Syrin Goes to London

Syrin Goes to London with a candidate for the ‘Helios Award’
Just a personal note: Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to check out my webradio broadcast on Sunday evening.. It’s About Energy.. Along with my co/hosts Sunny and my husband Tom, who is our technical advisor for the program. I hope we provide some basic understanding of the importance of energy in our everyday lives. It is about energy and Americans have the ingenuity to develop our resources safely.
From the ground to the pump… or the playing field… or the medicine cabinet… each and every day Americans rely on the products created by oil and natural gas. And behind this vital product is an important story that needs to be told. Whether it’s:
Learning the value of oil and natural gas in fueling our way of life,
Recognizing that energy efficiency has its benefits,
But a rapidly growing world still needs greater supply; or
Developing a better understanding of how company performance contributes to the average American’s retirement portfolio;
We should all know the intangibles of this irreplaceable product.

The oil and gas industry makes an important contribution to the economy and revenues. The latest figures showing the oil and gas industry's contribution to the economy In just one 24-hour period, the oil and natural gas industry delivers:

Enough energy to heat 80 million homes
382 million gallons of gasoline to service stations, enabling 200 million drivers to get to work, take their kids to school, and take vacations– traveling 7.5 billion road miles every day
67 million gallons to airport terminals, enabling 30,000 flights to travel around the world
Every day, the industry supports 9.2 million people directly and indirectly and contributes more than $1 trillion to the national economy, or 7.5 percent GDP.

On that you might have noticed, I’m an advocate for responsible resource development. I love “big oil”!
My husband Tom who graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Petroleum Engineering started working up on the North Slope in 1982 .  He has worked up on the North Slope of Alaska for 28 years, first as a ‘roustabout’ then he worked as a Drillsite operator for ARCO until BP bought their assets in 2000. 
Tom has worked for BP America for a decade.

The purpose in giving you this background is the reason we’re going to London. Tom’s expertise and work ethic have been used as a template. Tom has the unforgiving job of being the sole “pipeline integrity and compliance specialist”. Those who are in charge at the Prudhoe Bay field for BP have been willing to listen to an employee who may have a better idea for upcoming projects. Tom provided those better, safer ideas, he also wrote the procedures to be used for every aspect of the project.
OK, I’m getting to the point here, The Artificial Gas Lift Pipeline project went well. It was under budget, the work was done efficiently and on time. But, above all there were NO safety risks or hazards associated with the project. 
So, within the industry there are only a few prestigious awards that may come your way. In our world for Tom and his team that award is the Helios Award .

The Alaska Team is in the running with 3 other successful BP projects from across the globe.  Whether the project actually wins or not doesn’t matter. I’m happy knowing that excellent work by competent people has been recognized by corporate. Oh yeah, and to have the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to go to London. Making the trip from Alaska to London is really the reward. Yay for me!
Here is Tom’s speech to the BP Dignitaries

It took hard work and it paid off by the accomplishments of many individuals on this project.
The Artificial Gas Lift Pipeline supplies Lift Gas to the Well Pads in the Greater Prudhoe Bay Field.  A disruption of service to this pipeline could result in an impact of up to 150,000 BOPD.
In response to line integrity concerns the Project Team was tasked with making the AGL pipeline inspectable.
This pipeline runs at 2100 psi and up to 200 degrees and there are a number of unbarred T’s in the line.  These conditions rendered the project High Risk with High Consequence.
One key to our success was early engagement with experts and stakeholders throughout the Business Unit and Industry and landing on an integrated execution plan.  A suitable design kit was developed and detailed pigging procedures were written and socialized with Operations.
The Project Team worked with vendors and the Pipeline Technical Authority to select cleaning and inspection tools that were compatible with the high pressure and temperature and capable of negotiating unbarred T’s.
Because of it’s complex nature and the multiple facilities involved a sophisticated Safe Out Lock Box configuration was required to meet Control of Work requirements.
When the project was complete:
·        All pipeline modifications had been performed safely
·        All segments had been pigged on line with no incidents and minimal production impact.
·        And the inspections proved the pipeline was Fit for Service with no significant integrity concerns.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cryinforthedyin
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 06:02:45

    Hello..That is a good accomplishment. Although I wish there had been a change to other..cleaner energy sources in the fifties..when they knew..circumstances are what they are..I know people who went to Alaska when they were laying the pipeline..up to..when they were finishing it up there (down thru Alaska) late as ’78. I do what I can to make folks aware of what the dangers are..but people who work with oil cannot be discounted. They are aware every day. Good luck with the award. Will call..Peace Tony


  2. Syrin
    Sep 17, 2010 @ 22:27:07

    Thank you – I’ll take lots of pictures..
    Changing of the Guard and Big Ben.


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