Defending Sarah Palin Is Defending The Indefensible!

A reminder that Sarah by her own words and behavior should not be defended by anyone but her!

Confrontation is the ONLY ‘cure’ in dealing with a Jezebel. The unconfronted person’s roots will go down deeper, more lives will be tainted until the person is ultimately confronted. These people simply have worked their way into these positions of influence because they’ve never been confronted, they are seemingly immovable.  

CONFRONT: Face up to and deal with a problem or difficult situation

Sows seeds of discord

A Jezebel will continually belittle another person in the most subtle way. The strategy is to “gain” control by minimizing the value of another person. It is common for him to tell half-truths to implicate another person in your eyes. By sowing these seeds, he hopes to eventually reap a harvest of destruction, improving his position of power.

Commands attention

A Jezebel likes to be the center of attention and doesn’t like to see others recognized and lauded. When someone else is recognized, he will quickly undermine the person’s accomplishments verbally.

 Is vengeful

Since a Jezebel is never wrong, if you contradict or confront one, get ready to become his worst enemy. As long as you are in agreement with him, all is fine. But if you confront or challenge him, then look out. You are the target of his fiercest venom. A Jezebel will stop at nothing to destroy your reputation.

Attempts to make you look like you’re the Jezebel

A Jezebel spirit is difficult to pin down. If the person is near to being confronted, he or she will skillfully twist the entire situation, trying to make the innocent person look like the one who is attempting to control. As always, the Jezebel will do anything to look like the one who is right.

Read ”Lamestream media’ defends Palin’ on Yahoo! News. They kicked her around, victimized her, tried to destroy her. But all of a sudden….

Doing a quick Google search of  ‘defending Palin’ there is every excuse made by a variety of people … Even Hollywood Liberals Defending Palin from Media Now. The mainstream media’s hypocritical treatment of Sarah Palin. No more defending Palin!  Why make Palin look like the victim? We don’t need the media “defending her!” Why do people feel it necessary to defend the indefensible?

 Grapevine: Hollywood Defending Palin?


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. arlenearmy
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 03:57:28

    Ive noticed what is not being posted on any blogs nor have heard on any of the talk radios about this Palin. Such as, where is Glen Rice. There’s no doubt that there’s a WORLD WIDE hunt for Glen Rice. I think that certain somebody(ies) have him tucked away, and will unleash him for a televised “tell all”, if Palin pops up again any time soon.

    See, Palin is apparently in lock down, ever since this book stuff surfaced. Well, ok.. she did 1 interview with Greta. Then after that, Palin did NO facebooking and NO tweeting. No doubt that sex cocain & fiddling w/Glen Rice exposure forced her back into her cubby hole. Just when she might felt like creeping out, here comes Tyson & Jim Kimmel making sex jokes about her. This probably caused her handlers to advise her to lay low because the imagery of her in folks minds would be picture of her & Glen Rice…. meaning that this would distract any political message she has to say. And folks will connect the dots – such as “polls for strippers” ..glen rice .. etc..

    My thinking is that she knows what happened.. she knows that 99% of that stuff in that book is true. What I think she is afraid of is that if she re-surfaces in the public again anytime soon, that Glen Rice will suddenly appear on nationwide TV interview to tell what REALLY happened. This would embarrass her more than the Tyson womb shifting jokes that we heard on ESPN.

    In short, her fear is GLEN RICE. He’s the arsenal that may be used against her !! She don’t know if he will talk or what he will say if he does go before the news camera. And we all know if that happens the GOP will see her as toxic waste.


  2. arlenearmy
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 04:08:20

    And another thing that folks are not talking about is the “hands off” attitude of other foxnews folks except for Greta. Notice that they have not invited Palin to come on the show. Lets not forget that Palin is a foxnews contributor who had been told by Roger Ailes to lay low during the Gabby Giffords dust up. She defied Ailes & made matters worst when she put out her own video. Word is that Ailes chewed her out.

    For all we know, Palin may be getting fired from foxnews or is being reprimanded. I suspect that Foxnews has a morality clause in the contract. No matter if what that book says is true or false, its the perception of what folks are thinking is not in a respectable manner. Afterall she has the albeit unwarranted status of VP presidential nominee. No doubt after all these scandals, Palin is an embarrassment to the network.


    • FEDUP!!!
      Sep 20, 2011 @ 09:55:55

      NNnnyaaa…. I think they (Fox Noise) actually have TRIED to coax her online, but she is wrapped-up in a straight jacket so she cannot dent any more fridges! 😉


  3. WakeUpAmerica
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 04:12:04

    I think you have summed it up just about right, Syrin.


  4. shughes2853
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 04:57:13

    I think palin and her flying monkeys are trying to figure out a way to harass and intimidate Glen Rice without being too obvious. haha…my oh my….what to do!? Palins have always been known to go after people that dared to question or challenge them – look what they brought down on Joe McGinnis after he moved in next door to them. Threatened him and his family, including his innocent grandchildren. Vandalized the guy’s truck that dropped off furniture to Joe – there are so many examples of the palins vengence on innocent people and they’ve gotten away with it for so long. It’s very disturbing and anyone that dismisses that behavior or doesn’t believe they’re capable is not paying attention. Palin may be nothing more then a cartoon joke these days but one thing that cannot be dismissed is her ability to draw blood on her enemies – real or percieved. I’d like to see the wench or her monkeys go after Glen Rice. That would be a very, very big mistake. Palins are dangerous in many ways -there’s just too many documented and verified stories on how they exacted revenge on others. I pray Joe’s book finally puts the last nail in her coffin and that family is held accountable and no longer tolerated.


  5. moinkslinger
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 13:27:01

    I believe, Sarah is scared of Glen Rice and what he has to say especially if they continued their relationship after her marriage as is mentioned on AlaskaWTF. Reportedly, she continued to call him after the one-night stand and that makes it sound like Palin/Heath was in hot pursuit. I believe, she wanted to get of Alaska and if hooking up with a basketball player would have gotten her out of the state, she would have jumped on it. It appears most of the guys that Palin have had relationships with have dumped her or as in Todd’s case chased around on her.


    • Julian
      Sep 20, 2011 @ 16:30:30

      Yes, the Palins have proved time and again that to cross them is to invite a swift and unpleasant response, but it’s usually been on their own patch in Alaska. They’ll try it one day on someone who doesn’t give a *%# about the Palins or their reputation as bully boys and they’ll find themselves on the wrong end of a felony charge and wake up wearing orange.


  6. Martha
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 14:38:19

    I think this is worse, more indefensible than anything Sarah Palin has ever done or said and thinking Conservatives should be appalled.

    Every single republican senator and house republican have signed this pledge to Norquist, they no longer represent their constituants, they all bow to Grover Norquist. Not only do they pledge never to raise taxes, Grover Norquist decides what the definition of a tax increase is! They must get his approval before they vote so they cannot be accused of breaking this pledge.!!!!!

    Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave!

    Can you imagine for even a second that every single Democratic lawmaker would sign a pledge to an outside institution, (pretending to pledge to constituants to keep the outside institution out of legal trouble), to ALWAYS raise taxes, no matter what, just ALWAYS raise taxes no matter what the circumstance the country might be in?

    They never have and never will, because it is as ridiculous as it is crazy as it is against the constitution….this is far, far beyond an extreme point of view. Every Democrat would be horrified and would withdraw their support.

    Everyone needs to be aware of this. I know that so many are not.

    Grover Norquist, a lobbyist and the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, has been lobbying against taxation of all forms for over two decades. Norquist has been pushing republicans in the House, the Senate and state legislative bodies to sign his organization’s anti-tax pledge which obligates the signors to oppose any form of tax increase without an equal tax cut to offset it.

    The pledge has been signed by 41 senators, 236 House members and 1,263 state legislators. Norquist wields considerable influence over the Republican Party and is considered the driving force behind the anti-taxation issues, which have become the primary stance of the GOP.
    According to Americans for Tax Reform, the pledge is made not to the organization, bur rather to the elected official’s constituents. However, it does not appear that the majority of constituents in the United States have signed on to endorse the pledge, and many are likely unaware that the pledge exists.
    Judging merely by Facebook “likes” (not exactly scientific but still noteworthy) Americans for Tax Reform has at least 11,979 supporters in a nation of over 300 million. I wonder how many voters would sign the pledge.
    Senator Bernie Sanders has a petition to compel President Obama to stand firm against the Republican Party in demanding “shared sacrifice” in the form ending tax breaks and closing loopholes on the nation’s wealthiest citizens. The petition has over 110,000 signatures and is less than a month old, compared with Norquist’s pledge which began in 1986. Sander’s petition also has over 49,000 Facebook shares.
    Americans for Tax Reform has used its funding and influence to turn a GOP talking point into a written obligation to indefinitely adhere to an unsustainable position. Republican lawmakers who are reluctant to sign the pledge often do so to avoid having Norquist and his anti-tax allies support a primary challenger.
    American citizens recite a Pledge of Allegiance, and nowhere in that pledge do I recall anything about taxes or any mention of a Grover Norquist. Elected officials take an oath when being sworn-in to office. That oath, made to the American people, is also mysteriously devoid of any mention of Norquist or taxation.
    Therefor, I will surmise that the both the Pledge of Allegiance and the Oath of Office outweigh the significance of any pledge made to Grover Norquist. Furthermore, I will assert that any pledge or contract that conflicts with the Pledge of Allegiance and/or the Oath of Office is essentially nullified by obligation.
    We do not elect politicians to sign pledges to private organizations when those pledges may directly conflict with the best interests of the American people. Norquist’s rigid anti-tax pledge makes no concessions for an unforeseeable future. This would be the business equivalent of a company refusing to even consider raising an essential department’s budget regardless of external and internal factors.
    The pledge is unrealistic and goes against the spirit of adaptability that has allowed our nation to flourish for 235 years, to the day. The pledge, which was not voted on by the American people, should be disregarded and discarded by our elected officials.
    Tomorrow: Call Americans for Tax Reform in Washington D.C. and tell them you never signed any pledge to Grover Norquist
    Or write them a letter:
    Americans for Tax Reform
    722 12th Street, NW
    Fourth Floor
    Washington, DC 20005


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