Flippin’ embarrassing? You betcha!

By Jennifer C. Braceras (Former Palinista)

Last night’s premier of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” will be remembered as the moment the once-promising, conservative darling crossed over into the absurd.

Part Alaska tourism promo, part window into the family Palin, TLC’s eight-part series features clips of the former governor at home in gym shorts and shots of the family enjoying the great outdoors while she calls out folksy comments like, “this is flippin’ fun!”

If that’s not enough, Palin takes Kate Gosselin (of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” fame) camping in the Alaska wilderness – the two women reportedly didn’t get along (Kate, it seems, is a bit of an indoor cat).

Conduct unbecoming a former governor and vice presidential candidate? You betcha!

Now that’s not an easy thing for me to say. Believe it or not, in 2008 I was one of Sarah Palin’s biggest fans – “pitbull” bumper sticker and all.

When John McCain selected Palin as his running mate, the decision seemed brilliant. Palin was a conservative, a reformer and an outsider. But her appeal was more than political.

She was “cool,” yet grounded; tough, but feminine. Palin was a game-changer.

Right on cue, liberals set out to destroy the plain-spoken populist, whose candidacy undermined their tired portrayal of Republicans as a cabal of rich, out-of-touch white men.

They called her unqualified – although she was more experienced than John Edwards in 2004, and arguably more experienced than Barack Obama himself in 2008.

The attacks on Palin reeked of a pernicious double standard and an intellectual elitism that made the mama grizzly in me roar.

I defended her everywhere – in the media, in board meetings and on the sidelines of my children’s soccer games.

Even after the election, my support remained steadfast. Palin had carried herself with dignity in the face of vicious personal attacks, and she had more than held her own against career politicians like Joe Biden and “gotcha” journalists like Charlie Gibson.

I looked forward to watching her star continue to rise. I expected big things from her – serious things from her – in the future.

What a difference two years make.

Today Palin is a social-media maven, tweeting away and employing all the computer shorthand, multiple exclamation marks and cutesy smiley-faces of a teenager – :).

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  1. Syrin
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 09:33:12

    I find it very painful to read that even though this gal has come to some kind of reasonable idea of the disingenuousness of Sarah Palin, I have to ask why so long, when it has been so obvious. This woman still supports Palins policy! Really? Palin’s policy in political terms was not CONSERVATIVE! It was big government, bad policy, raising taxes, distributing others wealth and abusing power. That’s my opinion as a Conservative Alaskan who actually lives in Wasilla, it always has been the truth. Why do these Palinista’s not recognize the carpetbagger, media whore, ignorant type personality that Sarah has clearly personified? Instead some want to make this woman the President of our country. Grrrr!!
    It’s the perception she is able to project using the very thing she uses as a weapon to gather the fringe and those who are intellectually lazy.
    The MEDIA
    The lamestream media is to blame because of the lack of investigative reporting on the real political issues and record from this nutjob in her 22 months of unethical behavior- Palin in her 10 year span of holding any positions never showed that she had common sense, let alone a Common Sense Conservative!


  2. nswfm
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 11:35:04

    Syrin, I was first aware of you from the wizbang blog on the day of her announcement 8/29/08. Why don’t you spill all you really know on this clown family and it will go viral, bypassing the LSM and the real truth will come out? Detail and documentary back up, from someone who has know the Heaths and Palins their entire lives, so to speak. You’d be a world-wide hero.

    At this point, no one is paying attention to whether she’s a conservative or not, this is just p0rn to her supporters. Most women see through her act. Intelligent ones really see through her act. Please get the word out, hero.


    • Syrin
      Nov 15, 2010 @ 14:12:42

      Thank you for your kind words… Alaskans failed to hold this fraud accountable! I tried, goodness I tried to make the case using the facts. It always gets personal concerning this whackjob. Honestly, I failed as a single voice against this superstar. OBVIOUSLY. See, my progressive friends (bloggers) liked the big government, anti private business mood she was stirring up. But, they did not like the bad personal ethics and arrogance, which is why the world heard and how she finally was being investigated by reputable citizens, like Andrew Halcro and Alaskan bloggers. The Libs, Progressives in this state aren’t going to come on board to use her political prostitution as a matter of record.


  3. Sarah Halftime
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 16:20:12

    I seem to remember plenty of folks (“libs”, progressives, dems, and republicans) voicing disgust about Palin when she ran for Gov.

    As a Conservative, I can say my “lib” friends and I did not like the fact Palin participated in debates, yet didn’t say a darn thing. We were practically shouted down when we voiced concern about this. And those shouting were mostly Conservatives.

    I wasn’t too aware of Palins Wasilla politics, but much was brought to light by a known valley progressive blog.

    Palin is the reason most in this household left the republican party.

    With all due respect Syrin, it would be wise for the Alaska Republicans to get their act together, basically unify and work together to let the world know about the fraud Palin is and will be.

    To think it is a “libs” or progressive lack of getting on board to out her fraudulant behavior is just flat out nutty.

    “Libs and progressives can’t help it if Palin considers herself a republican.

    Now if Alaska Republicans would unite… Oh nevermind, that would be like herding cats…


    • Syrin
      Nov 15, 2010 @ 16:52:57

      I appreciate your perspective, but with all due respect I didn’t hear disgust! I heard fresh face, wally’s pick for the future, breath of fresh air, your fair share, that damn Murkowski! According the libs.. ‘Sarah changed” That’s just it, she hasn’t changed and her record in Wasilla showed it! Had anyone looked before the governor run. Sure, the libs came onboard when Troopergate and the unethical behavior surfaced about Palin- Not ADN! they remain an friend to Palin. But they are not going to help make it clear that her policies as they were, did not resemble being conservative, in fact they were the most overreaching the state ever saw. I’ve done all I can do concerning the Alaska Republican Party. I have no use for Randy Reudrich, he’s a very disingenuous man- Alaska is not his priority. At least Karl Rove finally realizing she’s dangerous, and wants to do something about it.. Right?
      Still very few fess up to the hypocrisy of it all…As you said it was the conservatives who protected Palin’s unethical behavior, they ignored the obvious when Con Repubs clapped the loudest when taxes were raised on private industry, redistribution of others wealth was cheered and government was being porked up.


  4. sari737
    Nov 15, 2010 @ 19:41:03

    Hi Syrin, I visit your blog on a weekly basis and I appreciate all that you are doing to expose Sarah for the fraud that she is… I understand that people are afraid to speak out about the Palins for fear of backlash from Sarah and her minions; however, I commend you because it seems as if you are a one solider army in Wasilla which I know takes courage and determination, traits that the WGE spouts that she has but she really doesn’t because she is a phony!!! I tip my hat to you!


  5. Sarah Halftime
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 07:00:08

    Okay syrin. I hear ya.

    All I can say is what a few years can do huh?

    Remember when those few slammed “it that quit” back on 06? They were viserated, head practically cut off…
    No so much anymore. The “attack anyone who dishes IT” isn’t so harsh. Yeah there is backlash, but it is trife, low class, back woods inbreeding…

    The piece, from a former Palinista, really made me smile. People are sizing up to the fraud.

    OT – Lisa in her interview with Couric did me proud. Clear, depth of thought… No false show n tell whoopie statements.

    Backlash may happen if I was to dish Palin today, but it ain’t like it used to be. I suspect you get the same feeling.

    It is a windy day in Mat Su and the temps are sure to drop. Stay warm, enjoy your blessings and remmber to give to those who reach.


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