Mitt Romney:2012 Campaign- The Anti-Palin

Mitt Romney Supporters Working To Paint Him As The Anti-Palin
Mitt Romney Sarah Palin

WASHINGTON — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s address before the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday morning was designed to amplify some obvious strengths: a background in business, the perception of a competent executive and the willingness to throw a few partisan jabs for personal political betterment.

The crowd ate it up.

Outside the halls, however, a different rationale for a Romney candidacy was being pushed by supporters. The Massachusetts Republican, they said, is the polar opposite of Sarah Palin.

“Intelligence versus not-so-intelligent,” was the pitch by Ken Merritt, a Virginia-based Romney supporter with roots in Palin’s home state of Alaska. “Fluff versus not about fluff … [Palin] does a great show on TV, though.”

Swipes like these have been common during this year’s gathering of conservative activists. A no-show at CPAC for several years running, Palin has been a popular subject among the convention crowd, her absence interpreted either as an innocent scheduling conflict or, more often, evidence that she doesn’t feel the need to placate conservative voters.

Even absent from the convention, Palin is getting more attention than the “anti-Palin.”


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  1. suz1941
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 05:35:50

    Since the media reports every time Sarah hiccups, I haven’t seen anything that resembles a conflict in the news, such as a speech. Wouldn’t it be fun to see her calendar for this week-end. Of course, this might have been the week-end to spend “quantity” time with her children. They are always good for props and excuses.

    Beneath all that macho Mama Grizzly crapola lurks a coward, who hides behind Facebook and Twitter and her home Fox Studio. She can’t compete with those that did show up for the conference and has been her pattern, Sarah doesn’t have to pay her dues or play by the rules. Hopefully, some of her “ardent” admirers are getting the picture.


  2. AFM
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 08:15:23

    Romney and Huntsmen will not be elected in the south. Not only do we have racists here we have people who won’t vote for them because of their religion. That is sad because they are smart men. Besides that don’t forget the republicans won’t forgive these 2 men because they are “comprisers” and you know the right wing will not approve of that.


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