Sarah Palin’s Clown Show Goes to India

Presidential want-to-be Sarah Palin expounds her philosophy to India


Key highlights from her speech at the India Today conclave in New Delhi, 19 March 2011. [The exclamation marks are her own.]



On love

‘Next time, I want to visit the Taj Mahal with my husband, Todd. Considering how patiently he’s endured during my political career & been so supportive, it would be nice to reinforce our teamwork/commitment before that monument to eternal love. Todd is here with us tonight.’

A geographical interlude

‘During the flight here, between our countries, it did not escape me that Japan lies about halfway between my Alaskan home & India.’

On the role of government

‘It’s not government business to spend the working man’s tax dollars recklessly – & certainly not government’s business to centrally “plan” an economy & control an entrepreneurial spirit! That doesn’t work. Government should lay infrastructure, level the playing field, then get out of the way.’

On the perfidious Britishers

‘Friends: our two democracies understand this struggle for freedom. It’s the struggle of those who defiantly dumped tea in Boston Harbor to protest a British tea tax. And it’s the struggle of those who courageously marched to the seacoast near Don-dee [sic] to make their own salt in defiance of a British salt tax! This hunger for ‘Freedom & Opportunity’ is proof that what we call the “American Dream” is not just “American.” It is the universal dream of people everywhere! I believe it’s created within us!’

Misuses the word ‘enormity’

‘There, in my home state of Alaska, we’re so proud of nature’s beauty & our towering mountains, but certainly here relatively near the spectacular Himalayas can I appreciate an even greater sense of nature’s enormity!
One of the mountains near my home (I see it everyday from my kitchen window!) is called “Pioneer Peak”’


On the environment and natural resources

‘I am a true believer in environmental conservation & responsible stewardship of our lands. (It’s why I live in Alaska! A pristine environment to be passed on to future generations – I don’t want to mess it up! I am a conservationist. I married into an Alaska native family, where Todd’s connection to the land through his Yupik Eskimo heritage, an indigenous people, reinforces my respect for God’s creation. And we’ve made our living off the land – as commercial fishermen & Todd working in North Slope oil fields – so we don’t want to mess it up!) So, I’m in favour of “all-of-the-above” approach to energy security … Instead of funding non-viable special interest projects, Americans can capitalize on our own viable resources that are just waiting to be tapped – they’re right on our doorstep!  Billions of barrels of oil warehoused underground in Alaska!’

On India’s economic reforms

‘In the early 1990′s, due to clear, commonsense, pro free-market reforms, India’s economy took off! You abolished import licenses; cut import duties; removed investment caps & broke the union’s grip on industry. You unleashed the creativity & hard work of the Indian people; you turned away from a system where ‘Central Government’ sets targets for all sectors of the economy, to a system that lets the market set its own targets. That works. People no longer speak of India as a “struggling economy” as they would have 30 years ago. Today we speak of India as a “dynamic & vibrant economy”. You empowered individuals & in doing so, you’ve reminded America of the free, entrepreneurial model that made our country great, prosperous & exceptional!’

On the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley (formerly Nimrata Randhawa)

‘I admire India’s tradition of strong women leaders – at home & abroad! In fact, last year, I had the honour of supporting a strong American woman of Indian descent when I endorsed the candidacy of South Carolina’s new governor – their first female – Nikki Haley! I met Nikki’s parents & was impressed by their story, work ethic! And, by Nikki’s upbringing that led her to become part of a ‘grassroots movement in American politics’ that’s known as “The Tea Party”!’


On the influence of moose and Mother Teresa on the writing of her speech

‘Back home in Alaska, where the fresh snow blankets the ground today, where my kids texted me to report they see a Mama Moose & her two baby calves outside our door by the firewood pile: There at home, I have a beautiful pencil drawing on my kitchen wall. A framed drawing by Robin Coran. It’s a picture of Mother Teresa, of Calcutta. She’s holding a precious child (a baby).
It was said of Mother Teresa that “perhaps the greatest message she has given to the world is the value & dignity of human life!” From India, she was able to share this crucial message with the world! And it is a crucial message because the freedom & empowerment of the individual is rooted in an understanding of every man & woman’s inherent dignity & worth! I looked at the picture as I typed out this speech on my home computer set up there in the kitchen.’

And finally, in answer to a question following her speech, Sarah Palin rattled a sabre at China…

“China has a choice … I personally have huge military concerns about what we see going on in China, when we see that they stockpile these ballistic missiles and they have submarines and new age, ultra-modern fighter aircraft. I think, is that just for a defensive posture, how could it be when you don’t see a tangible military threat to that country? What’s with the military build-up?“


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Just_a_Mote
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 11:13:42

    Next she is going to Israel to meet with Netanyahu, I guess she will sit down with good friend Ben and give him some pointers on how it should be done. Unfreeking Believable! The Ascendancy of a Doofus. This must be some type of cosmic joke on humans.


  2. climber357
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 11:36:04

    Sorry, too much sarahspeak for me to follow. The only thing I will remember from sarah´s India trip is how she was introduced to the people of that fine nation.

    I believe the gentleman who introduced sarah, Aroon Purie, wagered that he could make sarah sit down and shut up, smile obediently while he insulted her, and thank him for it afterwards. That he did. That he did. He tricked sarah into standing up, told her to ¨sit down¨ like she was a child, then proceeded to remind sarah of her most egregious gaffes.

    Talk about breaking someone´s back!

    sarah doesn´t have a vertebra intact.


  3. Syrin
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 11:45:10

    On love

    ‘Next time, I want to visit the Taj Mahal with my husband, Todd.
    I found this funny considering ‘they don’t talk’ according to Frank Bailey. Added note: Their cabin on Safari Lake in Petersville, Ak is called the ToddMahal

    A geographical interlude

    And, NOTHING lies about halfway between her ears!

    On the role of government

    And this from one who not only grew government by 20% but used and abused government resources for her personal use. Oh, and being a conservative -conservative perpetuated the highest tax increase on private business, along with redistributing others wealth. Palin created with the help from her Democrat friends a piece of legislation AGIA which does exactly the opposite of what is spewed from her lips!
    ‘It’s not government business to spend the working man’s tax dollars recklessly – & certainly not government’s business to centrally “plan” an economy & control an entrepreneurial spirit! That doesn’t work.
    You’re correct Whackadoodle, it does not work! Sarah’s centerpiece that defined her 23 months is currently being dismantled. You, just DON’T work for me as a Christian Conservative Republican!! You’re the big fat pink elephant in the room, everyone notices! You’re a Fool! GET OUT OF THE WAY!

    Misuses the word ‘enormity’

    She misuses almost every word that she’s ever spoken!
    (I see it everyday from my kitchen window!) is called “Pioneer Peak”’

    Sarah made a funny


  4. fromthediagonal
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 12:04:21

    Seems that SP and her handlers could not find a single Indian leader to admire.
    She speaks of defying the British salt tax and relates it to the Boston tea party.
    Fine… but to ignore Mahatma Gandhi (and/or mispronounce his name), the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and the woman who followed, Indira Gandhi ( no relation, in spite of carrying the same name), who gave her life for her nation?
    Naw… they found Mother Teresa, an Albanian catholic nun, who, though she did much good administering help for the sick of Calcutta, was adept at combining this with rather ruthless conversion to Christianity.


  5. fromthediagonal
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 12:11:16

    … infamous second thoughts: or did they not want to run the risk of having to deal with the fact that both Mahatma and Indira were assassinated for their efforts by a deranged person? Oh, yes, they do not want reminders of how their rhetoric is turning susceptible individuals into fanatics who will kill those with whom they do not agree?
    Wonder if Tucson and Blood Libel are something a questioner might touch upon should she have a question and answer session?
    Naw… not happenin’!


  6. SarahHalfTime
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 12:46:22

    Sowah is gross.


  7. Sally in MI
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 13:30:46

    I think that Mansour was going for an alltime high of lies in one of Sarah’s speeches. I’m waiting for someone to add them all up, but I think it was one every seven seconds or so. I wish the guy ahad asked her how a ‘conservationist’ who doesn’t ‘want to mess things up’ justifies her lust for oil from ANWAR.


  8. mags
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 14:14:57

    All I can say is…she sure as hell didn’t write this speech…it actually makes sense!!!!! Not that I agree with much of it but it is in english not her usual word salad!!


  9. A Conservative voter
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 19:15:46

    Sarah doesn’t look like herself. Her speech is terrible. Hope she doesn’t run for President.


  10. AKRNC
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 21:05:46

    I’d like to know how an alleged conservationist not only is willing to have ANWR ruined by oil wells but how about Pebble Mine? Did she care about this pristine waterway being ruined by runoff? Hell no, she even “took off her Governor’s cap” to weigh in on the situation because it wasn’t proper to speak about it and either endorse or discard the idea as Governor. Of course, we can pretend like $arah wanted to that her saying she was weighing in on the idea as a private citizen didn’t mean crap. We could all lie like her if we were lacking in morals and any code of ethical behavior that we wanted to live up to. However, I value my reputation far too much to sell my soul as Palin has done.


  11. HudsonElizabeth
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 06:19:44

    When are they going to revoke her passport and visas and prevent her from going out into the world to embarass this country?


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