Tea Party- Not in the Partying Mood Without Sarah Palin

The tea party is still pining for Sarah Palin.


The grassroots conservative movement has yet to throw its support behind a Republican presidential candidate because “we don’t have the female Ronald Reagan running — and that’s Sarah Palin,” said Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the Tea Party Express.

 “We haven’t engaged in presidential politics yet because the movement hasn’t coalesced around anybody, so we’re just sitting back and waiting,” Kremer added.

Predicting that a good slice of the country’s conservatives will not make up their minds until they are standing in front of the ballot box, Kremer singled out the former Alaska governor as “the only person out there right now that can truly excite the base.”

“Certainly some candidates bring their own energy and excitement. Michele Bachmann had it early on when she won the [Iowa] straw poll, and then when Perry got in,” she said. “But there’s no one that is electrifying as Sarah Palin.”

Kremer is the leader of one of many tea party groups. But while she is far from being the authoritative voice of the movement, she suggested a sense of ambivalence and frustration is widespread among conservatives.

Earlier this week, tea party darling and former Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell announced her endorsement of Mitt Romney, and on Friday, another tea party favorite, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, also threw her full support behind the ex-Massachusetts governor.

But Kremer said she doesn’t believe Romney and Gingrich will be the last men standing.

“I think it’s possible that Rick Perry could come back. I also think Michele Bachmann could rise back up. I wouldn’t count them out,” she said. “I don’t accept he premise that it will be Romney or Newt. What I [think] back to is Jan. 2010 – everyone said Scott Brown couldn’t win.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1211/70572.html#ixzz1gmK7kitY


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  1. martha_davidson (@martha_davidson)
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 01:20:24

    While this is not a glowing report about either side….the GOP are in serious trouble and most of it has to do with teapotty and far right extremism..

    ~`54%-30%~ of the country recognize that the GOP are more extreme in their positions, and 42% to 21% find the GOP less honest and ethical and 51% to 25% say that the GOP in congres are unwilling to work with the other side, therefore blaming the GOP squarely for congress not accomplishing anything.

    But the teapotty’s want MORE extreme positions from their candidates, the want MORE lines drawn in the sand….they don’t want their members to give an inch.

    When a nation and yes the world watch as GOP crowds CHEER the number of executions in Texas, holler a resounding YES!, for a hypothetical young in a coma being left to die for lack of health insurance, watch an active duty soldier, speaking from the field, is jeered because he is gay…well it makes everyone sick to their stomachs, disgusted…..these hate-filled people call themselves Christians, in fact they expound their “Christian values” ad nausem.

    When the GOP threaten to default on the national debt and insist that it would be a good thing..or the inept of them insist the country could “just pay the interest”, THAT is as serious as a heart attack and now folks see just what the consequence of the 2010 elections are.

    No one in their right mind would want any of these people near the nuclear codes.

    Yet that is precisely what the teapotty want MORE of, they insist their representatives get off the fringe and take on full blown insanity and who better to represent that then ……..Sarah Palin.

    I hope they don’t expect a plot at Arlington when they finally kill they party this next election.

    From the PEW research centre
    Frustration with Congress Could Hurt Republican Incumbents
    GOP Base Critical of Party’s Washington Leadership

    The Republican Party is taking more of the blame than the Democrats for a do-nothing Congress. A record-high 50% say that the current Congress has accomplished less than other recent Congresses, and by nearly two-to-one (40% to 23%) more blame Republican leaders than Democratic leaders for this.

    By wide margins, the GOP is seen as the party that is more extreme in its positions, less willing to work with the other side to get things done, and less honest and ethical in the way it governs.

    Independents, who have expressed great frustration with Washington gridlock over the course of the past year, are particularly critical of the Republican Party. By a 54% to 30% margin they say the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party, is more extreme in its positions, and they are twice as likely to label the Republicans than the Democrats as the less honest and ethical party (42% vs. 21%).
    For the first time in nearly~~ twenty years~~ of polling, more than seven in ten (73%) independents want most members of Congress replaced next year.



  2. dragonpuff
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 07:29:41

    Palin supported the tea baggers like she supported everything else.
    Only as far as it could get her paid, get her attention and at the same
    time sling fecal matter at the President and allow her to have something
    to screech about on FAUX.

    Plus, the author of that piece is deluded about Palin and the baggers.
    The tea party was astroturf from Koch Industries. Amazing how Palin
    got national coverage speaking to five hundred baggers in an almost
    empty auditorium, but tens of thousands of protesters in Wisconsin barely
    got any notice at all with the MSM because they didn’t wear stupid clothes
    and consider a corrupt ignoramus their spokesperson.


  3. climber357
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 12:08:28

    The teabaggers touted Bachman, then Perry, and finally Cain before all three crashed and burned on the national stage.

    I once believed Sarah knew these articles were fabricated and most likely edited or wrote many of them. I never thought she was crazy enough to believe them. I have changed my mind. Sarah, out of touch with reality, most likely believes her padded bra on the Newsweek cover are real breasts, and the flaws hidden by the nylons on the Runner´s World cover do not exist.

    And she probably believes she is still attractive.


  4. honestyingov
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 18:22:36

    Sorry to be OT Syrin, Just wanted to help spread the word on/thru Digg.
    P2b Did a RT so it should appear in the P2B Daily as well. More exposure.

    RT @HnstyNgov: Will..” AK Legislators Hold Palin Accountable”? @RebuttaltoRogue digg.com/!da9OESx via @Digg /… bit.ly/rXlvdO


  5. anAlaskanAlsoII
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 05:49:29

    Watching Christine O’Donnell live on television is like watching a child wonder onto the set of an adult situation. She looks and sounds like a juvenile with only a superficial grasp of issues of note. If she looked like a Kardashian, she’d be rocking the speaking circuit and everyone could just ignore the idiocy falling from her mouth.

    Sarah Palin endorsing her was a microcosm of Sarah’s judgement, trying to harness and take credit for a presumed Tea Party darling when there wasn’t enough energy in the gas to sustain the burn for the whole nine yards.

    Sarah endorsing the mockery of a Presidential debate moderated by The Donald Trump is another indicator that Sarah is fools gold and is not, in fact, a king maker she aspires to be since she quit on the act of pretending to consider to maybe perhaps desiring to progress her brand by running for the highest office of the land.

    Unless she was handed the keys to the Naval Observatory compound and somehow leverage that into a body of credibility for her own highly financed run in 2012 or 2018, the woman don’t got it in her, and has still yet a graveyard of skeletons left to be revealed to not survive the scrutiny and vetting of a candidate.

    Sarah, it is delicious that you don’t have the online ‘hit’ power you once generated, and I know that I know that I know that politically, if you die you die, but we all know you are scared to death that when you make your endorsement for POTUS – that no one listens and you don’t get appointed to some cushy cabinet position because of your love of books (Secretary of Education,) your love of running with a Servant’s Heart (Secretary of Health & Human Services,) your ability to see Russia from your house – India from your hotel room or the Gaza strip from the border (Secretary of State) or for that marvelously fragile chip on your shoulder (Secretary of Defense.)


    • Gem
      Dec 18, 2011 @ 08:14:11

      Yes– remember the great running governor who likes fried butter on a stick and who won’t eat her vegetables…


  6. ferob
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 00:53:44

    OMG I wish, in my heart, I could convince myself she’s out. I have this horrible vision of her coming back. She’ll say the teaparty changed her mind, they begged me. Please tell me the flame has gone out.


  7. koolnews
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 02:22:31

    a political zombie


  8. moinkslinger
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 13:40:47

    Conservative talk radio is seeing a drop in the numbers, tea party membership is down and the GOP is hurting…..all thanks to Sarah Palin who has created chaos where ever she walks. The woman is a pus pocket on the butt of America.


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