Some got a sneak peek at author Joe McGinniss’ book on Sarah Palin.

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau isn’t the only one who apparently got a sneak peek at author Joe McGinniss’ book on Sarah Palin.

Columnist Andrew Sullivan says he, too, got an advance look at McGinniss’ book about Palin, titled The Rogue, which is out Sept. 20. Sullivan pronounces the tome “unputdownable” and a “devastating” look at Palin, who says she’ll decide by the end of the month whether she’ll run for president next year.

In a tidbit for The Daily Beast, Sullivan says he, Trudeau and singer Roseanne Cash each got an advance copy of the book from McGinniss, who moved next door to Palin to get an up-close look at his subject.

Palin put up a fence after McGinniss moved next door and wrote a sarcastic note on Facebook welcoming her neighbor that said she looked forward to “this treasure he’s penning.”

Trudeau is highlighting passages from The Rogue in his comic strip, Doonesbury. Today, the fictional reporter Roland Hedley reads a passage attributed to Gary Wheeler, the state trooper who was head of Palin’s security detail in Alaska. The strip ends with “new book explodes myth of Sarah not reading.”

The Washington Post  wrote a piece about the Doonesbury strips and The Rogue yesterday. On his blog about the book, McGinniss says he and Trudeau have no “creative and/or financial arrangement.”

McGinniss made a name for himself with his book, The Selling of the President, about how Republican Richard Nixon was marketed during the 1968 campaign.


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  1. WakeUpAmerica
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 03:37:23

    McGinniss’s recent comments on his blog and his arrogance are a complete turn-off to me. Couple that with his lack of integrity in the handling of the Bailey manuscript, and I fet compelled to cancel my pre-order of his book. Anything worth reading will come out in the blogs. McGinniss and Palin deserve each other.


    • Blue Galangal
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 04:20:48

      anon y mouse is right – he said all along his blog was to promote The Rogue. I was surprised and pleased that he allowed comments for as long as he did. It was awesome to get to see how a real writer thinks.

      Shame on you for continuing to perpetuate the Mudflats side of the story; he sent a copy of the manuscript to contacts and friends in Alaska (whom he thought would get a kick out of it) when their agent was stupid enough to send it out without a confidentiality agreement. If anything, it piqued interest in their book.


      • grammy11
        Sep 13, 2011 @ 05:43:25

        I’m with you on that subject. Why was the manuscript allowed to fly around different people without a contract in place? It isn’t all Joe’s fault. Blame the person that released it in the first place. I also think it is childish to not want a book because the author said something you didn’t like. That reminds me of the one that says hate when a person disagrees with or criticizes them.

  2. anon y mouse
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 04:02:51

    I’m surprised at the reaction to McGinness’ blog. He said up front what it was for: MARKETING. It wasn’t really intended to be a vehicle for the kind of conversations that take place on other political blogs. Its goal was to sell books. Sure, I don’t go there any more either since it’s like clicking on any other commercial link. But please people, don’t expect the entire world to bend to our will or we’re just as inflexible as the “other side”. And saying nyah nyah now I won’t buy your book is kind of petulant.


  3. akrnc
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 04:52:43

    I honestly don’t have a preference nor have I taken sides in this McGinniss/Mudflats feud. However, the authors of
    Blind Allegiance had been shopping that manuscript for months apparently without success. When their editor sent out the same manuscript, in its entirety, it found huge publicity due to whatever McGinniss allegedly did or didn’t do, despite what motives have been attributed to his actions, and – Voila! An editor was found and the book was published within a few months or so. Do they have a right to complain about what was done to them at Mudflats? I don’t know because who knows what was really done to them and why. All I know is that their unpublished manuscript that hadn’t found a buyer in almost a year was published within a few months. They may not owe McGinniss any thanks but without the publicity regarding this alleged revealing of their manuscript and the subsequent feud, the manuscript could still be sitting in their editor’s office, gathering dust.

    I’m still looking forward to McGinniss book although I disagree with some of his questionable posts and the way he’s treated some of his loyal blog readers because I think it will be the best yet on Palin with Dunn’s book a close second.


    • Syrin
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 09:56:15

      Agreed! That is my take on the whole thing.
      On a side note.. Once the book was out, there was very little local promotion. No book signings, no meet the authors. Interest fizzled out within a week!


      • WakeUpAmerica
        Sep 13, 2011 @ 21:28:05

        Don’t you think that might have been because many people already read it online for free?

  4. hedgewytch
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 08:56:35

    I totally agree with your assessment AKRNC.

    While I enjoy Mudflats’ writing and her work, I was disappointed in the whole darn deal. First of all, getting into bed with Frank Bailey – he’s a sycophant, an idiot and just as lacking in self-reflection and true humility and compassion as his former boss.

    A few years from now perhaps Ms. Devon will reflect upon this whole episode of collaborating with Bailey, and her interactions with McGinniss over the publishing of the manuscript, and she just might have a different take on the whole thing than she does at this point.


    • Moles
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 16:26:54

      I tend to agree. I enjoy AKM’s writing but have to say I was totally turned off by Bailey’s. Whether or not he meant his infatuation with Palin to color his writing I don’t know, but I found it so obvious it was slightly unsettling and soured the whole tone of the book. I don’t particularly like what McGuiness did with their manuscript, nor did I like him waving red flags at his readers then fanging them for reacting; but if that’s the way he operates, so be it, time will tell if it affects his sales In the final wash up both parties were trying to flog a book and one used methods to do so that some find questionable, others feel that the aggrieved parties didn’t dot their i’s or cross their t’s enough. There’s probably truth in both views.


  5. jadez
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 11:18:51

    joe m. is not a black or white type of guy.

    in fact i was his biggest critic and if you have no life go through his posts and read the comments from me Tom, and you will see how i took him to task.

    that said..his only intention with his blog (forced on him by his publisher) is to sell his book.

    remember this…..joe m. was never going to lay his ass/reputation on the line by appearing as anything else then a rational main stream type of guy.

    so you never get his thoughts on the palin birth hoax for example because he wont open himself to the ridicule with everyone in the media stating its a crazy theory. now discovering a woman faked a birth is childs play for an investigator and yes you can bet your life joe and everyone else from mccain to the janitor at fox news knows it to be a hoax.

    but from the day joe announced he was a lifetime friend of rogar ailes i read his words with a different perspective.

    no one can be a lifelong friend with a horror like ailes without sharing some of their personality traits.
    that accounts for the way joe was on his blog toward the people he disagreed with.

    but also remember this..ailes does not like palin and thinks her stupid at best.
    can you all imagine what was left out of this book that joe and ailes shared and laughed about?

    finally…a writers reputation is all they have.
    though he denys it joe m. is STILL fuming over being called names and accussed by palin and her enablers after he moved next to the palin house.

    so there is no question that he brings that desire for revenge to his writing about palin.
    and there is no doubt that is what has impressed sullivan as he describes ..The Rogue as”devastating” writing.


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  7. akbagirly
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 16:17:42

    Sorry, I have to disagree with the rest of you and state that I believe Joe McGinniss to be a dishonorable person, which will prevent me from buying his book.

    However, he should not have a problem with me just reading excerpts on the internet, as that is the same fate that he personally chose for the Mudflats book.


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