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Remember how Sarah Palin would fulminate against President Barack Obama for “palling around with terrorists” as she tried to link him to Bill Ayers, a former member of the radical Weathermen Underground group? Remember how furious she was?

What do you think of she would say if she knew her hand-picked choice for the U.S. Senate was “palling around” with a guy identified as a former member of the Students for a Democratic Society – an influential, left-wing radical student organization in the 1960s known for its activism against the Vietnam War? What would she say if she knew the guy was one of Miller’s advisers; that he is a longtime opponent of logging in Southeast Alaska.

My guess is that her head would explode.

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  1. AKRNC
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 19:07:00

    What about Palin’s palling around with the AIP members? I remember reading an article that talked about how someone in the organization (I’ll see if I can find it and post a link or at least his name) bragged about putting Palin in the Mayor’s office and then the Governor’s office. They were thrilled to have someone they could manipulate and didn’t hesitate to say so. Considering their hatred for the U.S. and their desire to secede, how can anyone not consider them domestic terrorists? Todd was a member of the AIP for years. It’s not as if Palin isn’t aware of their agenda or their reputation since she tried to get the McCain campaign to lie about his association with them. Lie about whatever you can, isn’t that Palin’s motto? She does it so frequently that she’s come to believe her own lies but the problem is she doesn’t remember what she has previously said and often contradicts herself.

    Does Palin really think all the vetting was done in 2008? She’s kidding herself if she thinks the media won’t dig deeper and reveal far more. She could barely handle two months, she’d never be able to handle two years of campaigning. Palin obviously doesn’t vet the candidates she endorses, if it looks like they are on their way to a win, and they speak about “common sense conservative solutions” she’ll give them her blessing although it usually turns out to be a death sentence in the popularity polls. Miller’s past is filled with plenty of skeletons. He should be happy that the election is only a few weeks away or who knows what else we might find??


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