Palin Deflects Talk of 2012

(Bloomberg) — Sarah Palin joked with a Republican audience in Iowa, the state that traditionally holds the first presidential nominating contest, that she didn’t want to be photographed yesterday while jogging there.

President of the United States of America

From the "Be careful what you wish for" file

“Palin in Iowa Decides to Run” is the headline she and her husband, Todd, envisioned, she said, as they debated whether she should exercise on the streets or on a hotel treadmill.

In a state where every action by national politicians is examined for implications about a presidential bid, Palin offered little clarity about her 2012 ambitions after she spoke last night at the Iowa Republican Party’s largest annual fundraising dinner. November’s midterm congressional election, she said, comes first.

“I’m clear on my plans,” she told reporters. “We’re getting through these midterms as victors with common sense conservatives.”
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