Sarah Palin’s tightrope walk for relevance

November election, Sarah Palin could be on the outside looking in for a considerable amount of time.

By Jim Bellano

Since she was plucked from relative obscurity by John McCain to be his vice presidential candidate, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been at the top of the American political scene.

Recently, however, the ebb and flow of the primary season has called into question whether her political star has faded.

During the heat of the primary battles, all of the air in the Republican-conservative-Tea Party balloon has been sucked up — appropriately, by the candidates.

Since 2008 that air was the oxygen that fueled the Palin super nova.

The prospect of going from Momma Grizzly to political also-ran has prompted Palin to inject herself into the nomination process in order to remain relevant.

The worst that ALASKA has to offer is....... Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin's tightrope walk for relevance

However, instead of throwing her weight behind one candidate, Palin has chosen to walk a tightrope and strike a balance between being a king-maker and hedging her bets.

For example, she endorsed Newt Gingrich on a primary-by-primary basis in South Carolina, Florida and Nevada, but not because she thought Gingrich was the best to run the country, but rather, “to keep the process going,” and allow for “additional vetting.”

The high-wire act at play here is, if Palin gives a full endorsement to either Gingrich or Rick Santorum (it appears she has some apprehension about Romney), and Mitt Romney becomes the nominee or wins the November election, she could be on the outside looking in for a considerable amount of time.

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  1. WakeUpAmerica
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 17:43:40

    That’s definitely her MO.


  2. anAlaskanAlsoII
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 06:18:58

    “However, instead of throwing her weight behind one candidate, Palin has chosen to walk a tightrope and strike a balance between being a king-maker and hedging her bets.”

    Instead, she chose to test the waters by throwing her falsetto purse carrier baby-food puree maker of a 4 year old out there with the weight of a full endorsement? Why? Because Newt is the best candidate? No, because people pick on him. I can’t see how that quality connotes leadership, and how that trumps other candidates, each flavor of the week gets picked on. Comes with the territory.

    Palin just demonstrates that she’s too thin skinned and terrified of being called to the mat on anything and everything put in front of her over a campaign. Woman couldn’t even handle eight weeks on the national trail. Couldn’t even handle her family bus tour on her own terms last summer.

    Anyway, I digress. I’ve never seen such pusillanimous dithering before. Desiring to progress her king-maker brand by gettin out of the way, our Sarah.


    • Julian
      Feb 12, 2012 @ 15:48:29

      Can someone explain to me why Palin is delusional enough to believe that anyone gives a F*** what she says or thinks, or who she may/may not endorse?


  3. suz1941
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 06:19:52

    Her keynote speech today will give us all an indication of what, if any, influence she has. Interesting to note that some of her hardcore supporters are headed to DC to lend their misguided support.

    This whole clown car for the Republican nomination is a joke anyway – what’s one more clown in the mix. If her speech is cohesive, we will all know someone else wrote the speech, but if her ego is strong enough to push her on to write it herself than it should be a disaster. She is a complete fraud and grifter.


  4. shughes2853
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 06:52:45

    $carah reminds me of people that win a massive lottery and end up broke within a short time.

    The only reason she believed she was chosen by god is because she KNEW she was a moron and how else could she have won the political lottery??

    Lucky for us she’s spent almost all of her winnings and is becoming irrelevant finally.

    Interesting read with the sarahpac funds and how they’re being spent – huge amounts – and vague reasons. Huge amounts to attorneys – pay-offs maybe?

    I’m still curious over the Arizona property – what was the motive there? She spent 1.5 million on that place but I never hear anything about her or her wasillabilly family spending time there – and then her baby maker brisdull bought her own place – sounds to me like there was a plan that went to hell.

    Who knows – who cares! It’s just funny that she would spend 1.5 mil of her pac funds – that’s a lot of money $carah – your donations are dropping so what’s your next move? Hmmm? Looks like someone needs to get a job in your family.


  5. jadez
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 07:35:16

    this writer doesnt have a clue.
    “Since she was plucked from relative obscurity by John McCain to be his vice presidential candidate, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been at the top of the American political scene.”

    if that were true then the rest of the article is contradictory.

    but the fact that he makes this claim which is obviously false makes the rest of his argument void.
    if palin had the weight this comment asserts she would be pressing to be nominated with huge money pacs and the people behind her.
    since she has none of it it cant be true.

    and if its not true the author doesnt have a clue.
    get it?


  6. serena1313
    Feb 11, 2012 @ 10:05:20

    The more Sarah struggles to be relevant the less relevant she becomes. She burned bridges & threw everyone under the bus so she has no friends or allies to come to her rescue. The media all but ignores her now. The candidates, with the exception of barely a comment here & there, do not mention her. Sarah’s army of loyal warriors have pretty much abandoned her. And Sarah, all alone with no one but herself to blame, has nowhere to go & no one to turn to. She had her chance to be relevant but blew it.

    Finally … Sarah, although not quite yet forgotten, — but whose time has come & gone, & whose star has faded — will soon to be relegated to nothing more than a footnote in the dustbin of history.

    All that is left to say to a woman who, by her own design, was never relevant in the first place is good-bye & good riddance, Sarah Palin.


  7. anAlaskanAlsoII
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 06:00:29

    And for the candidates to wrap themselves in a cartoon version of Ronald Reagan — a real conservative who raised taxes, including the gasoline tax, when he discovered his own cuts had gone too far — is fraudulent.

    Thomas Friedman, New York Times


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  9. neil moerman
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 17:04:34

    I agree with palin,there must be proper vetting.Ok here we go,Santorum loser,Gingrich loser,Paul loser,Romney loser.Vetting over now shut the fuck up and go home bitch.


  10. GIANTS
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 19:21:07

    I don’t really think Palin cares if people pay attention. She’s not stupid. She knows people don’t have to listen. I DO think she loves the fact that she OWNS her haters lives though. They bitch and bitch but STILL listen to her. Sad for them. She’s a good woman with honorable intentions.


  11. akrnc
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 07:56:29

    Sarah’s career as a politician is over. All she’s good for is drumming up the rhetoric, furthering the divide between the parties and now, within the party itself. She says she wants the campaign to go forward, for the vetting to be continued and then idiotically, turns around and says that it would be a good thing if the GOP has a brokered convention. In saying something so stupid, she reveals her ignorance and her lack of ability to be introspective regarding the situation. A brokered convention may well bring forth a candidate that hasn’t participated in the debates, that hasn’t been vetted and is being pushed by the powers that be in the GOP because they’re unhappy with the current field. Does Sarah think that she might be that candidate? Surely she realizes that the only people who are talking about her are the flying monkeys at C4P. The other people in the party are talking about Jeb Bush, for instance, someone who has actual experience but carries the burden of the Bush name.

    Palin was received well at CPAC but only because of her nasty rhetoric. She hammered away at the President and reveals that she has yet to have gotten over the ’08 election and her defeat along with McCain at the hands of Obama/Biden. This fool believes that if she tears down President Obama enough, that the voters in this country will wish they had voted for McCain but in Sarah’s mind, what she really is thinking is, “they wish they had voted for me.” It’s always about Sarah, always!

    She doesn’t give a damn about the party being fractured by the Gingirch/Romney fight but yet she doesn’t have the guts to get out there and back Gingrich. Instead, she sent Todd to test the waters and then pretends she had nothing to do with it. LOL! As if we would ever believe that Todd would endorse anyone without Sarah’s full approval. I’ve read enough about Todd’s interference in Sarah’s governing of Alaska to know that what he understands about politics is even less than Sarah. What Sarah knows would fit on a 3″ x 5″ index card.


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