Talk Radio Host Off the Air

Talk radio host off the air after rallying listeners to run for Senate

Joshua Saul |

Dan Fagan, the conservative talk show host who lately spends much of his three-hour radio show slamming U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and extolling the virtues of Republican Joe Miller, has been yanked off the air.

About halfway through Fagan’s show Thursday afternoon, a caller phoned in to say he had just registered as a write-in candidate in the Senate race, which includes Miller, Murkowski, and Democrat Scott McAdams. The caller’s provocation — and the reason Fagan liked the idea — was the fact that the Division of Elections has been providing voters who ask with a list of the write-in candidates. By flooding that list with everyone from Michael Ames to Kathy Jo Zurek, the thinking goes, Murkowski’s name will be harder to find.

“Bottom line is that Lisa Murkowski is a very powerful person, and she has succeeded in taking me off the air the Friday before the election,” Fagan said. “It’s impressive.”

But while Fagan is positive Murkowski is behind his getting yanked, the Murkowski campaign said they didn’t have anything to do with it, according to Murkowski spokesman Steve Wackowski.

This is a developing story.

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I hope Dan Fagan stays off the air! I’ve had my run in with him. He would demonized and criticize me on his show and say my full name as he’d talk to his co host who he refused to give her last name. He would make up stories about me saying he knew me, when we have never met me or spoke. I never called his show, only emailed him on many occasions, always concerning Palin and also oil and gas issues.. He never even answered one of my emails. Instead he’d take to the airwaves and start screaming that I (a citizen)  had a black heart, a hater and would rather lie  about Sarah then to give her a Christian chance. I feel they were pertinent questions about what he knows of  Sarah, since Fagan claimed he knows her heart. I wanted to know if he’s read the Alaska executive ethics law and the Alaska constitution. He took an instant dislike to me for some reason. I hope he can stop for a minute and realize he needs to get a grip on his emotions, he’s a raving idiot. Fagan with this stunt willfully encouraged electioneering and should be taken off the air!  There’s something wrong with this guy, something very wrong.


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  1. WakeUpAmerica
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 18:18:20

    This is just one more example of the false Christian Nazis trying to take over America and turn it into a theocracy. These people want to have power and control over everyone else and have no desire to make America a better nation for everybody. It is all about greed and power.


  2. Rene
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 19:22:23

    Go to C4P to read their support of people registering as write in candidates to confuse voters and make it difficult for them to vote for Murkowski. According to Palinbots this is a game so Joe Miller wins justifying bogus candidates because furnishing names of candidates is “against the constitution”. They have no conscience to sabbotage fellow citizens right to vote while spouting their pious false christian values.


    • WakeUpAmerica
      Oct 29, 2010 @ 21:17:53

      As I said, false Christians (AKA American Taliban). It is all about greed and power with them and not at all about Christian values. They wouldn’t know a Christian value if it slapped them in the face. It just goes to show that Satan is alive and well.


  3. AKRNC
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 07:17:29

    Palin is screeching about Fagan’s right to free speech being impeded. Doesn’t this alleged journalism major know anything about the first amendment?? He does not have the right to say whatever he wishes while he is on the air! It’s not the fault of the Murkowski campaign that he was pulled from the air, it’s his own fault for suggesting and then further promoting this childish stunt. Can you imagine the uproar if the Democrats did something like this?


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