The Fall of Sarah Palin

By Paul Waldman
Remember when Sarah Palin was the 600-pound gorilla of the 2012 GOP presidential primaries, the one everyone was watching, the candidate around whom everything would revolve? Eh, not so much:

A new poll of New Hampshire voters is the latest in a string of surveys suggesting that if Sarah Palin chooses to run for president, she’ll struggle in the crucial early states.The WMUR Granite State Poll released late Monday afternoon puts Palin close to the basement, trailing not just frontrunner Mitt Romney, but even the little-known former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. More daunting: She’s viewed unfavorably by a full 50 percent of likely Republican primary voters, compared to the 33 percent who view her favorably.

In the poll, Romney is way ahead in New Hampshire, followed by a bunch of candidates in single digits, including Palin at 6 percent. That’s right, 6 percent. The story goes on to say that other polls have shown her trailing badly among Republican voters in Iowa and South Carolina, the other two critical early states, as well.

How did such a thing happen? It’s just a crazy theory, but maybe there is something less than a perfect correlation between getting media exposure and convincing people that you ought to be the president of the United States, particularly when the exposure you get consists largely of things like feuding with your daughter’s baby-daddy.

When we look back at the odd spectacle that was Sarah Palin, it will probably be the Gabrielle Giffords shooting that stands as the moment when even Republicans decided that this person should never be president. Palin’s appalling response, in which instead of acting statesmanlike she acted as though she was the real victim and whined about the “blood libel” committed against her, made her true nature nearly impossible to deny.

So a Sarah Palin presidency seems like one thing we don’t have to worry about. For the moment, anyway — after all, she’s only 47, which means she could be a contender in every election from now to 2036.

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28 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Palin has a serpent's heart
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 08:53:49

    I don’t think Sarah will run because she will have to release her financial records which could alert the IRS.


  2. AFM
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 09:25:41

    This cancer on our country will run because she has such a hugh ego. She can’t help herself. If having a handicap child or a unwed daughter with a baby didn’t stop her nothing will. I mean having her grown children mixing drugs and drinking and getting trouble with the law bother her nothing will. If she can’t manage her children and husband surely she won’t make a good president.


  3. Lynn
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 09:37:28

    In New Hampshire, pragmatic voters tend to outnumber ideologues. When you add that to the fact that Mitt has a summer place in Wolfeboro and has had for some time, the numbers aren’t too surprising.

    It also would not surprise me if a rising, visceral dislike of Palin were the result of her shift from politician to celebrity. They don’t hate celebrities- in fact, a number of them have spent a lot of time in NH- they just don’t like them when they don’t act like regular people. Many natives of the state actually do hunt, fish, hike, work, etc. just like the whiner PRETENDS to do.

    So, in summary, NH can spot a phony, NH hates whiners, and New Hampshire’s population is quite a bit harder to fool. They know she probably could not find NH on a map….of New England.


  4. Diane
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 09:45:34

    Sarah palin does not have to run as a republican. She could appeal to the tea party and run as their candidate. Their ego’s are about as big as hers. Or she could run as a third party candidate.
    Any of these 2 scenarios would bury the republicans, she would take enough votes away from the republican to ensure a Democratic victory.
    It will be interesting to see if the republicans will have to destroy her reputation, to save the republican nominee.
    She is a loose cannon and the republicans know it.


  5. Anne in Texas
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 10:12:11

    Her looks and sex appeal seem to be, for quite a few, her big draw. She has to throw her hat in the ring in the short run, or she will not be able to rely on that anymore. Especially not by 2036.


    • Syrin
      Feb 15, 2011 @ 20:41:49

      And to think we could be watching her run year after year is not so bad. For her to be taken serious and be elected anything….That would be Hell on earth!


  6. theworstat
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 10:14:40

    Her speech after the Arizona shootings was the beginning of a long downward slide for Palin, from which she will come back…but not in time for the 2010 elections. Let’s face it, it even took Newt Gingrich longer than a few years to make a comeback. So I have no doubt she’ll eventually recover, if only to become the next Phyllis Schlafly. (Just why we need another one of those, I have no idea.)


  7. Cheryl
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 10:23:05

    “They know she probably could not find NH on a map….of New England.” LOL, that’s a good line.

    She’s crazy and a media laughing stock. Reporting on her is just a way to get “clicks”. No one cares about her opinions unless you’re a p-bot. The republican strategists advised her to go back home, read up on policy, do a good job and come out swinging.

    she felt they were telling her to shut up and sit down so she decided to do the opposite. scarah “its better to be quiet and be thought of a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”


  8. Pat Padrnos
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 10:58:33

    Hello –
    First time I have read your blog. Good article. Just wanted to let you know how much some people appreciate the incredible work you people are doing up there in your beautiful state. Was surprised to see you are from Wasilla. So – you are really in the midst of it all. I keep thinking we are in the middle of some kind of crazy nightmare that never ends. Am constantly amazed at the things the Palins and their minions have gotten away with. But – I truly think all of that “stuff” will make its way out there for all to see. I suspect you will begin to have a bit of help from some Repubs who want her gone.


    • Syrin
      Feb 15, 2011 @ 20:59:23

      Welcome and thank you for your comment. I’m one of the few conservatives in Wasilla who was sharing the utter incompetence and unethical behavior of Sarah while she put Wasilla in to 20m debt. I was there trying to hold this slippery fish accountable!


  9. krbmjb05
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 11:31:12

    She’ll run as a third party candidate, suck all the nickels and dimes out of her clueless cult for her PAC, and keep the leftovers when she will DEFINITELY drop out after collecting a nice cash pillow!


  10. chickadee
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 13:35:08

    Yep, I agree with krbmjb05. Palin will run becaues her ego requires it, but she’ll be a third party candidate and play the spoiler. The Repubs are the ones that she will hurt the most, and ironically, Obama will most benefit. But let’s face it, Obama would be hard to beat no matter what.


  11. Game Of Life
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 14:09:53

    It’s a repub’s myth or dream that if palin ran as a ind or as a repub candidate that it would take votes from President Obama. There isn’t viable repug candidate that can do that. All it would do is divvy up repugs’ votes among repugs.


  12. Jessica
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 14:10:00

    Chickadee – you are right, it’s really ironic that she’s the that will bring her own self down because she just can’t STFU and that will benefit President Obama.

    Ron Paul has been running under the tea party ticket for years, she’s delusional to think she’ll do any better.


  13. Angiemomma
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 15:21:13

    I truly think the Republican party will be the ones to bring her down for good. They have no other choice. Just watch…


  14. Marnie
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 17:05:43

    There are conservative families that had to be appalled by the trash talking gutter mouthed twitters of Palin’s daughters, which was never addressed apologized for, her very unsympathetic response to the slaughter in Arizona, followed by her WTF filled interview.

    Every time she does things like that, and her incoherent comments on the 3 am call regarding Egyptians try for freedom she shed supporters who finally realize that she really is offensive.


  15. Janet Carter
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 18:09:33

    Sarah won’t run. She has too much to hide and with this latest mess with Todd and the prostitute, she knows she can’t lie and wink her way out of this. She is attempting to grab and grift as much money as possible as she sees her star is fading. It’s all been about money for her. She is too damned lazy to run for President, much less, work as President. And of course, too damned STUPID.


    • HudsonElizabeth
      Feb 16, 2011 @ 05:31:42

      I am afraid she will run and your capitalized word is why — she is so STUPID — and delusional — that she will think she can run without having to do debates, press conferences with anyone other than FOX, can hide her financial and personal mess, etc. That is how she lives and how I believe she will just assume she can be a candidate for President or any other national office under her terms. So, if the media and the Republicans don’t “out” her on all that is available to them, she could get away with a lot. This is why it is still impossible for me to relax even though the news has been positive lately.


      • Syrin
        Feb 16, 2011 @ 10:08:39

        Thank you for your comment… AGREED!

        I do not underestimate Sarah Palin and what the media will allow her to get away with! With her it’s clickability NOT credibility!

  16. Syrin
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 21:06:22

    Sarah Palin will be the spoiler. Decisive is what she does best! She will either talk down any given candidate or as mentioned run herself as a TEA P candidate!


  17. Eli
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 03:25:18

    Sarah Palin’s video response to the Tucson shooting re-affirmed my impression of her: self-serving, self-centered and shallow.


  18. Mel
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 09:00:09

    Your last sentence is so depressing I think I’m going back to bed.


  19. Syrin
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 10:01:27

    This one? For the moment, anyway — after all, she’s only 47, which means she could be a contender in every election from now to 2036.

    I know what you mean…


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