Preparing to release more than 24,000 pages of Palin’s emails

Reporters staking out Sarah Palin’s “One Nation” bus may soon have some reading material to help them kill some time.

Alaska state officials are preparing to release more than 24,000 pages of Palin’s emails from her time as governor, the Anchorage Daily News reports.
But officials say they are withholding 2,415 pages that are so- called privileged, personal or otherwise exempt from the state’s disclosure laws. As the Daily News notes, it also “remains to be seen how many of the released emails are going to be at least partially blacked out.” [redacted]

A host of media organizations requested the records during the 2008 presidential campaign, when Palin was named as a the Republican VP nominee. But at the time state officials said they weren’t prepared to handle the requests for a number of reasons, including an antiquated electronic database system and the fact that Palin commonly used a personal Yahoo account to conduct official state business.

 State officials say that they have now finally finished sifting through the email accounts of more than 50 state employees to round up those emails Palin sent or received from her Yahoo account. The records are now on their way to a commercial printer, and are expected to be shipped to media outlets in the coming days.

Among the news organizations that requested the emails: the Anchorage Daily News, Associated Press, MSNBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and CNN. 

Those outlets will need to pay $725.97 in copying fees, and likely hundreds of dollars more in shipping costs. All told, the records are expected to fill five boxes weighing 55 pounds each.


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  1. Syrin
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 08:20:01

    The spin is Palin’s e-mails are nobody’s business but her own. Oh really?

    … except, of course, emails generated by a public official, serving in a official capacity, and being paid by the taxpayers. These are what’s known as “official records.” I was warning of YAHOO being used my this whackjob! Check out previous posts and radio show! This woman should be held accountable in some way, some how!


  2. Just_a_Mote
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 08:25:36

    Question: How many Sharpies did the Parnell administration use to ‘ready’ the Palin emails for public distribution?
    Answer: All of them.


  3. Mallard
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 10:02:50

    Be prepared for five boxes of banal and boring emails about setting up meetings and requesting reports from committees. I pity the lowly intern at these news outlets who has to comb through these documents looking for a “gotcha” acorn.


  4. Kalena
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 10:12:09

    My hope is that Frank Bailey will feel morally obligated and legally able to fill in any blanks he can with his emails. I don’t know why he wouldn’t be able to use them considering his book was published and he used them in that.

    He did say he doesn’t believe she should be a leader of a party or the US.


  5. Syrin
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 10:17:25

    I’ve been asked about these emails coming out.
    Do I think I’m in any of them?
    I would imagine if this is true! According to Frank Bailey…

    Besides Andrew Halcro and Dan Fagan‘s harassment, other critics demanded constant monitoring.
    Code name Syrin, an acerbic blogger, was the source of many hours of discussion, analysis, and reaction, dating back two years. In typical fashion, she set Sarah and Todd into a mental flameout.. I think there would be some mention of that in these thousands and thousands of emails, wouldn’t you think?


    • climber357
      Jun 01, 2011 @ 11:42:49

      Yeppers, I think there’s a lot about you. You, to this very day, still require constant monitoring. The evidence is on this very page!



    • Martha
      Jun 01, 2011 @ 14:05:43

      Syrin, I think that you are absolutely right.

      If you and all the others who got under the Palin skin are NOT in the e-mails, ESPECIALLY Trooper Wooten, then you will know immediately what a phoney release this is… despite what your Affleck stalker has to quack about…


    • daisydem
      Jun 01, 2011 @ 14:31:59

      You are looking forward to that aren’t you Syrin? I bet you are and have been ready. Take off the gloves.


      • Syrin
        Jun 01, 2011 @ 15:16:14

        I’m looking forward to some of this making a difference! Exposing her!

        I don’t have anything but my words of truth to slay this dragon.. It became very obvious that if most of those who you want to reach can’t read,
        ( blinded) what do you do? Its frustrating to hear these people defend Palin at any cost, saying anything, the same time insist that you have no legitamate criticism of Palin or you’re the hater, the anklebitter, jealous, bitter, bitchy. In all accounts that are attributed to me it clearly shows that is not the case.
        I’m very thankful of the part that I’ve played, I’m proud of the content that has been attributed to me in both Bailey and Dunn’s books.

  6. Kalena
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 10:33:43

    ha! I read that part last night and thought of you.

    It will be interesting to see what comes out. Reading that book makes you realize how mentally ill she is.


    • Syrin
      Jun 01, 2011 @ 13:42:25

      Yes it does bring to mind all the crazy whacked out behavior of Palin and her offspring that has been witnessed by many. This woman is severlly ill, mentally ill and unstable. Not able to really function. Her followers should want the best for her and cut her loose! Let her crawl back into the dark abyss of Lake Lucille…..


  7. climber357
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 11:36:45

    The stalling and censorship makes it clear they have a lot to hide. If it looks like a serpent, slithers like a serpent, and hisses like a serpent….

    (Maybe, just maybe, something they believe is harmless slipped through.)


  8. Kimberly
    Jun 01, 2011 @ 18:47:09

    No cause she is too busy cleaning up her own natural disaster.

    The video above of Palin trying to get Piper to apologize, the one where Sarah handed out flowers PAY CLOSE ATTENTION EVERYONE Piper walks out, she is holding flowers she is unhappy at her mom shaking everyone’s hand, Piper is heading toward the parking garage when Sarah runs to reporters.

    Right you all saw that.

    NOW CHECK OUT THE NEW VIDEO OF THE SAME EVENT BEING LINKED AT C4P that they say shows Piper happy with reporters, being funny, having a good time. They even excitedly mention, “Be sure to watch to the end for an interview with Piper Palin!”

    At the beginning of the clip it is the same scene as the apology one EXCEPT THIS TIME Sarah is holding the flowers as they walk through the door, Piper is holding a water bottle PIPER’S HAIR IS PULLED UP IN A BUN IN THE BACK when before it was down OMIGOD THEY RESTAGED THE ENTIRE scene later so Piper would be seen smiling for the reporters talking happily. Not only this watch as Sarah starts to shake the hands of the EXACT SAME GUYS IN LINE AS SHE DID IN THE FIRST VIDEO. They are the exact same guys in the same line up minus the first guy she shook hands with and added another. The rest are the same guys, in the same exit.

    Please for those who can copy these videos immediately before someone deletes or alters them and get them viral fast!!!


    • Syrin
      Jun 01, 2011 @ 22:56:46

      Thank you so much for posting this here. The staging and fraud that is being done under our noses when we know damn well that she’s not credible or competent to even be asked her opinion. I watched this imposter, who would trust this woman in this video to be their mother, let alone president. I hate I’ve never watched a video in two years of her. Something is gonna break.. I feel it’s coming.


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