The News Media Giveth; the News Media Taketh Away

Sarah Palin hits back at the movie “Game Change,” with a new ad attacking the media. Msnbc’s Alex Witt and a panel discuss.

The ad opens up with…”This is Sarah. Well, I’m not a member of the permanent political establishment.

Msnbc’s Alex Witt comments that Palin is a feisty, strong woman.

Sarah Palin hitting back. It’s part of new video she has released in response to the upcoming movie “Game Change.” Who do you think is going to have the final say when it comes to this particular chapter of history concerning the legitamacy of Sarah Palin?

Well, Sarah Palin makes it part of her brand to go after the media. So this is just her trying to reconnect with supporters and getting the attention she’s used to getting. she hasn’t been a factor in this primary. She didn’t give a full endorsement to Newt Gingrich . This is her just trying to get back into the dialogue i think. 2008 is in the past. we’re now in the 2012 presidential election. so she doesn’t matter as much anymore.

Robert says, “I think she likes it. i think she likes being in the limelight again. she hasn’t been relevant in the primary. So HBO makes her relevant all over again.”

Martin says, “she gets to get more paid speeches, write more books and make more money. more power to her.”

Palin hits back at ‘Game Change’ Video


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