What Are We Politically Most Thankful For?

 The thoughts of Mr. Lehrer are what I believe that I’m thankful for politically, at this moment.

I’m a Republican and most certainly a Conservative. However, those attributes or labels have been redefined by a group of angry people. The TEA Party seems to be that group. The TEA Party movement is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the ‘elephant in the room’

The Republican Party has allowed it’s infrastructure and networks to be tapped into by the fringe ‘Right’. In turn have given them viability and  a certain amount of credibility to run any ‘flippin’ candidate, that they want for 2012- no matter how crazy! That isn’t talked about much, yet.

Eli Lehrer mentions the crazies that were put up and supported  Republican Party. Not mentioned is the Republican Party supports the queen of crazy as a legitimate  voice for Republicans Conservative, Christian Values. I’m thankful that other’s see, finally, what seems has took, a lifetime.

Yes, I shudder to think about the sickening feeling in my stomach (I’ve felt this feeling before) as Sarah becomes the Republican nominee because they ( Party, media) underestimate her arrogance and shared ignorance of the intellectually lazy Americans that she’ll lead off the cliff…Oh, yeah, the rest of us go too..

Mr. Eli Lehrer: This year, I’m politically thankful for a return to divided government. I’m not expecting a reign of Republican sunshine and light (although, of course, as The Simpsons teach, Republicans live in haunted castles anyway) but I’m looking forward to a Congress that, after lots of nastiness, actually manages to pass some incremental legislation to move the country in the right direction.  (Fixes to Obamacare and spending cuts should top the list.) One party control under either party often results in big new programs intended to buy votes. Divided government with a Democratic President and Republican Congress, has actually tended to shrink government. Republicans are given to busting the defense budget and Democrats to upping domestic spending in every category.   With one party controlling the executive and the other the legislature, overall spending restraint becomes a lot more feasible.

Even though my single-most favored candidate—outgoing Florida CFO Alex Sink, the only Democrat I’ve supported as a grownup—lost in a very narrow election for governor of Florida, I’m very pleased with the outcome of the election. Sink’s victory could have moved the Democratic Party in a decidedly pro-market direction; but it was not to be. And that may be just as well; both parties can’t really be just the same.  The defeats of Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle give a stern warning to members of the Republican Party who put conservative lip service above ability.

On balance, I’m feeling good about the Republican Party and conservative movement. Sure, Republican voters have elected a few crazies, haters, and others unqualified to be in Congress. (But that happens in every “wave” election.) Once the adrenalin of the campaign trail fades and party leadership safely locks away whichever members of the current class turn out to be the most insane,  Republicans will be able to get down to the bargaining table and drive the necessary hard bargains with President Obama. It isn’t going to be pretty. But it will sure be interesting and, I believe, good for the country.

– Eli Lehrer is a Senior Fellow and National Director for the Heartland Institute

 ~ Frum Forum

What Are We Politically Most Thankful For?


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  1. tomandlou
    Nov 25, 2010 @ 21:46:34

    Syrin,Thank’s for a down to earth Blog ! Your post “Who’s Missing” answered a lot of questions about Palin.I’m sure there are many who wondered how someone who proclaimed to be as holy as Sarah could act just the opposite.Of course I never fell for her cover story but all the coverage she got about her” Fundamentalist background”Did make me wonder what was going on in her head.Over time She has proven not much goes on in her head except a talent for mayhem and destructive behavior.


    • Syrin
      Nov 26, 2010 @ 10:56:52

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m trying to make sense of her rise in the the name of GOD and Country and Conservativism. When she is an utter failure and her fruit has shown that she’s a liar and has no scruples. God said look for good fruit in those who say they come in my name and you will know that they are sent by me. I’m just the messanger! I didn’t make that critia up, GOD did!


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