I Hope That Alaskans Can Spell MURKOWSKI!

Everyone has been watching the Alaska Senate race since it was announced that Joe Miller would be running up against Scott McAdams and Incumbent Lisa Murkowski. As of now 76% of the Alaska Senate Election Results have been reported, and it is looking more and more like Lisa Murkowski will be the winner. Murkowski, who assumed office in 2002, looks to hold for another term.

 Joe Miller defeated Lisa Murkowski in the open primary but Murkowski decided that she would be running a write-in campaign in the general.

While it has yet to be determined whether Alaskans can spell, they certainly can fill in the oval. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski seems to have held onto her seat through her insurgent campaign, with write-ins making up 41 percent of the vote. Tea Party candidate and official GOP nominee Joe Miller received 34 percent, and Democrat Scott McAdams bringing in 24 percent.

Now begins the actual counting of the write-in, absentee, and questioned ballots, and—potentially—legal challenges from the Miller camp. It’ll be three weeks before there’s an official result. Miller campaign manager Robert Campbell has said that they have “several teams” of attorneys observing the write-in count. With over 13,000 votes to overcome (and lax take on spelling errors by the division of elections), it doesn’t look like Miller will be able to close the gap. His campaign released a statement today saying up to 6 percent of write-in votes could be disqualified, but that math doesn’t get him even 5,000 votes—he needs 16 percent of the write-ins to be tossed out or for other candidates. And Miller himself didn’t even really seem up for the fight last night. He spent a good chunk of his election party backstage, where he and his family seemed to eat pity cake behind closed doors. Well before midnight, he told his supporters to go home; even Team McAdams was still partying at this time.

So far here are the election results for the Alaska Senate Race:

– Joe Miller has 68,288 votes, which make up 34% of the votes that have been reported.
– Scott McAdams has 47,414 votes, which make up 24% of the votes that have been reported.
– There have been 81,876 write in votes, which are mostly expected to be for Lisa Murkowski, make up 41% of the votes that have been reported.

As it stands now it looks as though Joe Miller may lose the race to Lisa Murkowski if the vast majority of the write-in votes are indeed for Murkowski. The counting of the write-in ballot names won’t begin until November 18.

Alaska- 2010 US election results Democrat | Republican
US House 185 seats   239 seats
US Senate 52 seats*   46 seats
AK Governor (99% reporting) 38% Berkowitz     59% Parnell
AK US Senate (99% reporting) 24%   41% 34% Miller
Google News Yahoo! News CNN MSNBC * includes 2 independents who caucus with Democrats


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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenny
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 16:27:57

    WOW! What was the behind-closed-doors paranoia? It is the most bizarre and odd way to celebrate/ or not!


  2. AKRNC
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 21:57:45

    I still want to know why they think it is so difficult to expect people to be able to spell a name that has been in Alaska for a few decades and in the news on an almost daily basis. As for Joe Miller hiding after the election, I can’t say I’m all that surprised. His past behavior has been far from exemplary that I wouldn’t expect anything to change during this time in his life. What I found so hard to understand is why he didn’t realize his past would be exposed? Does he really think the voters are clueless? OK, at least 34% of them are but not everyone! Hope you didn’t spend too much money on your office when you were in D.C., Joe. Does he still have a job in Alaska?


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