Palin: That is why this primary should not be rushed to an end. We need to vet this.”

Palin has all but endorsed the Gingrich candidacy, saying before last week’s South Carolina primary that she would have voted for him if she had the chance. In her Facebook essay, she argued as she did in South Carolina that the GOP primary should go on so that each candidate, and particularly front-runner Mitt Romney, could be vetted by the public.

She did not call out Gingrich’s critics by name, but two of the most prominent in the last week have been Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who tapped Palin as his running mate four years ago, and Bob Dole, the party’s presidential nominee in 1996. Palin defended Gingrich, saying that while he is an “imperfect vessel for Tea Party support,” he “fought in the trenches during the Reagan revolution.”

If Palin was vetted, the country would have known

 In particular, she took on critics, including former members of the Reagan administration, who have accused Gingrich of standing against and undermining the 40th president, who is revered by conservatives

Though she again stopped short of a full-throated endorsement of the former House Speaker, Palin made clear she has reservations about Romney, the former Massachusetts governor

“Now, I respect Governor Romney and his success,” she wrote. “But there are serious concerns about his record and whether as a politician he consistently applied conservative principles and how this impacts the agenda moving forward. The questions need answers now. That is why this primary should not be rushed to an end. We need to vet this.”


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  1. Xenon
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 10:00:28

    The hypocrisy is stifling.


  2. anAlaskanAlsoII
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 10:13:30

    Sarah, as a new Mayor, spent an unheard of $50,000 to redecorate her office. She sneered that running a city wasn’t Rocket Science so she was unconcerned that she may not have what it takes to run one of Alaska’s largest cities. Then she created a new position for a guy to handle the minutia of governing above her abilities. She also bought city trucks, decking her out in gas-guzzling style. No doubt, the girl does love the smell of emissions.

    The ode to her legacy, the Sports Complex, was not vetted. Wasilla had to settle land-disputes for the city’s audaciousness and the ego project hasn’t delivered the way it was sold, proving a $20 million dollar albatross to the city.

    The moment she got into the Governor’s mansion she unilaterally moved the duty station to her home and collected a Per Diem for working out of her house. She nickle-and-dimed the State on every flight of fancy for her and her large family. She dared the Sourdough’s to deny that a mother could work, then chastised critics for ‘keeping her away from her family’ in the pursuit of her duties. She used State money to hire PR companies to shop around a false narrative that she had anything to do with taking down the Corrupt Bastards Club and knew something about energy – she was to be sold as an up-and-coming GOP dynamo.

    She doesn’t hunt, but let Fred Thompson lay down the illusion that she knew how to field dress anything. The real star was Alaska, Sarah’s abused and exploited it from the get-go.

    For her to have the nerve to celebrate and endorse vetting is a ludicrous. She withers under any kind of scrutiny and thereby shelters herself from the storm by hiding in the most conservative outlets. If none of these candidates are doing well under it, it’s funny she’s all for extending the shelf-life of a blistering and expensive process.


    • Syrin
      Jan 29, 2012 @ 12:23:32

      You have said what’s continually in my head! The real star was Alaska, Sarah’s abused and exploited it from the get-go. She’s raped and pillaged the people and culture of Alaska!
      This woman is an unscrupulous fraud!
      She has always attacked the messanger without having to really know what the message is! She’s the fullfillment of hypocracy!

      Sarah, what do you read? Whatever they have put in front of me all these years!


      • akrnc
        Jan 30, 2012 @ 14:09:07

        If Sarah had any interest in the people of Alaska, she’d be fighting for what she considers to be her accomplishments, AGIA & ACES. Instead, she says nothing because whether they remain in place will not affect her in any way since she’s not running for office. If she thought they were beneficial to the people of Alaska, she should be speaking up about their impending demise and fighting against their loss. Remember how she said she’d fight for the people of Alaska without a title because a title only shackled her? What she really meant was being Governor shackled her bank account! Has she done ANYTHING that will help Alaskans since leaving office? NO! Sarah is all talk, no action. She’s a phony!

  3. Sally
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 10:37:05

    Sarah promoted vetting? That’s rich.


  4. anon
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 11:22:54

    Sarah needs to stay in the spotlight.
    But there is a problem for her.
    There are certain things she has done that will be revealed as soon as she accuses others of doing what she did.

    Vet the WGE? You betcha.

    Big iceberg of hypocrisy dead ahead!


  5. Syrin
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 12:07:08

    Why is she even being written about, how is her opinion/commentary helping the political process? Media keeps making this incompetent and highly ignorant person relevent. Why? MSM… STOP using this liar, cheat and fraud as a political pundit! It will further render insignificant the political debate.

    Palin Compares Newt to Jesus

    WAIT! It’s obvious that Sarah doesn’t know JESUS!

    Palin compared Newt Gingrich’s treatment by the Republican establishment to Jesus’ trials versus the Romans. In an appearance on the low rated Fox Business, the failed Republican vice-presidential candidate said, “They’re trying t crucify this man and rewrite history and rewrite what it is that he has stood for all these years.”

    Jesus probably never was found guilty of ethics violations. I’m sure he didn’t have three wives. He also didn’t race bait. All in all, Newt is not Jesus.


    • Kevin
      Jan 29, 2012 @ 23:51:31

      “Newt is not Jesus” is the understatement of the year. But Palin only spoke of Newt being “crucified.” She could have been comparing him to the usual victims of crucifixion — bandits, robbers, murderers …. 🙂

      Alas, she knows what she does. A while back I commented here that I didn’t expect Gingrich to get many Evangelical votes in South Carolina, with or without Palin’s endorsement, given his well-known and flagrant betrayal of the values Evangelicals profess. I won’t make that mistake again. Newt is nothing like Jesus, but he’s a Southern good ol’ boy, and that’s what counts.


  6. Libby
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 06:20:00

    That’s the thing, Kevin. “Southern Good ol’boy” is what counts. The closets are FULL of skeletons in the south (like everywhere else)…they just like to make everyone think “there’s nothing there…there”. Just like Palin, they rail against the very thing that they are guilty of in the first place.


  7. neil moerman
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 10:58:01

    The republican candidates don’t need to be vetted.They are all turds on the run.Nuff said.


  8. Alaskan
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 11:27:12

    1. Apparently some of the United States believes that Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska or are operating under misperception about Alaska towns. Wasilla doesn’t have a Governor or any nobles. It’s just a regular town in the United States.

    2. Palin: “‘Pundents’ and politicos, elites, and a far-away Washington, D.C., this ‘Beltway’, telling the electorate that ‘Hey, by Florida it’s gonna be all wrapped up and we’ll have our nominee’ and I’m sayin’, ‘No, don’t let that happen…'”

    > Don’t worry, be reassured that won’t happen. Political pundits (not “pundents”) aren’t telling the voting public that “we’ve got our nominee”, and it wouldn’t supplant actual voting policy and process. Did you perhaps mean the Republican party?

    > Governor Sarah, YOU are a highly-paid elite PUNDIT and ersatz “politico.” That’s you – that’s your job.
    Pundit defined: a person who makes comments or judgments, especially in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator. Usually through the mass media. The word is Hindi paṇḍit, from Sanskrit paṇḍita – a wise or learned man in India; often used as an honorary title.
    It’s amusing – there isn’t anyone in politics more removed from American life and your target demographic, than you. Neither you or your husband is in the workforce. You are not a politician. You’re neither an artist nor academic, you research and investigate nothing. You provide no service or product. Your children don’t attend school. You have no life experience outside of Wasilla, never moved for a job, never lived anywhere else in your entire life and rarely traveled.
    In far-away Wasilla. Your contact with the US electorate is limited to celebrity travel in private jets and exclusive hotels, tended by staff, drivers and a security detail. YOU are the MOST “elite” by far, isolated and insular. Do you know a lot of Americans who support their households by soliciting contributions to a Political Action Committee and speaking fees?
    What makes you think you know anything about the American condition?

    3. “…quit experimenting through QE2 and now 3…”
    > Governor Sarah, you don’t know what that is. But there’s a buncha people who DO. Very smart and very experienced in stuff like banking, finance, investment, international trade. And a buncha plain old everyday Americans know what that is, too. Before you make yourself look more foolish, please brief yourself.
    Start here: James Bullard, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank.

    4. There’s no such thing as “ObamaCare” OR “RomneyCare.” Stop talking in urban vernacular political shortcut cliches. Please. Really, Joe Public is smarter and more educated than that. It’s insulting. Start talking about real stuff, using real vocabulary to express your opinions.

    5. “Debt-to-GDP ratio…that will bankrupt our country.”
    > Governor, no, hon. You’re misusing the term. It means the measure of a country’s federal debt in relation to its gross domestic product. It’s a concept, not an action item. You’ll have to figure out what you mean.

    6. Newt Gingrich, NASA, the U.S. Space Program, etc. ALL of the Republican candidates have it wrong and lack a basic understanding. How odd.

    > Governor Sarah, you are woefully ignorant and stunningly uninformed about space programs. Perhaps your knowledge is of the homeschooler theology-based science education variety. A perfect illustration of why fact-based science education is necessary. And yes, there are indeed Christians and people who go to church employed and involved in space programs.

    > Yes, the Apollo missions certainly were expensive. Yes, president John F. Kennedy did indeed enthusiastically support the space program and getting Neil Armstrong to the moon. But it was not his “romantic notion” or America being first, or trying to get a ‘win’ or improving morale.
    What you said is a decade off and sort of Cold War-ish, like something you read in a novel. Obviously you don’t know that the Mercury program was under Eisenhower in the 50s. There was indeed a sense of urgency. Because the Soviet Union was FIRST (and still is, in a way).
    The Russian space program is a U.S. partner. Americans train at Star City, Russia. Soyuz was the back-up for the shuttle program (STS), as well as current American participation on the International Space Station (ISS).

    > With 20+ years in Washington, Newt Gingrich knows a great deal more than you do about the vision for projected space programs. Because he was sitting in Congress listening to this stuff. Newt is transparently shoplifting NASA planning concepts from George Bush’s administration, as if they were original ideas. Stupid.
    The U.S. is in true international collaborative partnerships with global space agencies, with the ISS. It’s already up there. _It’s THERE_ and it’s REAL.
    We can’t just opt out. And why the hell would we?

    > Sarah, please take Piper to the Parent/Child Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. You would get an amazing crash course in all that sciencey stuff that you didn’t get in high school and college, and have a blast. It’s fun!
    There is a tremendous volume of fun, easy educational resources on-line through the NASA website. But no Christian-based homeschooler units, sorry.

    Until then, shut up. With the space and science stuff, just do not go there. You so obviously got caught with no talking points on that one. Ouch, that made me cringe for you – another “North Korean allies” moment. This is one area that you cannot bullshit your way through.

    Obama’s (and NASA’s) plan:
    The Space Launch System, or SLS, will be designed to carry the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, as well as important cargo, equipment and science experiments to Earth’s orbit and destinations beyond. Additionally, the SLS will serve as a back up for commercial and international partner transportation services to the International Space Station.
    Charles Bolden, NASA Administration: “This launch system will create good-paying American jobs, ensure continued U.S. leadership in space, and inspire millions around the world.
    President Obama challenged us to be bold and dream big, and that’s exactly what we are doing at NASA. While I was proud to fly on the space shuttle, tomorrow’s explorers will now dream of one day walking on Mars.”

    Thanks for your indulgence, Syrin.


    • akrnc
      Jan 30, 2012 @ 13:56:52

      Sooner or later, Sarah will be asked a question by a Fox moderator that will blow her right out of the water and her idiotic followers will have to admit she has no clue as to what she’s speaking about. She lacks a basic understanding of economics and couldn’t explain what the GDP is to a high school class even if her life depended on it. She has zero interest in education and it’s blatantly obvious by observing her children who have no use for college, all they want is $$$ and to do as little work as possible in order to increase their bank accounts.

      It has gotten to the point that the Fox hosts fight amongst themselves as to whose show she is going to appear on except they’re not fighting to have her as a guest, they’re fighting to keep her off so they don’t have to deal with her stupidity.

      Will the RNC have the guts to keep her off the stage at their convention or are they going to pollute the airwaves with her nonsense even further? Let’s see if anyone has the guts to tell her to get lost.


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