Sarah Palin: From Hater to Contributor of lies and mis- information for Newsweek

Sarah Palin talking about life with special needs child.

Read: The Daily Beast.. Life with Trig

It was just a few weeks ago that Sarah Palin took to Twitter to blast  Newsweek for running a cover story by her least favorite member of the lamestream media, Andrew Sullivan. It’s amazing how quickly things change though, as this week finds the former Alaska governor contributing to Tina Brown’s newsweekly. The essay, about her son Trig, was assigned to Palin after Rick Santorum’s decision to take time off from his campaign to be with his daughter, Bella, who came down with pneumonia last week, reports  The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone. Besides featuring the aforementioned Sullivan cover story, Newsweek’s sister-site, The Daily Beast, also hosts the writer’s popular news blog The Dish. Sullivan has of course spilled much digital ink over at his blog having a go at Palin at every opportunity, especially in regards to whether or not she is in fact the mother of Trig. That she would contribute to the magazine that frequently features one of her greatest press enemies is strange, but then again, this is Sarah Palin. It’s not like her relationship with the press has ever been anything less than exceedingly weird and almost tortuous–especially with Newsweek, remember this? Also, Palin’s never really been one to actually stick with something (see her governorship and, um, this).


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  1. Gina
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 23:09:01

    She’s a hater yet you and your squad of malicious dingbats are angels for spreading lies about her?


    • Angiemomma
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 03:36:32

      Lies? Nope. Nothing but the truth.


    • dragonpuff
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 04:00:54

      Yes, do defend a woman who spits vitriol every time she opens her pie hole.
      Or when she wants to deflect attention from a failure (sending Todd out to campaign with Newt) and her old friend Karen Handel’s FUBAR handling of the Komen’s Planned Parenthood debacle. She always manages to whip out the poor prop baby she isn’t actually raising.

      When Sarah Palin stops attacking the democratically elected President with
      lies and distortions, stops pretending she’s an amazing mother, stops grifting from fools who don’t know any better and stops all her screeching nonsensical idiocy AND actually begins to write her own articles, books and facebook posts then maybe she will stop being discussed in tones you disapprove of.

      Funny, isn’t it. People like you think Palin can say anything she wants to millions of people on FAUX, usually lying, because her lips are moving. She puts her two cents in anywhere the MSM will let her. And if they don’–t she whips Rebecca up to do a facebook post. Yet you seem to be worried that a few people say what they want on a few blogs. Do you get how absolutely pitiful it is that you dance around these blogs defending a woman who puts it out there, but can’t seem to take it. I’m pretty sure you are paid to do it because its always the same.

      And to defend Syrin even though she doesn’t need it . . . . .She knows Palin. Enough said.


    • GinaM
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 06:38:51

      Blah, Blah, Blah….Gee Brooklyn/Avocado/CommonIndecencyStalkerlady/Lookyloossuziq…how many names do you HAVE??? How bout I just call you Sybil…that seems to be who you most resemble!

      I see you earning your paycheck from BaldyPac…it’s too bad your money comes from Baldy committing fraud on her fellow “patriots”! I don’t know you can live with yourself knowing that you are stealing money from hard working “patriots”…have you no shame Woman!


    • Just_a_Mote
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 12:12:55

      Gina, do you think that addressing other commenters on a blog as ‘malicious dingbats’ is the way to start an adult conversation? Gina, you are a child playing in a sandbox ‘way bigger’ than you are. When you were typing that, did you stick your tongue out.? Do you have any idea how silly you appear to the rest of us?


    • Julian
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 15:32:52

      Oh please. These posts of yours are beyond pathetic, like a toddler lying on the floor drumming his/her/ heels in an effort to be noticed. Palin has left a trail of destruction in her wake that has damaged those most ill equipped to cope with it, and she couldn’t give the proverbial flying you know what. She cares about nothing but padding her bank account and keeping herself relevant on the public stage, no matter who she has to trample on to achieve this; and by pursuing these wretchedly narcissistic and utterly selfish goals her overall excuse for existing at all amounts to a big_fat_zero.


  2. Angie
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 01:23:58

    Funny that Andrew Sullivan didn’t consider her article significant enough to comment on before leaving town for his vacation. Sarah’s played the DS child card too many times. No one is interested anymore. Even the people who doubt her story have gotten bored. What could she say at CPAC to grab some real attention at this point? It will be fun to see her try, but with all the extreme Obama bashing from the right, her act is not a novelty anymore.


  3. Sally
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 06:42:19

    Some people who actually do research found that this ‘article’ is nothing more than a cut and paste from past ramblings about being a mother of a blessed special needs child. Think about it. Trig is 4, and Todd is still mashing up baby food for him? And a 4 year old still ‘pulls himself up every morning claps’ at the new day? That’s something a very young child might do, but not a pre-schooler. And why does she never talk about the things he is learning? You know, speech, letters, holding a utensil…all the things kids do routinely and parents are eager to share. No, it;s the same old airport stories from two years ago, and how proud she is of her ;’handsome boy.’ I wonder when she last saw him? Does he call her “mama?” If Sarah were raising this boy, I know we’d have heard about how precious it is when he calls her “mama.” Unless she has been so derelict in her duty that he has no glasses and no hearing aids, and no therapy to encourage his independence. She still talks about him like he’s an infant.


  4. Sarah HalfTime
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 06:55:48

    Good for Sarah. She and the family have attempted to acknowledge that Trig is more than a prop. Trig raises human emotions and they feel them.

    Now I know props, in the non-human form, usually don’t use child car restraints, however I ponder… when will the Palins figure out, that Trig, the human, should be in one, while they are in the car/motorhome and moving?


  5. jk
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 08:34:03

    I want to thank the fairytale Palinbot. Now, wait, hear me out…

    She compulsively drops her little turds here and on IM, AKSyrin, Malia’s blog, and a few others. Then she runs away, leaving us to dissect and disseminate her ridiculous litany. She rarely posts a follow up, and when she does, it’s more of the same, only weaker. She refuses any kind of rational discussion. In the wake of her post-and-runs, our message is even stronger as we easily tear down her comments leave them in tatters.


    • jk
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 08:38:38

      Whoops, I added AKSyrin twice to my list. Sorry for my typos, I’m posting from my iphone.


      • Aksyrin
        Feb 06, 2012 @ 08:48:04

        Thank you for your comment. And please excuse me I was using my iPhone when I posted this article. Will fix when I’m back at a computer!

    • Marleycat
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 11:09:44

      Yeah, it certainly can be fun to cross intellects with Lou Sarah, er , her, I mean!!! It’s been especially fun for us lately, not so much for her!


  6. climber357
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 11:02:19

    The POTUS must get along with the media. It is an inherent part of the office.

    A POTUS candidate (e.g. Newt) or a POTUS wannabe candidate (sarah) who does not grasp this most fundamental requirement for the office instantly disqualifies himself.


    • Fan Of Balto
      Feb 06, 2012 @ 14:55:26

      Very true! Attacking the people’s media is a sure sign of megalomania and dictatorship propensities.


  7. akrnc
    Feb 07, 2012 @ 02:11:07

    After almost four years of allegedly parenting a DS child, Sarah has yet to talk about any of Trig’s achievements or the actual challenges they face on a daily basis. Why is that, Sarah, could it be because he’s never actually in your care but instead is with the nanny/caregiver your PAC pays for 24/7. You took a family vacation but forgot this supposedly blessed gift from God? What kind of mother does that? Not a real mother, Sarah. NEVER would a real Mother who loved her child as you claim to, leave him behind and then pronounce their vacation a family vacation. Perhaps it’s easy for you since he’s not with you the majority of the time. Where are his glasses & hearing aids? Why haven’t you concentrated on the first three years of his life which are the absolutely most important ones, to make sure he had the teaching and training he needed. How the hell could anyone expect their child to communicate when they refuse to provide the glasses he needs or the hearing aids he needs so he can understand and communicate with those around them? It was one of the reasons I was so appalled that she chose to take the V.P. nominee position when she was the mother of a brand new special needs infant. I’d feel the same about any man who would also do the same. A special needs child needs so much more as far as intensive therapy goes, especially in the early, formative years and yet what did Sarah do? She concentrated on her career, all about herself and not the child she claims she was blessed with. She’s done the exact opposite of what she says, her words are betrayed by her actions. In four years, she has written nothing about being the mother of a special needs child because she knows nothing about it. Sarah, you’re a phony and the majority of the people, especially those in the DS community saw through you quite awhile ago. My cousin had DS and despite his passing at a young age, his siblings continued the work his parents started with the DS Foundation and do so to this day in memory of their brother. What has Palin done for Special Needs groups? Absolutely nothing!


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