Paul Delegates and Alternates,

We have 48 hours left until the state convention. We have 3 goals over the next 48 hours:

1. Make sure all of Dr. Paul’s delegates and alternates show up at convention.

2. Educate all of our first timers on how to outmaneuver and confuse the Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney delegates.

3. Elect Ron Paul supporters to fill ALL 24 of Alaska’s national convention delegate slots.

There areas keys to success

1. This is a numbers game. If more of Dr. Paul’s supporters turn out than any other candidate’s delegates, we control them. If more of our people show up, we take over the state convention, we change the rules, and we take over the Republican Party. Turnout is key.

2. We vote as a block and never deviate from the voting instructions dispensed by our command center. On every vote, we vote together. We will be informing you via text message on how you need to vote on every vote that comes up. If you have not sent us your cell phone number you will have with you on Saturday, please do so right away. The Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney supporters will be splitting their votes because they will not be communicating with each other like we will be doing. Our internal numbers show that if Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney delegates vote as a block, they have a majority at the state convention. So it is absolutely crucial that we use whatever tactics necessary to promote division and confusion amongst their supporters. We promote confusion and division by:

a. Gaining the trust of our opponents’ supporters and taking advantage of their ignorance so that we can gain control of them and tell them how they have to vote. For example if you are talking to Santorum supporters, tell them you are also pro-life and agree with a lot of what he has to say. Tell them you used to support him but now that he is out of the race you are supporting the only constitutional conservative remaining in the race. Tell them whatever they need to hear so that you gain their trust and establish credibility with them. Once you’ve done that you will control them.

b. Deception and Misinformation – use any means necessary to divide and conquer our opponents.

c. Prolonging the convention through parliamentary maneuvers. The longer the convention goes, the better for us. Our opposition will have a majority at the start of the convention but as the day goes on their delegates will have to leave because their baby sitter is only scheduled to watch the kids until 3pm or because they have dinner reservations, or because they just get too frustrated because the convention is taking so long. We will wait them out. We are disciplined and organized while they are weak willed and lazy. So the longer the convention goes, more and more of them will leave. All of a sudden what started out as a majority for them dwindles away and the balance of power shifts to us. We will use every parliamentary tactic in the book to prolong the meeting. Dr. Paul’s campaign has sent national lawyers who will run circles over the local Alaska lawyers. Our lawyers are ready to sue anyone who tries to get in our way.

After we take over the Alaska convention, we will be able to nominate Dr. Paul from the floor at the Republican National Convention. We will have a floor fight at the national convention and when it’s all said and done, Dr. Paul will be the nominee. Despite what the Republican Party wants us to believe, this election is not about beating Obama. This election is about cleansing the Republican Party. The poor excuse for Americans that support Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney need to be run out of the Republican Party. Once we have cleansed the Republican Party and President Paul is elected, we will end America’s wars of aggression, we will put an end to American imperialism, and we will end the Fed!

DO NOT FORWARD THIS EMAIL. The element of surprise is critical. Our opponents don’t know what is about to hit them so they will not be able to defend themselves against our superior convention organization. By the end of the day Saturday, the Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney elements within the Republican Party will be cleansed from the Republican Party and we will deliver all 24 of Alaska’s national delegates to Dr. Paul!

In Liberty,

Mike Cook

I have been told by those who have given their best to the party that they’ve learned through the years that to stop this kind of nefarious behavior one must turn the light on the perpetrator. Secret political maneuverings soon disappear once those responsible are identified and brought to task.

It is a fact that Alaska’s delegates do not carry any authority to change the outcome to who receives the party’s nomination at the national convention. That is of no value to these people.

With that I’m just sitting there minding my own business chatting with the other ladies about our fine jewelry selection when some guy who I had already noticed was just walking up and down the hall carrying a binder with Ron Paul stickers all over it, as thick as 3 layers! This guy shouted out “hey, a star pointing down is a pentagram, it’s of the devil!” So, if any of you know what I’ve been doing at the Alaska State Fair for the last 23 years you’d know that I had to talk to this guy. Even though, I promised I was going to shut my mouth and just observe. This is the first of many times I couldn’t just observe!..

So, I let him try to explain why all his pins with a star are pinned upside down. He said he’s a Christian and evoked the name of Christ when ever he could. He tried to make his case saying a star, any star that points down is pagan. FYI, stay away from using words like ALWAYS and NEVER when trying to make your case. I simply asked him ” How does this affect your salvation?” That pretty much stopped him in his tracks on that subject. But this guy was looking for someone to spew to, I listened for a while. Between my answers were “yes, ma’am”. He was nice enough and some of his rants were justified, but, most were total crazy talk! The guy is a 911 conspiracy believer, that is his true endeavor, to spread the conspiracy theory of deceit by our nation’s government . I said, “Alright, if you want to believe such nonsense it is still legal, the government has not called Marshall law, yet.” From there this guy would pass by us dozens of times an hour.

As the evening progressed the delegates and alternates were gathering for the banquet and guest speakers. Because we were not delegates we were not able to enter any of the meeting rooms. And, because armed guards were stationed at every door! So, we had to wait to hear from others or sometimes the events were televised and shown down the hall in a room made available. The ugly and ignorant of these Ron Paul people was on display in a very big way Friday night. People milling around wearing tags like WIN. So, I asked what does WIN ‘really’ mean? A lady very honestly said that she’s a captain of a group, and that she’s in charge of texting these people to give them a yes/no on the votes and to que individuals to act. Later that evening….

The plot thickens, during dinner there were several speakers from districts talking about general political topics. Later our sitting Senator Lisa Murkowski got up and headed to the podium. She was only going to be introducing the keynote speaker. All of the sudden a woman appeared she stood on her chair and was yelling out to the Senator “You’re a little Hitler” I tried to speak to you 9 years ago, you shunned me”. And, of course Senator Murkowski was unmoved and handled it by the accounts I heard with class and dignity. The only thing is that it showed the visitor to Alaska what a bunch of buffoons us Alaskans could be. The Republican Ron Paul ones, of course. But, that’s not what he’ll take back with him to his home state.

Anyway, on Saturday some people from the RP movement approached Lisa to apologize for that person’s behavior. I was standing right next to her, in fact. So on that she was asked to speak again to the delegation. Some of us were very leery that would be a good idea. An older woman who Lisa was quite fond of said to her that this action is putting her out there, again to have someone take a shot at her wasn’t necessary at this point in convention process. But, as it turned out Lisa Murkowski is indeed a class act and a true Alaskan leader who knows the value of people having passion for politics. She simply made a point that we all have more in common than we may think! Convention people sometime leave broken or think they don’t matter to the process. She said, everyone matters, and we need to have your input. She appreciates the passion and zeal from the RP people but it has to be positive, not combative.

And, finally from the bully file.

A friend and I stepped into the room where the proceedings were being televised. Remember that guy with the stickers on his binder? Well, he was in there ranting and to nobody in general! He started to recant his story about former President George Bush being part of the Illuminati. He said he had a letter. My friend and webradio co/host asked from where? he said, Washington DC, ma’am. Then she asked from who? He said, I can’t tell you that. He might be murdered! I said, is he a 911 conspiracy person too?” Out of nowhere this guy who was 6’2 steps right in front of me with his chest popped out and aggressively says, “Hey woman, what’s wrong with someone who believes in the 911 conspiracy theory? I looked up and said “quite a bit, actually. And FYI, I wasn’t talking to you sir, step back, please!!” He retreated and went back to his dark, pathetic corner of the room. I realized I should have called for security, I did feel threatened for a minute!

Reviewing some the events of the weekend with others it’s clear there is some history to this kind of thing. Where these movements roll over everyone and get into leadership positions and after all the fun and games are over and the real work begins, they are never heard of again! So, as it turned out, the outcome of the divisive and deceptive movement of Ron Paul followers is that the Alaska Republican Party has a new chairman, a Sarah Palin, Ron Paul follower with no real experience running anything, let alone a political party.

To confirm that this group is completely out of touch with reality of Alaska’s political culture, is when a friend was speaking with one of this people they made a statement that Governor Leman as in, former Lt. Governor Loren Leman, is a good man. Indeed, he is a good man, but he’s NEVER been the Governor! So, there’s the tale of a fractured Alaska Republican Party, now you know!

This is currently NOT my Alaska Republican Party.

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  1. saw you there
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 18:17:58

    I was there and the story you tell is not entirely true. It is so obvious that you are one sided. It’s people like you and your mentality that has brought on such drastic changes. Oh, and from here on out try working on your truth telling abilities. Younarebsorelynlacking in that area of character


    • Syrin
      Apr 29, 2012 @ 18:59:31

      Should of said hello! I saw more deception and deceit than I even mentioned. Do you think it’s easy for me to have to take a good hard look at what is happening to my party here in Alaska? Well, it’s not! But, this is the truth and as an engaged and somewhat educated person this is the Alaska Republican Convention 2012 as I and many others saw it unfold. No lies are necessary. This act is really going to hurt local Republican races. Thanks for commenting.


    • Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 20:33:37

      While I’m not a Republican, I’ve found that in posting on here for over two years, my posts have never been rejected nor have any nasty remarks been made by Syrin no matter what the topic. So it’s not only probable that you’re the one that is lying but it’s almost an absolute as you’ve posted nothing that defends your statement that says Syrin lied in her post. She doesn’t lie on here that is why she gets so many posters from both sides of the aisle. Unless you can tell us what isn’t true, with proof of the same, you owe Syrin and her readers an apology.


  2. raygotaway
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 18:41:16

    I wish the Alaskan GOP luck Syrin. I’m a liberal and our political beliefs diverge but I must say it is true that these Paul supporters may end up being useful idiots for the darker forces–i.e. the Quitter from Wasilla. But if Palin is involved in this in any way —-don’t worry, they will eventually all go down in disaster.


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 14:18:49

      Yes, sadly, some of these same self righteous people are those who supported a liar, cheat and fraud in Sarah Palin. And they think they deserve unfettered respect and credibility! Thank you for your comments.


      • Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
        Apr 30, 2012 @ 20:36:37

        It looks like many of them have followed the initial poster here from the looks of the comment section and the ratings the comments are getting. I wish I hadn’t bothered with the first troll but if we ignore the rest, they’ll go away. They thrive on attention…without it, they wither up and die!

  3. A. Criswell
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:25:43

    I have never seen so much corruption directed by Randy Ruedrich. I was there, so funny how she did not mention that the governer addressed this letter knowing it to be false and sent out by the current Randy Ruedrich regime and how many known Ron Paul supporters National Delegate applications and checks mysterously dissapeared. When it came time to vote in a new chair during the first round of voting, a dozen or so ballots were mysterously lost. Why was the list of speaker “all” Mitt Romney supporters? Why was no other candidate mentioned from the podeum other than Mitt Romney? Folks, there were national campaign organizers there and said this was the most corrupt party they had seen yet. It’s not over. You can bet that Mr. Ruedrich is not even close to being done. He will pull out all the stop this time. We can only hope that good will once again prevail and oust his regime out once and for all.


  4. Evan
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 19:26:24

    Hello Syran, That “Mike Cook” email was not from anyone in our group–and that email address is not one we use. As far as we can tell it was deliberate disinformation from someone trying to create fear of Ron Paul folks as an attempt to distract from the legitimate issues we present and create unnecessary fear and frustration within the party. We have always encouraged all our delegates and activists to treat everyone with respect. As with any large group of people, there always tend to be some unusual types, but to take any one annoying person and paint an entire group of sincere and dedicated activists as all the same is disingenuous. We showed up at the ARP Convention because we care sincerely about our Constitutally Protected Rights, the Constitution it self as the Rule of Law, the economy and sustainable economics, Liberty, State’s Rights, and peace. Everyone who believes in these things is welcome in the Republican Party, and creating an “us” vs. “them” mentality within the party is not-productive. Instead, it’s important that we learn mutual respect and how to work on our common goals. Our hope is that the infusion of time, skill, energy, and the Alaskans for Ron Paull 2012 movement brings to the party will be seen for it’s sincerity, integrity, strength, and insistence on right action–and appreciated as a blessing, instead of a curse. We all share this state together, and there is far more we can accomplish by working together, than by professing a bigoted attitude towards genuine and sincere seekers and advocates of the key values our Founding Father’s enshrined in the framwork of this nation’s founding documents.
    Sincerely, Evan Cutler, Organizer, Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012


    • Syrin
      Apr 29, 2012 @ 22:12:20

      Thank you for your comment. I agree, creating an “us” vs. “them” mentality within the party is not-productive. It is important that we learn mutual respect. Question: Where was the disrespect coming from? Which side, us or them? Yes, we need more engaged people to work on our common goals. The Alaska Republican Convention 2012 with the Ron Paul people involved did not display those ideals.


      • Evan
        Apr 30, 2012 @ 08:12:41

        Considering that the “Mike Cook” email didn’t even come from an identifiable person, you might consider noting that in your preface to your post. Otherwise you serve to perpetuate that intentional disinformation and promote the mischaracterization of our group and efforts.

    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 14:48:12

      Just here on my blog it appears that your group is mischaractrizing themselves! Where’s sincerity, integrity, strength, and insistence on right action? Your group is whining not working! Your group is crying, not calling for right action! They are more interested in claiming they were disenfranchised from the process then to get in there and learn what the process is. You could of started here, but instead, you’re making enemies. Setting up sides within a party that is big enough for all. So, you want to be appreciated as a blessing, instead of a curse? Then I recomemmend that you instuct (your group) as you say, to act like a blessing! Not a curse!


      • Karmen
        Apr 30, 2012 @ 19:35:23

        I had to smile when you told Evan to instruct Ron Paul supporters to act like a blessing instead of a curse. That’s all I’ve EVER heard come out of his mouth 🙂

  5. Heidi
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 20:24:16

    I’m very sorry you feel this way. This has also been “my” republican party since I registered to vote in 1998. I was unaware until recently of how horribly represented I have been by you and the rest of your click. In every party there is a minority of wackos. Thank you for being there to answer my silly questions when leadership and organization from the party was seriously lacking. Sincerely, Heidi (a US Constitutionalist)


    • Syrin
      Apr 29, 2012 @ 20:42:42

      FYI, I’m not in a click! I got my own thing going on. I’m friends of many, enemy of few. Ok Hiedi… Lets see how well the wackos represent you and the party. What is seriously lacking with some of these folks is knowledge of the party process and now that they’re at leadership positions, the resolve to see it through ..


  6. Bethany Eldridge
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 22:14:56


    I attended the convention and support Ron Paul. Please note that the people you identify as Ron Paul followers (using disparaging terms) were probably much more aligned with the Joe Miller fan club than the Ron Paul 2012 group.

    Also, the email you posted is not the product of the actual Ron Paul 2012 group. From the looks of things and their behavIor at the convention, I strongly assert that the email and outrageously inappropriate behavior during Senator Murkowski’s comments were planned and produced by the Joe Miller bunch. Joe has not started to get over his belief that “Lisa done him wrong”. He’ll waste no opportunity to get his people riled up and continue a collective grudge against our sent senator.

    The Joe Miller fan club helped us elect a good man as Alaska’s next Republican Party chairman, but they are dishonest in the way the operate. They are filled with hatred and blind allegiance and refuse to be bound by Ron Paul’s good ideas and the example he presents.

    Ron Paul would have been outraged by the way the Joe Miller followers behaved at the convention. And following Dr. Paul’s excellent lead and high standards, Russ Millette will serve our party well when Randy Ruedrich finally packs up and leaves.

    Russ will organize a “big tent” party. As a major shift from the past, he’ll welcome all and treat everybody with respect and graciousness. He won’t allow any shenigans like Randy pulled with our party treasury. Paulett Simmons from a Juneau Republican women’s group must return the treasury Randy stashed with her, so he could continue his prejudicial expenses rather than operating in a clear, transparent, and legal manner.

    At long last, we need honesty in the Alaska Republican PArty. Welcome Russ!
    Thank you,



    • Syrin
      Apr 29, 2012 @ 22:32:24

      Thank you Bathany for your comment. I hope that the confidence you have in the new chair pans out. I believe that Joe Miller was involved in some of the convention mayhem and upheaval! Just as he was during the 2008 convention. He indeed had many who were disrespectful while unfortunately wearing Ron Paul buttons.


    • TheLight
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 09:05:07

      Bethany, I was amongst the “Joe Miller fan club” throughout the event, and I happen to know that we had people who tried very hard to do two things which disprove your points. There are many from within the Ron Paul group who can vouch for these actions.

      1) The Joe Miller group tried very hard to find out who sent that letter so that all parties could again begin to trust one another again. That task is ongoing and I have hope that the perpetrator will be revealed. Regardless, it will likely be a lone wolf.
      2) On Friday evening, people from the Joe Miller group spoke out in an attempt to convince the Ron Paul group to NOT stage an overt event against Senator Murkowski at the Friday dinner.

      What the Joe Miller group has against Senator Murkowski is not a “collective grudge.” What they have against her is probably the same as felt by the Ron Paul group who staged the Friday dinner disruption, and that is a sense of betrayal by one who claims the Republican mantle yet votes against most of its planks.

      In fact, now that I think about it, the Ron Paul lady from Ketchikan (whom I in the Joe Miller group don’t even know) is both the person who first spoke at the microphone disavowing the “Mike Cook letter” on behalf of the Ron Paul group, and who also staged the Friday night disruption. And if you don’t believe me, there is plenty of video evidence to prove it. She was certainly a firebrand and I agree with most of her sentiments, just not the way it was carried out.

      Bethany, I don’t say these things to create more animosity between you with the Ron Paul group, and I with the Joe Miller group–only to point out the facts. I truly believe that we have many, many things in common and I look forward to working with you and the new leadership in the party to bring accountability and transparency to the Alaska Republican Party.


      • Bethany Eldridge
        May 02, 2012 @ 19:26:43

        To: The Light

        I saw Joe Miller acting behind the scenes at the convention. He was certainly not the point person, but I am certain of his involvement with those interested in producing mayhem. Joe continues to have quite a chip on his shoulder. He still declines to be pleasant, respectful, cordial, or Christian towards people who we’re unable to support him during the US Senate race two years ago.

        We can move forward when we are able to let go of past disappointments. Please pass this message to Joe and his most trusted supporters.

        Bethany E

  7. b (@reddogsa)
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 22:38:49

    It seems this false email you have not removed is disinformation according to Evan Cutler. In fact the smears on Joe Miller indicate that you are not a disinterested observer by a hatchet operative.


    • Syrin
      Apr 29, 2012 @ 23:04:51

      Excuse me folks this is a blog. This letter was forwarded to me by someone reputable. If it is not true, fine. I’ll let that option stand as indicated in a couple comments. I will let my readers decide by the dialogue and conversations here. However, at convention, actions of some were not the indication of that.


      • Karmen
        Apr 30, 2012 @ 19:48:51

        Correct, the actions of some were not condoned by the wider group, which is why the group leader apologized and made it clear he did not condone it. Neither did many of us. I happen to have been at the “Ron Paul + concerned guests” meeting before the “disruption”. there was much debate about how to respond to Murkowski’s coming, but it was agreed to do a 5 second, very quiet stand up sit down, show of the numbers who did not feel comfortable with the situation. Many people participated only because it was intended to be quiet and short while making a point. the way a few became unrestrained when they were not acknowledged made it a very uncomfortable situation for the wider group of us. I personally did not stand at all because I had no personal grievance to portray, and I felt the scene that developed was not what had been agreed on. that is why the apology was made by Evan… to let it be known that what ensued was not sanctioned by the Ron Paul group and to help heal the rift caused by the uproar. I was pleased that Evan made sure that was done, though unfortunately it could not completely undo what had happened.

      • Bethany Eldridge
        May 02, 2012 @ 19:30:58

        I spoke with a staff person to one of the state’s biggest biggies. He told me he forwarded the erroneous email, knowing it was completely untrue, to a few talk show personalities in order to stir the pot. I hope the whole thing has been discredited by now … But maybe not.

  8. rectalitch
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 22:55:45

    There some unfortunate moments this year, but most of the convention went just fine. I really wish people would focus on some of the positive thing that happened. Sure there was a generational change in party leadership, and that has left some hard feelings, but everyone I actually had a 1-on-1 discussion with was polite and friendly. There was a huge turnout, and despite a bit of drama we all had plenty in common.


  9. Dave in Wasilla
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 23:17:27

    I was involved from the beginning of the Ron Paul evolution and I think using our $250 fee to push the establishment politician as usual from the stage was as offensive and thuggish as anything I have ever seen — and having attended union meetings where the bosses control the agenda, that is saying something.

    In direct contra-distinction, Russ Millette is a man of humility and integrity who will not attempt to silence those who are outside of the good old boys club. If a speaker is invited to support one candidate, others will be invited to support theirs. It is such a simple principle that only the most pathological arrogance would deny it. I am so proud that we got a good man like Russ elected after years of dealing with problem people.


  10. Nathan
    Apr 29, 2012 @ 23:59:20

    No one stood up on a chair to yell out anything about hitler. I was there as a delegate. If you want anyone to believe your other points you should be honest. The email was obviously a fraud but no suprise as the Establishment will do anything to lie and cheat to keep there power.


  11. William Weatherby, Dist. 36 Vice Chairman
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 01:25:16

    Syrin, Not every Ron Paul supporter wore a pin or sticker to identify themselves as such. I was incognito and passed your table many times as I went in and out of the committee room where I was working, and it was work. We may have had different opinions of what to do when we knew without doubt that rules had been broken and delegates were there illegally, or when someone made an honest mistake but there intentions were clear, but when it came time to buckle down and get the ballots out to tables and back to be counted without being compromised and to get an accurate tally, there was compleat unity as a group to do our best. We worked very hard, side by side, missing out on almost all of what was going on on the floor. This was my first convention, I also ran the PPP in my area because no one was prepared to do so and anyone who wanted to vote would have had to fly to another town to cast there vote. I didn’t fly 300 miles to; stay in a hostel with 6 beds in one room, work hard and try to speak my mind to a committee full of people that want me to to go to some dark pathetic corner of the room and let them run things the way they have for years, then listen to someone who ate some sour grapes and is spreading gossip and petty complaints! I put myself far out of my comfort zone to make a difference in my town, my district, my state, and my country!


    • Waking UP
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 03:20:58

      William, I have been so incredibly impressed with the many people – like you – who have stepped up, often at GREAT expense to themselves, their families and their finances to SERVE. We may not all agree on every plank, but our goal is to GET OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE and SAVE our country. Doing things the way they’ve always been done WON’T WORK. It is integrity like yours that must be the new standard. I find it sad that someone like Rudy, who has served the Party for so long and worked so hard to go out like THIS. I hope he will redeem himself and his actions.


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 15:17:50

      There is a process that has been in place before you showed up! No one was changing the pre-established process! You just DON’T know it! As this goes on with some of you I see that you are not really presenting yourselves as helpful to your cause! With some it seems all you want is the power, at the same time you claim that you’ve been disinfranchized in some way! Boo hoo! Sad thing is, you care not about who you accuse or threaten! I’m not ever going to wear a Ron Paul pin! I admire the man but, have real reservations about his followers! The party establishment, as you call it are the people who in your absence have been doing all the WORK! When you have put in hard work at any level, it should always be appreciated!It should not matter what Republican you support or have supported! (For me there is a caveat on that point however)… It is work that has to be done by someone! Thank you– I hope you’ll continue to work to get good conservative alasakns elected and stop whining!


  12. tmm
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 02:05:20

    Great post, Syrin. 🙂
    Sure is a lot going on up there.


  13. JC
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 02:15:25

    Well, I don’t think that Syrin is intentionally trying to mislead anyone , I think that she is simply misguided. I talked with her for a bit at the convention and found that she was at least willing if somewhat sceptical to listen. We actually agreed on many points as I’m sure most people at the convention did. Each side has there extreme people, or are we to condemn us all for the actions of any? We are all republicans. However, I believe what Syrin suffers from is milk. That is to say what color is paper? What do cows drink? As the speaker at the convention tried to point out, sometimes our preconceived notions won’t allow the truth to be seen. And I don’t think that it is just Syrin suffers from this, moreover I feel this is ,the biggest problem why the Romney supporters have a hard time embracing Paul. They have all been told he is nuts without listening to his message. preconceived notions … we all have them, in this case though, I’d lime for you to consider looking on YouTube for the video that is concrete proof of the actual events and you will be able to see the difference between what the truth really is and the preconceived truth described above. The Ron Paul people need to help heal the party as much as the Romney people are supposed to be welcoming the Ron Paul folks. Lots of work before us, its time the Romney folks accept that the Paul folks aren’t going anywhere


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 13:56:04

      Ron Paul people are going to help in the healing? I see nothing but hateful conjecture and dissatisfaction with almost everything and everyone not wearing a Ron Paul button! Well, I’m going out on a limb here and say that you must be unaware of the true defintion of healing!


  14. David
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 02:48:29

    If you wish to see the incidents in question from Friday night you only need to look to youtube as various videos have gone online showing them. Besides the outburst on Friday things seemed like normal politics. I worked on the credentials committee myself and missed most of the floor debates and events. At least in credentials we managed to deal with every issue in at least a fair and straight minded manner. I just hope that next time I do it I won’t spend the entire time locked up in the room.


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 13:25:06

      You will spend as much time as necessary, Sir! I’m completely floored by the whining and crying by you newbies! You will do the task that you signed up for or don’t sign up! There were 300 hundred people who needed to be credentialed! Far cry from the norm of 80- 90 attendees.


      • David
        Apr 30, 2012 @ 15:44:26

        I don’t believe I was “whining and crying” over the issue of being on credentials. In fact I plan on doing the job at the next convention. The biggest complaint of credentials is that we didn’t get a chance to participate with the floor meeting. By no means am I arguing against taking the necessary time to get the job done. I’m just saying I hope we don’t have as many issues next time we do this with the next convention.

      • William Weatherby, Dist. 36 Vice Chairman
        May 01, 2012 @ 02:24:57

        The only whining and crying I have heard is from you Syrin. We are proud of what we accomplished but we do see problems that we will fix. I believe there were so many problems because they weren’t addressed at an earlier time. Had they been, people would have had time to get them straightened out before the convention. There was a record number of Delegates and districts represented because of us Ron Paul people. There is a new interest in the party because the people that we trusted to do a good job have not so it looks like we have to do it ourselves. You write as if you were in those rooms, you weren’t. You are wrong about so much and you just sound cranky. I didn’t choose to be on credentials, I was put there and I think I’ll try to do it again.

  15. Waking UP
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 03:08:56

    As a delegate who started out supporting Santorum, I went in with my eyes wide open and without bias. I’ve been reading news and blogs to further digest what I experienced at the Convention. Your blog is at LEAST as discouraging as Sen. Murkowski getting booed off the stage. At least it was honest. You have already been informed that email is a FAKE. Yet, you continue to leave it up. Why? I certainly question your intentions.
    There were MANY delegates who have given a LOT to take part in the process; only to have that process circumvented by a Chairman who planned so poorly as to have to claim that everyone had to be out of the room in ten minutes. How long has Rudy been Chairman? How long do these Conventions NORMALLY go? We stayed for TWO HOURS after his abrupt ending of the Convention – WITHOUT A VOTE! WITHOUT taking care of Rules changes (which would have had him leaving the Chair prior to the upcoming election); without finishing the Platform; without going over the Resolutions; and WITH his claim that HE would deal with whatever Resolutions HE SAW FIT.
    The Convention was HIJACKED by the Chairman, and I am ashamed of the people who I have entrusted with MY Party. And I thought Obama was the problem.


  16. PollyinAK
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 07:45:01

    I have been an undeclared non-partisan registered voter living in Alaska since 1975. I vote for competence for someone who can take advice from experts, because one person can’t know everything, a person who has shown volunteerism BEFORE running for office. Someone who has demonstrated public service in their careers, otherwise, you get someone who just wants “power” not someone who is thinking of the community and the betterment of Alaska. All I can say is Governor Hickel and Governor Hammond, would be appalled at what is happening to the party. – Notice the politicians, who after serving their terms in office, which ones go off to play golf and live in warm climates, and those who stay in our state and stay engaged in state business.


  17. TheLight
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 08:41:43

    I find it shameful that in paragraph 3 you purport to see “a sense of unity” as one of the valuable things about this kind of convention. And yet elsewhere you call fellow Republicans sycophants, useful idiots, blind followers, whackadoodles, ugly, ignorant, and refer to a Republican pin as trash. So much for your credibility.


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 09:17:02

      All who have posted here against my opinion, it’s my observation! Who you railing against, really? I would have nothing to post if nothing happened! Sure all and all it was a blast! It always is, because I like people and opinions. Fyi, that pin I tossed away as trash, was and forever will be trash, garbage! Because, unethical and abusive behavior from anyone is not acceptable! BTW.. Sarah Palin is a liar, cheat and fraud! Credibility? I have plenty! But, am I a us or them? Unity, consideration and respect is what was suppose to take place, but, considering that sycophants and blind followers of a nationally unelectable individual were involved, there was very little of that! Again, Who are the us? Who are the them?


  18. duramaterof2
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 09:20:22

    As it seems you make it a habit to ignore clear evidence that you may be mistaken, I’ll be brief.
    Walking around the convention. unidentifiable as a Ron Paul supporter, I heard condescension, scheming, and political vitriol from the OG. On the ‘newbie’ side of things were very vocal, sometimes socially awkward patriots showing passion and concern for the way things in this country are going. No one side has any more right to speak out than the other and you are being unfair and unlike a Christian to label these people as “whackadoodles”. Shame on you for that. As for me, I would rather side with the passionate weirdos than with the scheming liars.
    The man with the binder(which had approximately five, single depth stickers on each side) you spoke with is from New Jersey. My husband is also from Jersey and I can tell you from experience that their tone when they are passionate is often mistaken for aggression by the more genteel among us. I believe you have unfairly characterized him and many others.
    Citing that email was a mistake made by you and the governor. When I heard it read, the thought I had was, “Why even mention it?” If you don’t know for sure where or who it came from, you should not cite it at all! As far as I have seen, Ron Paul people are not unwilling to take the heat for their opinions or strategy. If it were from them, someone would claim it.
    Lastly, an apology is an apology. If you are unable or unwilling to accept it and forgive, perhaps you should ask yourself, “How does this affect my salvation?”


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 13:36:52

      I noted everything! I also have taken note of how each of you who have commented, are making no attempt to disguise your hate for certain individuals or to quell your unbalanced approach! Let’s see what you folks accomplish after all the fun and games are over!


  19. Syrin
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 09:42:17

    It does not affect my salvation. I owe no one an apology and no one owes me an apology. I hold no grudge and really hope for the very best as we progress. Most of you who have been commenting have never been here before! Why should any of you be believed? Where’s your credibility? Where’s your accountability? I believe in following our founding documents! But, I don’t believe Ron Paul can rally the country! Despite what you people want us to believe, this election is about beating the real opposition!
    This is NOT the first time a group of people where motivated enough to cause dissension! However, with the dialogue that I see on my blog, I see that you folks take very little responsability and feel it necessary to discredit me and my personal observation. What are you so mad at? I said that I was not a delegate this time around! And, my info, for the most part was offered by many sources. So the lady who screamed at the Senator was not on a chair… OK! Noted… Does that really change anything?
    This is my blog, not a news outlet! ‘The letter’ SOMEONE wrote it! It is a very contenous and revealing peice of documentation. I’m keeping it up as a reminder that it could have been reality! LOOK at it! It’s awlful to think that there’s people out there who do support what is layout therein. Honestly, I think you all are just extremely embarrassed for your behavior and the fact that it was you, Ron Paul/ Joe Miller people, that are separating this party, it is you that put us in the camps of us versus them!


    • duramaterof2
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 11:43:38

      Whether or not you are discredited is left to the facts and your sources. I merely presented an opinion in response to yours and I meant no disrespect.
      As a Republican, I support truth and conservative, Christian values. I am very glad to hear that bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness do not affect you. Many people were opposed to even hearing Evan’s apology, let alone accepting it. That was wrong and disgraceful.
      If there is embarrassment to be felt, no ‘side’ shoulders that burden alone. Not a darn one of us is perfect, but we have common goals and the same God. Better that we should leave subjective, unkind assessments behind(Judge ye not..) and focus on the work set before us – repairing and preserving the Republic.


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  21. Natasha Nomdeplume
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 10:44:32

    I was an actual delegate (district 4), present for all proceedings from Thursday on, and I believe you may have not been present for many important events you have discussed above.
    Please allow me to fill in some blanks:

    1. On Thursday, the Ron Paul campaign encouraged their supporters to be polite and respectful to every person at the convention. Do not start fights or arguments, but keep the peace by focusing on the issues we all agree on (pro-life, etc).
    2. The Ron Paul campaign informed their
    Entire group of supporters on Friday morning that the email was a fraud.
    3. Regardless of many statements made in the general assembly attesting to the fraudulence of the email in question, there was a Non-Ron Paul gentleman handing out in the email in printed form to every table.

    Madam, this email was a Smear Campaign. Anyone who buys into the voracity of the email is nothing short of a conspiracy theorist.
    4. After being presented with the facts, the gentleman circulating a printed copy of the email Apologized. It was a very brave, humble thing for him to do, and I applaud his courage.

    The Lisa Murkowski Protest:

    1. Lisa Murkowski consistently votes ANTI-Republican. She is Pro-“Choice”, pro gay marriage, pro NDAA. These are all immediately opposite of the Republican party platform.
    That is Why there was a protest.
    2. In a meeting at which neither Joe nor Kathleen Miller were present, the Ron Paul group collectively decided that a quick, Silent protest would be the most respectful way to let Lisa know that her anti-republican record is abhorrent to the people she “represents”.
    3. Unlike you, I was present at the banquet. The group of extremely disrespectful protestors was limited to about two tables. The rest of the Ron Paul “wackadoodles” agree with you that the small group in question was very inappropriate and out of line.
    4. You failed to note that the subsequent apology issued on the following morning was from The Ron Paul “wackadoodles”. Perhaps you didn’t know this because you were not present in the room.

    The “crazy man with binder”
    1. I was on the judiciary committee with a crazy, angry gentleman who is part of the Romney campaign. Am I foolish enough to now believe that ALL Romney supporters are crazy? Absolutely NOT. That would be stupid and ignorant.

    In conclusion: the email was a smear campaign, and should be regarded as such. The protest was an appropriate action that was made inappropriate by a select, tiny, immature minority. Lastly, there are a handful of crazies in every party, and to judge the majority by that handful shows a complete lack of wisdom by the judge in question.


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 13:46:17

      I don’t have to be present at any of the meetings! There are many who were willing to fill in the blanks. You were an actual delegate? Wow! Well good for you! Hope to see you around after all the fun and games are all over! FYI.. That’s when the real work begins!


  22. duramaterof2
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 15:29:53

    Syrin, did you delete my comment noting the fact that you are altering your comments and replies?


    • Syrin
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 17:06:50

      I don’t delete comments…The system considers you spam! You have two comments in spam, I retrieved this one. It’s time to go home and take a nap folks. You got lots of work to do rebuilding what you have torn down!


      • duramaterof2
        Apr 30, 2012 @ 18:36:58

        I’m not spam! Thank you for retrieving my comment.
        We all know there is a great deal of work ahead. There always has been and there always will be, right? The fact is, a group of people used the democratic process to make a change in leadership. It’s not always pretty, but I gather that’s how this whole thing works.
        I really don’t see the whining you keep referencing. What I see is an influx of well-meaning patriots, who got involved to effect change because they felt misrepresented by the current leadership. Patriots such as yourself! We stand on common ground and the personal attacks need to stop.
        This is already about all the drama I can handle, but I think in your heart you wish for the best and so do I. I’m no radical! I’m new and eager to help move forward in a positive way over the long term. As your sister in Christ, I implore you – be a good example and please stop breeding contentiousness.

  23. Margarita mixxe
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 15:55:53

    I am a registered republican but after this nonsense and disrespect and fighting like a bunch of babies I am changing to a non-declared. Embarrased to be republican. period.


  24. Syrin
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 16:53:14

    There is a process that has been in place before you showed up! (Ron Paul People) No one was changing the pre-established process! Ron Paul followers just DON’T know what it is or it seems really care! Those darn party establishment people, the click! As this goes on with some of you, I see that you are not really presenting yourselves as helpful to your cause! So, you know how well you must be doing representing my interests as a Alaskan Conservative Republican. You’re not!

    Where the heck have you folks been? Where were ya in 2008? Where were ya in 2010? It seems all you want is the power, have you volunteered your time or have you been in the trenches when it wasn’t a presidential election year?

    Sad thing is, you care not about who you accuse or threaten! Because your group are the equivalent to a bull in a china shop.

    I’m not ever going to wear a Ron Paul pin! I admire the man, but, have deep, deep doubt about his followers! The party establishment, as you call it are the people who in your absence of the last decade have been doing all the WORK!

    It is work that has to be done by someone! I really hope that some of you are genuine in your desire to do the right thing. Thank you to all the Ron Paul fans who say they’re in it for the long haul– However, Ron Paul doesn’t live in Alaska! Not all Alaskans care to vote for Ron Paul or will. So, that can’t be your litmus test to who you all deem as worthy!

    I hope you’ll continue to work to get good Conservative Alaskans elected to all levels of government and stop whining already!


    • rectalitch
      Apr 30, 2012 @ 17:57:32

      Syrin, I am a Paul supporter.

      It might surpise you, but I have been volunteering for Republicans since ’84. I went to the last 3 conventions. I have held more than one district office.
      I have donated time and money to both party and candidates. In fact I will be spending much this evening updating a candidate’s website. This weekend I will be cleaning up another state senate candidate’s mailing lists. (Neither of these candidates are connected with Paul btw.)

      I am not the only Paul supporter with deep roots in the party.

      There were some rough spots, but most of us had a great time at the convention. I really enjoyed making new friends, and visited w/ lots of old ones. I’m really sorry if you had a bad time or feel offended.


  25. Val
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 23:17:01

    @Sherry: Are you going to stay registered with this party?


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  27. John
    May 01, 2012 @ 16:30:07


    Thank you for documenting this, and major kudos for all you do, helping at the state fair, the party and who knows how many untold causes and deeds. Right after you posted this I copied excerpts and a link as I am trying to do some general documentation of this on the following page:

    I keep looking at your story, appreciating your writing ability, and your sharing your interesting account and decided I had to come back and say thanks.

    Best Regards


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  30. bealeman
    May 02, 2012 @ 12:20:54

    This Alaskan thing is happening across the country, in case one reader didn’t know that. So don’t think your ‘Alaskan’ GOP essay is unique. IA, ME, MA, CO, NV, WA, ID, ND, CA, TX, LO, my God, do I need to continue? Honestly? You spend most of your comments on ONE MAN. Seriously? Ok, enough of me. I’ll only say this: What the 50-year old 2-party system is seeing has nothing to do with 9/11 and EVERYTHING to do with honest Americans trying to enjoy their country w/out resorting to violence. Yes, violence. Because if the Revolution gets dissed at Tampa, and I mean just like most of the primary tabulations have been wrought with fraud, then you will get your ‘Party’, albeit another 4 with Obama. And then, trust me, you will see the violent side of free Americans, the side that has never failed to take up arms against tyranny. Trust me on that. I support Ron Paul; if only because he STILL doesn’t see the need for a government to dictate to US how we should live our private lives. Done. (Is that a ‘civil’ enough argument for you now?)


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  32. rf
    May 06, 2012 @ 14:16:55

    I’m still stunned that you stated in this post that you don’t see a war on women…

    jaw hitting desk… are you SERIOUS????????????


  33. my site
    May 10, 2013 @ 01:38:05

    Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the superb work!


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