Sarah Palin: Small Room For A Small Mind

By listening to the media reports you’d think this was a big deal, huh?

Reagan Ranch Center, Friday, Feb. 4, 2011 in Santa Barbara, Calif. February 4, 2011. Palin is a headline speaker for the Ronald Reagan Centennial celebration opening reception hosted by the Young Americans Foundation.

Palin & the press: Learn from Reagan’s playbook

Calif. — Sarah Palin offered an extended tribute to Ronald Reagan in Santa Barbara Friday night, praising him specifically for not being bothered by criticism. Then, in an interview the CBN’s David Brody following the speech, she said that if she ran for president she’d follow the same course of ignoring the naysayers.

But she couldn’t help but get in a jab at the press in the same interview, telling Brody that “much of the mainstream media is already becoming irrelevant.”

Such shots have, of course, become staples of Palin’s repertoire. They illustrate that, despite her claims, criticism plainly does get to her.

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  1. Syrin
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 10:32:36

    The media holds the key to this hateful, ignorant, uneducated woman’s future. But, it appears that instead, they’re giving the key of her success MEDIA COVERAGE ON ANY ISSUE OR NON ISSUE right to the Whackadoodle of Wasilla! If they can’t reveal this idiot for what she is before she causes anymore strife and conflict.. well, I have no faith that they really care whether she’s telling the truth or not or if she is indeed what she says she is. It’s just a game, a show, entertainment. This is NOT a game for Alaskans and Americans who see the danger in this freak of nature.

    There is NO journalistic integrity to get the story out being dispense when Palin is involved! Maybe she got it right on this one, that the MSM are irrelevant!


    • AFM
      Feb 06, 2011 @ 11:24:42

      What press? What media? We lost that a long time ago when everyone was kissing George W. Bush’s ass. If they had done their jobs in the first place we would have never gone to Iraq. The Media (all types, radio, newspapers and TV) started many years ago to lose objectivity when they starting have those dinners with the white house and politicans and hollowood. You can’t do your job kissing each others asses. The press is afraid of losing excess


  2. WakeUpAmerica
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 10:56:50

    Love your title! I would have to agree that the media is becoming irrelevant. While we need media to gain info worldwide, I believe people are becoming tired of the folksy talk-show format. Just speaking for myself, I have to say that I’m put off by the constant banter back and forth as the talking heads infuse their spin of the news. I want my news straight with no sugar or salt. Above all else I want objectivity. Today’s news has so much sauce on it that we can’t tell what’s underneath.


  3. Gindy52
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 11:06:01

    I never watch TV news of any kind, cable or network. It ceased to be relevant a long time ago, when the Fairness Doctrine was trashed by Reagan to be exact. Up until then, the sides of every issue (1, 2 or more) were presented in a mostly no nonsense, non-partisan way. I could rarely tell which “side” any anchor on TV was for or against.
    Palin is correct, the MSM is irrelevant and so is one of the issues they cover, her.


    • Syrin
      Feb 06, 2011 @ 11:15:00

      Thank you for your comment Gindy52
      ….the MSM is irrelevant and so is one of the issues they cover, her.
      LOVE IT!


    • AFM
      Feb 06, 2011 @ 11:29:52

      I don’t know if you have Link TV, it is on satelite tv (I get it on DirectTV). If you want to watch a program were you get straight news like the old days take a look at Democracy Now. You won’t see what is really going on unless you tune in to this station. Our press won’t cover what is really happening.


  4. Syrin
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 11:39:12

    I don’t watch tv news at all. I get it from the net or my local radio. Palin has infiltrated almost everything! I’ve said it over and over again….Anything that associates with Palin has become irrelevant, why should the media be excluded from this trend?

    They play her game! The simplist of things will bring her down..

    Every single article written about Palin continues to refer to her as a former governor and vp candidate. She never completed her first term therefore refer to her as a half term gov. and vp candidate who failed!
    Mention Palin’s limited experience is riddled with ethics violations and complaints filed aginst her! Mention her ‘abuse of power’– occasionally! Mention that she and Todd refused to honor subpoenas that were issued to them, to only give their testimony! Finally mention that her perverted, populist policies were not anything resembling a Conservative Christian Republican! This is ALL outrageous that this woman is STILL on the scene! And, that her FALSE narrative is still being perpetuated but oddly being enhanced my the msm!
    The most shallow of activities is to be a rubbernecker, watching that train wreck over and over is turning our brains to mush, it’s becoming the norm! Thats what reality shows and sitcoms are for- NOT Politics, world events NEWS!
    And, the media is to blame!


    • WakeUpAmerica
      Feb 06, 2011 @ 14:03:50

      Radio, web, magazine, and newspaper are all media too. Tired of the spin, spin, spin from all sides. Objectivity in reporting the news died out some time ago.


  5. Jolly Roger
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 15:34:30

    The MSM very clearly aims to promote her all the way to the White House. It has been their aim since McCoot thrust her onto the national scene.


    • KiheiKat
      Feb 06, 2011 @ 16:54:47

      Considering that most of the MSM has been acquired by Murdock & his cronies, we can’t expect any kind of honest, investigative reporting.


  6. Syrin
    Feb 06, 2011 @ 17:09:25

    Stop Big Media and to support local ownership, diverse voices, and truly competitive media markets that serve the public interest.


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