For Palin, presidential endorsement could be double-edged sword


Why are writers still writing lies concerning Palin? Why is a false narrative still being perpetuated? As an Alaskan, woman and Christian who lives in Wasilla, Alaska, I want Sarah revealed for the liar, cheat and political whore that she is! Not, given credibility and value when there is clearly NONE there! 

Some statements made in this article!

 No one holds more sway than Sarah Palin?  Palin’s choice of candidate is less clear, but potentially more important? Palin’s reputation, however, is still sterling? That makes her a huge get for any candidate? Palin might jeopardize her sparkling social credentials by backing someone who was conducting an illicit sexual affair!?!  

By Christian Heinze

With Herman Cain out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination, the rush to win his supporters is heating up. 

In fact, those supporters — with their Tea Party beliefs and fervor — could be the deciding factor in the race.

No one holds more sway over this group than two candidates who are now out of the race: Cain himself, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.) is the early favorite to win Cain’s backing, while Palin’s choice is less clear, but potentially more important. 

Cain left the race with a tarnished reputation that could suffer even more damage as new details of sexual allegations trickle in. Palin’s reputation, however, is still sterling to this band of voters. That makes her a huge get for any candidate. 

But the Tea Party favorite faces an interesting dilemma: Should she compromise some of her political purity to endorse a front-runner for the nomination, thereby proving her relevance and making a mark on the race? Or, should she stick to her principles and endorse someone with unquestioned conservative credentials but little shot at winning?

It’s a difficult either/or, because both of the two front-runners, Gingrich and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, have significant skeletons in either their political or personal closets. Meanwhile, the candidates who have, by all accounts, the most conservative records don’t have much of a chance of winning.

On an ideological level, Romney’s record clearly doesn’t square with Palin’s. He helped design and implement a healthcare program much like President Obama’s, and conservatives are wary of his stances on such issues as abortion and gay rights.

Further, Palin has often seemed in a shadow war with Romney. On the same day he announced his presidential bid in New Hampshire, she suddenly showed up in the state, unannounced, sucking up all the press in the process.

And, more recently, during the August debt-ceiling debate, she went on Fox News and gave a sardonic “Bless his heart” for Romney’s relative quiet during the crisis.

“Bless his heart, I have respect for Mitt Romney, but I do not have respect for what he has done through this debt-increase debate,” she began. 

Then she put her right index finger into the air, as if testing the wind, and said: “He did this. He waited until it was a done deal.”

Political timidity is not and has never been Palin’s thing. 

Further, Romney is undoubtedly the establishment candidate of the cycle, and Palin’s disdain for the establishment has guided many of her endorsement decisions. 

In 2010, she endorsed the inexperienced upstart Christine O’Donnell in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary, as well as Kentucky outsider Rand Paul in his state’s primary. Both were high-profile outsiders taking on establishment insiders. That’s how Palin herself came to power, and that’s what she likes to see in candidates.

But Gingrich, the other front-runner, has his score of challenges in wooing Palin. One that’s been rarely reported is his criticism of Palin over the years — something the famously sensitive former governor has shown little patience for when others have done it.

In April 2009 — before Palin had even resigned as governor — Gingrich delivered the kind of condescending, back-handed compliment that’s so enraged Palin’s followers over the years.

Gingrich called her a “celebrity in her own right” and said that “to go from there to becoming a national leader would take a significant amount of work.”

“Is she willing to do the kind of development of national issues and development of a national profile that would be required?” he asked.

And earlier this year, Gingrich took another dig at Palin — in something of a glass-house moment — on ABC.

“I think she’s got to slow down and be more careful and think through what she’s saying and how she’s saying it,” the famously rash Gingrich urged. 

Further, Palin would take another risk by endorsing the former Speaker. 

Right now, Gingrich is trying to portray himself as a Washington outsider, but with a career in D.C. spanning more than three decades, he’s vulnerable to being portrayed as the ultimate insider. 

Not only that, but Gingrich has a messy personal life, and has been married three times. Palin might jeopardize her sparkling social credentials by backing someone who was conducting an illicit sexual affair at the same time he was criticizing then-President Bill Clinton during the latter’s impeachment process.

Yet if Palin chooses to pass on both Romney and Gingrich, some say she could back an ideologically pure candidate such as former Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.). 

Last week, she raised eyebrows when she told Fox News’s Sean Hannity: “If voters start kind of shifting gears and deciding they want ideological consistency, then they’re going to start paying attention to, say, Rick Santorum.” She went on to praise his record on abortion, fiscal issues and foreign-policy concerns.

Santorum was so pleased that he sent a letter to supporters, trying to fundraise off Palin’s kind comments.

A Palin endorsement might, no doubt, boost Santorum’s spirit, but it probably wouldn’t be enough to erase a 20 percent to 30 percent deficit in the polls.

In other words, Palin wouldn’t be much of a difference-maker if she endorsed Santorum. She could, however, have a profound effect on the race by backing either Gingrich or Romney. 

One indication that Palin might be leaning toward the option of backing a front-runner comes from an interview last week with Fox News.

“I think my personal endorsement probably doesn’t amount to a hill of beans today, at this point in the race,” she said, before slyly adding: “Maybe as the weeks progress, it would become a little bit more significant.”

In other words, she plans on making an impact.


22 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Molly
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 10:39:39

    Sarah Palin will not back anybody right now.

    Sarah Palin does not care who wins! Right now she will wait to see who is surely favored to win the GOP nomination and then pick HIM!

    Sarah does not want to pick another looser like Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell or Todd Palin.


  2. Sally
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:17:30

    Palin too, will wait until ‘it’s a done deal’ just like she always does. She will support whoever will embrace her. She will support whoever stands to win the nomination because then she looks smart. To a few. She is a bigger scammer than PT Barnum. And her victims keep coming back for more. Surely Ailes can find some other dimwit to take her seat at Fox. I hear Cain is available, once he collects his matchign funds and quits. And Fox loves quitters.


  3. climber357
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:26:24

    No one gives a hoot about her thoughts. Three-fourths of all conservatives do not like her. Sarah ¨raised eyebrows¨ on Hannity because she was wearing a bathrobe.

    LMAO@¨sparkling social credentials¨


  4. Kirk
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:38:41

    Those GOP candidates must feel like shit having to ask Sarah Palin for her endorsements. You must be really hard up to ask that retard.

    It’s sort of like like getting the job of cleaning a dirty ass outdoor toilet stall at a chili festival on a hot muggy day.that hasn’t been flushed in a week.

    I guess you hold your breath, man up and call her and listen to her screechy whiney ass voice while she tries to play politician and just hope and pray you can take her bullshit before you scream out



  5. WakeUpAmerica
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:59:47

    Everything Palin touches turns to crap. I can’t imagine her endorsement would be a positive. On a different note, I can’t understand why Huntsman isn’t higher in the polls. As far as I can see, he is the best candidate with the lowest clown factor.


  6. akrnc
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 12:11:26

    Who cares which GOP candidate Palin endorses?! In all truthfulness, she had nowhere near as much to do with any of the wins for the GOP that she claims from 2010. Most of her endorsees were either ahead or expected to win prior to her endorsing them. She also took credit for primary wins of candidates that she endorsed after the primary was over in calculating her “wins & losses”. Palin will LIE about anything & everything.

    Romney may not have spoken out about the debt ceiling but Palin being the idiot she is, didn’t want it raised, clearly proving she had zero understanding of the financial dealings that were being discussed at the time. Romney may not have said anything but at least he understood what they were talking about during their discussions.

    I hope Palin will be much too busy with upcoming problems of her own to worry about the 2012 elections. As for her cult members who talk about their millions of people backing her and their hopes for a brokered election, they’re delusional. They have about 2000 people at best on their FB site for their “earthquake movement” and that’s supposed to get Palin to run? They also talk about all her organizations around the country in each state who are ready to go! I did a little checking and found out that only 22 of the 50 states have an Organizing for Palin group with the largest number in any of them being under 300! Impressive-Hell NO! They are a joke. Her supporters are in the thousands, not millions, despite their lies about them being overwhelming.


  7. jeanabella
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 12:36:41

    akrnc, I totally agree! You said it all in your astute comment.
    It’s a good thing her bots can only vote once unlike DWTS. If they could make their numbers look larger they would.
    SP could never make it through the grown-up world with her high school mean girl attitude. She’s almost all used up. The biggest damage she did was to use “death panel” lies which have been debunked, but it did create more ignorance about the healthcare bill which has done more for people than anything in recent history. Just the other day the “bomb” in the law was activated. Most people haven’t even heard of it, I didn’t until I read about it. Ins. co. must spend 80 to 85% of our premium on our health care and not on their administration and commissions. That’s huge! In addition, the Ins. co must return any premium money not used for our health care to us. The ins. ind. fought this up until the last minute. Now they’re looking at other investments in order to make more money.
    Sarah is a traitor to this country! She lies for profit.



  8. Diane
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 12:39:02

    She could still enter the race.
    If the republican nominee is say newt and he really screws up and is losing, she could run a s a third party. She would keep her bots interested, boost her creds with fox and stands to make money from the contributions. She could never win, but that’s not the point.
    She would be the catalyst for those republicans that can’t stand newt or rommney.


    • Julian
      Dec 07, 2011 @ 13:07:50

      One would hope Gingrich is finished after his latest gaffe suggesting poor children get janitorial jobs in schools. The logic seems to be that because they live in tenements they don’t see people going off to work, therefore have no work ethic, ergo end up as pimps/prostitutes. All you can say is w_o_w. Romney will probably win by default, the clown car is running on empty.


    • martha_davidson (@martha_davidson)
      Dec 07, 2011 @ 13:44:32

      “She could still enter the race.”


      It’s too late for anyone to “enter the race” at this point.

      If you haven’t filed in many states by now…..including New Hampshire…’s too late.

      Never mind the fact that she has not got the money, the staff, hasn’t established offices in the various states etc., known as the “ground game”

      There’s allot more to it than saying “I’m going to run”.

      Donald Trump’s threat to “run as an independent” if he doesn’t care for the outcome of his debate, is just more of his hot air, he doesn’t have a clue, not a clue.

      “the Donald” just says things that have nothing to do with the truth or reality for that matter.

      The republicant nominee is chosen in January….short weeks away, with the holidays to take into account.


  9. Aksyrin
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 13:12:11

    “Is she willing to do the kind of development of national issues and development of a national profile that would be required?” he asked.

    As Sarah Palin approaches 50 years old, how utterly absurd to think and state that a known idiot and incompetent individual, who abused power, fleeced the state of Alaska and took the money and quit- such as Sarah Palin can NOW? gain a sparkling national profile and the development of national issues???????

    Thanks for the comments! Appreciate your perspectives! I really dislike seeing these sort of ignorant articles. What does the people see in her? When the truth documented shows a completely different picture..

    It’s this kind of shameless pandering and intellectual dishonesty is why Newt and all the others will never be a choice for me.


  10. martha_davidson (@martha_davidson)
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 13:34:47

    She said it best herself…Palin’s endorsement “won’t amount to a hill of beans”.

    She’s finished……done….stick a fork in her already.


    • Julian
      Dec 08, 2011 @ 19:26:18

      I am sick to DEATH of these articles which continue to sprout like fungus on the internet. Palin is without one redeeming feature, she is selfish, vicious, self aggrandizing and without any sensitivity or compassion for another human being. She has caused division, discord and acute unhappiness to people she hasn’t even met. She promote ignorance as an achievement and waves cruelty as a banner to be proud of. The press created this little shop of horrors and now has no idea of how to handle it. They are also too craven to admit the enormity of their enabling.


  11. Molly
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 14:06:17

    martha_davidson (@martha_davidson) on December 7, 2011 at 1:34 pm said:

    She said it best herself…Palin’s endorsement “won’t amount to a hill of beans”.

    She’s finished……done….stick a fork in her already.


    No room to stick a fork into Palin.
    Ya gotta first remove what Glen Rice stuck in her.

    Hey Todd how does it feel to learn with America how your girlfriend screwed strange men when she was on the job interviewing them?

    Sarah did you like speaking into Glen Rice’s microphone?

    Sarah what is Mmmmm?

    Sarah please remove Glen’s ummmm microphone before speaking.

    Didn’t your momma teach you not to speak with balls in your mouth?


  12. Pam
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 14:09:40

    Wait til shailey Tripp gets finished with her!


  13. sallyngarland,tx
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 20:33:50

    I bet Palin is hoping Newt is the nominee because he said, if he is, that he will let Obama be his scheduler. Newt says wherever Obama campaigns in 2012, he’ll (Newt) will show up 4 hours later in the same place to dispute him. I can see Palin revving that bus up and following Newt –so they can stalk Obama and she can make some attack dog speeches for Newt.


  14. Creepy Chuckie
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 20:36:21

    Sarah Palin endorsement LOL as if it means something.

    Ask Alaska’s Joe Miller what that got him.

    Nobody in Alaska pays attention to Sarah the con artist anymore.


  15. anAlaskanAlsoII
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 09:10:22

    She did the licking of her finger tip and put it in the air again? Bless her heart, she is nothing if not tired and washed up in her regurgitated cutesy (yet hideously venomous) act.

    She reviled Gingrich as a Washington-Insider-Good-Old-Boy in her Gubernatorial emails, but she poached one of his speeches in her bizarre Michael Reagan introduction to an Anchorage event.

    She going to out-of-the-blue boast about never having had an affair when talk of Gingrich’s boyswillbeboys moments come up? LOL. That woman lies like she breaths, in huffy (through clenched teeth) breaths.

    She’s against “crony-capitalism?” He is and she is, let’s call the whole thing off.


  16. Xenon
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 23:21:12

    You know, at this juncture, Palin endorsing a particular brand of ketchup would be a “double-edged sword.”


  17. moinkslinger
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 18:24:12

    If she endorses a candidate, I will be voting for someone else.


  18. KatieAnnieOakley
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 15:13:14

    It’s hard for me to contemplate that someone, anyone would be courting that moron for her “endorsement”. More like avoiding eye contact or crossing the street when you saw her, at any cost… it would go something like this:

    “Oh-God-No,No,NO! SHIT! She’s-looking-over-here, oh-Jesus-Christ, what-the-F#$% – no,No,NO! – Please, do-NOT-give-me-your-endorsement-Sarah! Oh, no,No,NO! Talk-about-death-panels, her-endorsement-would-be-the-kiss-OF-DEATH-to-my-campaign! MUST-KEEP-WALKING. AVOID-ALL-CONTACT…


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