Poll: Alaska Icy On Sarah Palin

Not many Alaskans, Democrat or Republican, are fond of Sarah Palin, a recent Public Policy Polling survey finds.

Palin headlines: Favorability poll result near worst in Alaska

A new report from Public Policy Polling shows Sarah Palin’s favorablity rating is lower in Alaska than in every state except Democratic Massachusetts.

In Alaska just 33% of voters have a favorable opinion of [Sarah Palin] to 58% with a negative one. … What makes her home state numbers unusually bad is that Republicans see her favorably by only a 60/30 margin. In most places she’s closer to 80% favorability within her own party. Also while independents don’t like her anywhere, their level of animosity in Alaska is unusually large — 65% unfavorable to only 25% with a favorable opinion.

PPP also links Joe Miller’s general election defeat by Sen. Lisa Murkowski to Palin’s dropping popularity in Alaska.

Ultimately, PPP points out, Alaskans’ opinion of Palin is no more than an embarrassment for her and wouldn’t matter in a nationwide election — because she is rated negatively by the majority in every state. Slate’s David Weigel adds that — based on his visit to Alaska last summer — he sees Palin’s drop in home-state popularity as “provincial,” the result of resentment of her resignation from the governorship in the wake of her newfound political fame.

Meanwhile, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll sees Palin’s support among Republicans for the 2012 presidential nomination dropping nationwide.



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  1. Kallie in Texas
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 11:09:40

    She’s history! Good Riddance!


  2. AFM
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 11:26:20

    The more they tune into her show and see that the show really isn’t anything about AK but a long long ad for the republican vote the more they see what an idiot she really is. She is so nasty, negative and can’t stand anyone that is smarter than her. She is a terrible role model for a mother and a wife. I say keep her show going and it will be her nail in the coffin.


    • Syrin
      Dec 28, 2010 @ 12:02:00

      I so hope that you’re correct on your assessment of the continued platform on TLC comes to fruition.. Nails in her coffin would be good…


      • AFM
        Dec 28, 2010 @ 13:32:54

        Well she is always praying that god opens doors and I pray god to nail them shut before she can open the door. God help us all. As if this country isn’t in enough trouble already. The only thing she is good at is being a divider between races and the most hateful person I have ever seen. I cannot believe this woman really believes in god because she does the opposite of what god would want us to do.

  3. suz1941
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 12:06:01

    I have said all along that if you want to know the “real” Sarah Palin you need to go North to Alaska. The media has been lax about this because in the past she has garnered ratings – to the extent that she has her daughter Bristol out there creating headlines.

    The most significant thing to me that should be an eye-opener for everyone in the lower 48 is that her candidate, Joe Miller was ousted by a write-in candidate, Lisa Murkowski in the general election. I don’t believe the impact of what Murkowski accomplished has quite hit yet down here, but she made history. I think the folks up in Alaska wanted to show their independence from Sarah. These people have the grit that Sarah will never have.

    The TLC show has been another eye-opener. Truly pathetic and a waste of time, just like her books. Sometimes I wonder if the producer is doing this deliberately, but then I think of the other trash reality shows that he does.

    If people are crazy enough to contribute to this loose cannon and make her wealthy, so be it. There is not enough money to give her class, clout, intelligence or knowledge of issues. She is the the Whiner in Chief and that is all she will ever be. She should go home, get to know her children, because lord knows that show screams of disconnect within that family.


    • AFM
      Dec 28, 2010 @ 13:47:22

      You said it brother. You can’t take the trash out of that snowbilly no matter how much wealth she has. She is so stupid not to realize how selffish she comes off. She honestly thinks people are so stupid. I never watched any of the shows except when someone shows a little piece of ignorance that she shows. Like her last show. She thinks we all fall for the idea that people write her “with their pencils and paper”. Please does anyone believe that. Why would they write her letters about a show they are seeing for the first time that night? Besides that people write her on facebook, twitter and blogs. That is how people talk today and most likely would try to communicate with this idiot. But as you all know, no one gets pass the gatekeeper and if the manage it is delete because no one disses the quitter and gets away with it. You betcha. She is happy believing in her own stupidity.


  4. Syrin
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 12:09:19

    All that Palin has been given by pundits, media and religious leaders has added up to a false credibility and furthering of a world class lie!
    Being placed as a VP candidate, tweets and fB entries become headlines, Palin was given Alaska by TLC, she does op-eds on subjects she knows absolutely nothing about. And, she’s a political commentator and analyst on FoxNews?, she’s written two books of word salad and now she’s the most influential religious voice…….When, when will it stop? All this as a liar, cheat and fraud. I mean, isn’t it how you get there (success), not that your there, that matters? So much for honest, hardworking, good people being successful. We only hear about this whack for Wasilla… The false conservative, christian narrative that many are willing to let Palin claim is still un changed in my perspective… 2011…This has to be changed to cut her off at the knees…


  5. honeybabe
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 16:25:20

    if those darn e-mails are made public it will give everyone an up close and unpleasant look at how palin’s weird mind works. those e-mails might equal those nails we are all looking for.


    • serena1313
      Dec 29, 2010 @ 02:13:39

      Unfortunately it appears the emails won’t be published until 30 May 2011 and even then, given the nearly 3-year delay, I bet the emails won’t be released until after November 2012. Of course I could be wrong, but according to MSNBC:

      “The state regulations allow the attorney general to approve a delay if fulfilling a public records request would substantially impair the functioning of the office. Monday’s request for a delay is the 15th sent by the governor’s administrative director, Linda J. Perez, to the attorney general.

      “Well, actually three attorneys general. John J. Burns, who started work last week, is the third attorney general to receive these requests. Each was appointed by Palin or her former running mate.”

      Read the entire article here:



  6. Val
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 23:38:40

    It’s about time, Alaskans!


  7. WakeUpAmerica
    Dec 29, 2010 @ 13:50:14

    Are you saying that Alaskans hold a grudge because she quit???? Imagine that!! The farther she falls, the harder I laugh. Damn, I forgot to buy more popcorn today. This is getting very entertaining, no?


  8. Syrin
    Dec 29, 2010 @ 21:00:56

    I don’t get the resentment bit! I for one, had called for her resignation from the governorship before she ever started!!! As far as her newfound political fame.

    Sarah Palin is a FRAUD! LIAR! and Political Whore!


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