Democrats, Moderates and Independents: Seem Ready to Support Lisa if it Means Defeating Mr. Miller

New York Times

The facts line up starkly against Ms. Murkowski: The only person ever elected to the United States Senate as a write-in candidate was Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, in 1954. No one in Alaska has ever been elected statewide as a write-in. Joe Miller, the Tea Party star who narrowly defeated Ms. Murkowski in the Republican primary, now has the support of the Washington Republican establishment and is raising money quickly.

So why do plenty of people here, from analysts to many rank-and-file Republicans, think that Ms. Murkowski, 53, who first came to office through the easiest route imaginable (her father, then the governor, appointed her in 2002), could well pull off the impossible?

Because in a matter of weeks, she has morphed from establishment incumbent to renegade underdog. For many, it might seem crushing to go from sitting senator to plaintive write-in, but Ms. Murkowski is using it to her advantage, painting herself as the maverick in this race.

It was Sarah Palin who turned the state on its head in 2006 when she defeated Ms. Murkowski’s father, the incumbent, in a landslide in a (open to all voters 52% of voters registered Republican, nonpartisan and undeclared had access to the Republican ballot.) primary for governor. And of course there is Mr. Miller, a largely unknown lawyer who won last month’s primary by portraying Ms. Murkowski as a symbol of broken Washington and himself as the rebel.

Now Ms. Murkowski, already armed with a substantial campaign account and a well-known name (if not one that is easy to spell), has her own dark horse story.

Referring to the time between her write-in announcement on Sept. 17 and the Nov. 2 election, Ms. Murkowski promised her supporters, “I’m going to give you the best 45 days of my life.”

The crowd erupted. They had come to celebrate the opening of Ms. Murkowski’s campaign office here. But Juneau, Alaska’s capital, is one of the state’s strongest Democratic areas, and Ms. Murkowski needs Democrats, moderates and independents. Plenty seem ready to support her if it means defeating Mr. Miller.Ms. Murkowski said in an interview that the campaign is considering ideas like jingles and rubber bracelets to teach voters how to spell her name and fill in the oval beside “write-in” on the ballot.

The state elections director has said that any ballot from which voter intent can be discerned will be counted, but it is not thought that Lisa M. will suffice.

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  1. Syrin
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 20:04:14

    Meanwhile, in Alaska, 60 percent of voters are registered outside the two major parties. But that figure is deceptive. They can designate themselves as undeclared or nonpartisan — which in Alaska means they can belong to either party, but do not wish to declare which one. By being able to requesting either ballot in IMHO is a very open primary! I’ve seen groups apply strategic reasons for voting for a candidate and create havic.. Palin and Miller


  2. jaegermeister
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 14:11:17

    New CNN poll just released:

    Miller 38%
    Murkowski 36%
    McAdams 22%


    • Syrin
      Sep 29, 2010 @ 15:02:17

      Thanks for the link to the poll.. The question Is it possible Lisa will make history? If our Democrat friends swing for the good of Alaska (looking at the numbers) and if those new voters come out….You know, it’s doable!


  3. AKRNC
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 14:48:37

    It seems that each week, more and more is being uncovered relative to Miller that indicates this man is a liar and cheat. The latest regarding the hunting license is despicable. Miller has been parading around since the primary as if he’s already been elected to the Senate and that the general election is just a mere formality that he’ll have to tolerate before he takes what he believes is rightfully his simply because he’s been endorsed by $arah. They are definitely two of a kind, when it comes to lying they have no problem in doing so repeatedly and when confronted, will again lie to your face.

    Give the voters pencils with the name LISA MURKOWSKI printed in large letters. It will serve them in two ways, to help them spell the name and to write it in. However, it’s a sad reflection on society that many think spelling her name will be a problem for Alaskans considering the last name has been well known for decades and in print in one Alaskan newspaper or another on an almost daily basis.


    • Syrin
      Sep 29, 2010 @ 15:24:57

      Ha! Love the idea of pencils with Lisa’s name. Mere formality, no doubt! Yes, Joe had a sense of accomplishment when I spoke to him at my booth. I told him straight out that his reasons of wanting the job has discredited him early on. This man did not find it necessary to follow the rules within a party institution, he’s a liar, a cheat and is not experienced enough in “stable thinking” to be a senator….


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