Palin’s New Book: Leaked Excerpts

Sarah Palin doesn’t have a heart!

Sarah Palin's New Book: Leaked Excerpts

Well, look what popped up five days early: leaks from Sarah Palin‘s forthcoming memoir/manifesto, America By Heart, in which the reality TV matriarch rants against “talent deprived” reality TV stars, lauds daughter Bristol’s chastity, and celebrates not aborting Trig.

Our favorite Wasilla-obsessed blog Palingates was the first to post excerpts from America By Heart. The book is currently in distribution centers, awaiting its official release on Tuesday.  Here’s an annotated guide to some parts of this book, featuring rants against the media and new material about Bristol and Levi.

The book is dedicated to Trig, and opens with a Tea Party “awakening”:

Like the mainstream media that she reviles, Palin delights in recounting her favorite protest signs—including a naked one of Levi! Ew, Sarah Palin saw her daughter’s baby daddy naked!


Later, Palin laments the “self-esteem-enhanced but talent deprived performers” of American Idol (Gosh, who does that remind you of?) as a metaphor for liberal entitlement, starting halfway down the page on the right:

Later, Palin posits that her chaste reality star daughter is a better role model than the fictitious Murphy Brown, a single mother who was a total slut.

After trashing Candice Bergen’s sitcom character, Palin launches into a Christmas letter round-up of what all her fabulous children have accomplished this year:

She also describes the “most unfortunate circumstance” of daughter Bristol’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, grandson Tripp’s inferiority complex is coming along nicely.

Tripp may have been a mistake, but he is “beautiful.” So beautiful is the Palin family, that Sarah sometimes wonder if she should hide them from the rest of America, who can be so cruel:

Click to enlarge

“Let’s just go back to Wasilla and stop feeding the media beast,” she imagines herself saying. “Let’s give ourselves and our family a break.” Wiser words have never failed to be spoken. At the moment of her greatest sorrow, Sarah found strength in blind-deaf-mute communist Helen Keller:

Click to enlarge

But Sarah Palin will not be silenced. She will persevere, and fight for the rights of fetuses. Here, Palin argues that pro-choicers infantilize women and execute infants:


That’s why she didn’t abort Trig:

Suddenly, that “I’m glad you’re here” dedication to Trig seems awfully macabre.

UPDATE Palin is mad at Gawker for leaking these pages. So c4pee now has them up.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wow
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 17:11:00

    She is quoting Thom. Paine? Does she know who he is?


  2. NM
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 19:03:49

    ROF! Great post Syrin!


  3. HudsonElizabeth
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 19:46:56

    Doesn’t the custody agreement between Levi and Bristol state that neither of them, nor any members of their families, can speak ill of, or denigrate, any member of the other’s family? I forget the penalty if they do, maybe loose some custody right? Well, here is Grandma Sarah speaking very ill of Levi. I sure hope that the courts will now follow up with whatever the discipline/punishment is for that. And, she can’t deny that she has done it because it is in her book in black and white.


  4. ks sunflower
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 04:46:00

    Thank you for the glimpse, however horrible, into Sarah’s latest book. What self-absorbed drivel. I agree that portions are very “ew,” and others are “what?”

    So much for the nobler, spiritually-uplifting book she was supposed to deliver. That woman cannot escape her inner mean girl, not even for a few hundred pages. The depths of her psychology problems are amazing.


  5. ks sunflower
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 04:47:05

    oops – meant psychological problems. Time to step away from the computer. The inability to communicate well that characterizes Sarah seems to be contagious.


  6. daisydem
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 09:38:26

    Thanks Syrin for also posting this. She apparently followed up her first hit book Going Rogue wtih this even more hate filled 2nd volume of trashing anybody and anything she could think of. Amazing. And you know this woman? You went to church with her? I cannot even imagine your incredulity at how this is continuing to go on and on.


  7. AKRNC
    Nov 19, 2010 @ 14:24:57

    Yes, Elizabeth, the custody agreement stated that they were not to denigrate each other and yet, Bristol & Sarah have been having a great time insulting Levi. It was so nice of $arah to put it in writing, clearly seen by all and unable to be erased. I believe the custody agreement covers the entire family on both sides since Bristol had been complaining about Mercede and her blog, stating it was nasty to her.

    If you read the original description of this book, you’ll see it’s a far cry from what it was supposed to be about. This only proves to me that Sarah cannot be controlled, she is going to do and say whatever she wants. If she wants to rant and rave about the President and First Lady, she’s going to do it because she thinks they stole the election from HER! I honestly think she has forgotten that she was on the ticket with McCain and she was at the bottom of the ticket!!

    It looks as if the country has had enough of the Palins’ this week. She’s overplayed her hand between DWTS, the reality show, her book and her announcement that she’s now thinking about running for President. It’s all Palin, all the time, and I can clearly understand why that guy shot his TV last night. I wouldn’t do it myself but I’ll confess there are times I would love to do the same!


  8. AKLynne
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 18:37:13

    It’s enough to make you scream and tear your hair out…I came close! I couldn’t continue reading it. What a bunch of nasty B.S. There’s no way Sarah could have written this thing herself, although quite obviously it came out of her poison brain. It’s definitely vomit-worthy. The woman’s not capable of putting two sentences together articulately.

    Anyway, I got a laugh out of seeing it all in print. I’ll bet she’s the one screaming and tearing her hair out. Good job, Syrin!


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