In politics, was 2010 the year of zombies?

Wait: Even in politics, 2010 was the year of zombies?
By – James Grady
Sure, the hot new wonky tome “Zombie Economics” tells how “dead” economic theories walk among us to shape our paychecks, and sure, zombies lumber out of our TVs almost no matter what channel we click to, and sure, my fellow fantasy prose-slingers are flinging new novels about the undead at the dust of Stephen King and George Romero, but zombies as a metaphor for 2010’s politics?
Come on!
What happened to vampires?
Vampires are a great political metaphor! Bloodsuckers. Say no more.
But zombies? Who are they in America’s 2010 politics?
zombiesNot President Obama, who rode into the post-election zombie — I mean, “lame duck” — Congress with hordes of RIPS (Ratified Important Political Speakers) proclaiming his shellacking, only to have him then ride out for Hawaii with a couple new notches carved on his gun and a gotchya grin.
Not Sarah Palin, by golly, who’s still gotchya wonderin’ what the heck kind of creature she is as her cash registers ring and her poll numbers exist.
Not members of Congress who — except for a few survivors — either got re-elected in An Election That Meant Something Profound or lost that job only to be miraculously reborn as escorts servicing our corridors of power for whoever has the right kind of dollars.
So if 2010’s politics are about zombies, then who must they be?
Are “they” — us?
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