Gumbel had more choice words about Sarah Palin

By Jack Mirkinson

At least one former “Today” alum was not impressed with the show’s decision to bring in Sarah Palin as a co-host last week.
Bryant Gumbel, who led the show for fifteen years and returned to “Today” for its sixtieth anniversary reunion show, told Howard Kurtz that he was “embarrassed” by the move.
NBC brought in Palin as a response to Katie Couric’s week-long stint on rival “Good Morning America.” It became the most hyped iteration of the long-running morning show wars for some time. “Today” is pulling out all the stops to fend off a resurgent “GMA” in the ratings. Palin’s one-day gig helped top the ABC show. (“Today” also brought back Meredith Vieira, officially dubbing her a “legend.”
Palin was both interview subject and host during her Tuesday appearance, shifting from heated denunciations of Barack Obama to light-hearted conversation with Tori Spelling.
Gumbel had more choice words about the state of the morning shows.

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  1. Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 10:52:51

    Gumbel is not the only person embarrassed by Palin. My son and daughter-in-law just returned home from a two week vacation in London, Paris & Dublin. They try to find spots that locals frequent and they both said that when the subject turned to politics, Palin’s name came up, along with a lot of mocking of U.S. politics due to
    her getting as far as she did. Everyone they met loved President Obama and felt that he’s done a lot to restore the good name of the U.S. after President Bush left office.

    Palin has not only hurt our country but she’d like to set woman back 50 or 60 years while, of course, retaining her own freedoms and taking away ours. Why is it that nobody on the right seems to understand the fact that Palin specifically spoke about “choosing” to keep her baby and yet would deny women around our country the same choice.

    The idea that progressives dislike her because she kept her baby is a joke and totally against everything many of us stand for. Nobody has a problem with her deciding to carry her baby to term. They do have a problem with her telling other women what they must do rather than having the ability to make the same decision Palin did. Many, many progressives are Christian and pro-life, while some are pro-choice, but I don’t know any who are “pro-abortion” as Palin tries to paint us. She makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth, both in the U.S. and abroad. Some things will never change but the idea that she will be given a platform on TV to do so can and must change. Her divisive rhetoric has done nothing but cause problems in our country.


    • Syrin
      Apr 09, 2012 @ 14:11:14

      …”Christian and pro-life, while some are pro-choice, but I don’t know any who are pro-abortion! ”

      It’s an issue, but it’s not the foremost important issue for me as a Christian pro life Republican. Could I have said it better? No! Kate, Thank you for your considerate analysis!


  2. WakeUpAmerica
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 11:12:19

    God bless Bryant Gumbal.


  3. Anonymous1253
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 18:37:10

    Meredith as the legend was a bummer. I enjoy her style but being away for a couple of years or less hardly a legend makes. Today lost credibility with me when they stooped to ‘teases’ for ratings. I hope they realize that “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” is most like a very expensive segment to produce that needs to end. It was clever when Matt was much younger and Carmen San Diego was new, but that was quite some time ago. Now, not so much.


    • Kate (@AKRNHSNC)
      Apr 10, 2012 @ 00:30:54

      From what I remember of Meredith Viera, both on The View and on the Today Show, she’d be laughing her ass off at the idea of promoting her as a legend, too. She’s very much down to earth and able to laugh at herself. She also had no problem laughing at Palin.

      “Palin laughed at one stage at a joke made by Meredith Vieira and said that she appreciated “NBC’s boldness for having [her] on.” She said, “Doesn’t it reflect the
      diversity of opinions that I hear that you all espouse so I appreciate it.” To which Meredith replied, “Or desperation.”

      Meredith recognized Palin’s snarky tone when she mentioned “the diversity of opinions that I hear you all espouse…” and gave it right back with the desperation remark. I would have loved to have been able to listen in at the Palin’s Wasilla home after Palin hung up the phone. I wonder if she threw that one, too, a la the scene in “Game Change” where she blamed Nicolle Wallace & the McCain campaign staff for ruining her in Alaska. She never has accepted any responsibility for herself. Has she? No doubt, at this point in her life, she ever will learn to do so.


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