Rally Coincides With the Release of a New Poll, He’s Trailing at 23%

Under the banner of “Change DC,” Sarah Palin will headline a rally for Republican Joe Miller tonight Thursday Oct, 28 in Alaska. Having just returned from my holiday. I enjoyed Piccadilly Circus and even Oxford Circus. But, I have no plans on attending this circus. I’m sure there will be many who will show up for shear specticule of it.

The rally will take place in Anchorage and will feature Palin, her husband and others as “special guests,” according to an online copy of invitation that was subsequently confirmed by Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto.

The rally coincides with the release of a new poll by the Hays Research Group that shows Miller trailing Murkowski, who is running as a write-in candidate, and Democratic challenger Scott McAdams. The poll found write-in candidates, which presumably includes Murkowski, with 34 percent of the vote; McAdams with 29 percent; and Miller with 23 percent.

 What’s more, Miller has had a couple of rough weeks on the campaign trail as revelations about ethical violations while he was a part-time attorney for a local government have come to light.

Palin initially supported Murkowski for reelection in 2009, but switched her support to Miller in early June of this year. She has worked her ass off  for Miller, often touting his candidacy in her cable television appearances and her online postings.

Recent public polling shows Palin is not as popular in Alaska– although she has a pocket of devoteed followers.

Only 17 percent of the 805 Alaska Republicans surveyed by Public Policy Polling said they would back Palin in a 2012 GOP primary, the same percentage who voiced support for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

If the election for U.S. Senate were held today and the candidates were (ROTATE NAMES) Joe Miller, Scott McAdams, Frederick Haase, Tim Carter, Ted Gianoutsos, or another candidate you have to write in, for whom would you vote or are you undecided?

  10/6/10 10/18/10 10/22/10 10/26/10
Joe Miller 31% 23% 26% 23%
Scott McAdams 16% 25% 25% 29%
Frederick Haase 1% 0% 1% 0%
Tim Carter 0% 0% 0% 0%
Ted Gianoutsos 0% 0% 0% 0%
Write In Candidate 31% 32% 31% 34%
Undecided 22% 19% 17% 13%
Other 0% 0% 0% 0%



The Palin endorsement according to Public Policy Polling may well be playing a role in this campaign. 51% of voters in the state say they’re less likely to back a Palin endorsed candidate to only 26% who say that support would make them more inclined to vote for someone. Among moderates that widens to 65% who say a Palin endorsement would turn them off to 14% who it would make more supportive.

Mike Huckabee, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe and prominent local conservative radio hosts are scheduled to join the rally via a video feed.

“Come and join us for an exciting, inspiring and memorable evening,” reads the invitation. “It’s time to “Change DC”! We can only do that by changing the people who are there.”

Can you imagine Sarah as an instrument for some kind of change.

I question Palin’s motivation here. Does she actually still think Miller is the best candidate in the race? Or does she just know that her credibility will take a huge blow if her brand of crazy costs the Republicans even more seats in the election? 

If the trend stays as is Palin’s support has already lost the Delaware seat. Nevada is on the edge. Other races where Palin weighed in are way closer than they should be considering the utter circus like events that surround each and every candidate that she supports.

Why is Sarah campaigning in Alaska, anyways? This seat stays Republican even if Miller loses. 

It’s been obvious through statements and regulatory views that DeMint hates Alaska. That guy is looking for an acolyte, not the best interests of our state, and Miller fits his bill. Tonight event is sure to be a three ring circus, indeed.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Martha
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 13:21:08

    NO ONE has EVER won a “write in” campaign in Alaska………EVER…….AND. ..the last senator that did was Strom Thurmond in…….. 1954…AND further to THAT.. he became ~~the only person ever~~~ elected to the U.S. Senate as a write-in candidate.

    To say that it doesn’t look good for the Murkowski dynasty, no matter how many Alaskan judges are in her pocket…….is an understatement.


  2. Diane
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 14:04:00

    Come change DC, where the computers will be hacked at lunch and we can teach you to vote for yourself!


  3. freshwatersnark
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 14:15:38

    Don’t assume Miller’s support has bottomed out, because the most damning evidence is still recent. Also, after they see this poll and realize Miller is #3, many who favored McAdams but thought he couldn’t win and had planned to vote for Lisa Murkowski to stop Miller will vote for McAdams instead.


  4. Syrin
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:26:15

    McAdams has 29%. Well under Lisa’s 36%. This with both sides making Lisa out to be a liberal big government abortionist. She is as McAdams an Alaskan, but she’s more involved in the bigger issues, she’s active and experienced and refined. Honestly, we need that as Alaskans. Dumb and ignorant and hillbilly like is how many describes Alaskans. I don’t see McAdams getting anymore than his 29% in the next few days. I do like Scott McAdams, but I don’t have the confidence in or see where he has enough experience or represents a majority of Alaskans. I feel the same way about Miller. I don’t agree with much of what McAdams campaigns on, but I like his Alaskan attitude, very genuine. I would have voted for him as the opposition to Joe Miller, who says he believes what I do, but, he’s a hypocrite, unethical and a liar.


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