Christine O’Donnell: She is Equal to Palin, But is Cuter

By Sarah Jones

“You always have to talk about the truth,” she tells us. Do you always tell the truth? Some fool asks her. “Absolutely, I tell the truth,’” she lies with such perky cuteness that she makes Palin look obvious and desperate with all of her winky-winky can I call ya’ Joes Joe.

Well, she lied about lying, which is kinda Bill Clintonish, but she points out she wasn’t under oath. I think that makes it OK to lie, but tell others not to lie, right?

Christine lied about attending a master’s degree program at Princeton (yeah, but doesn’t that SOUND good? Gosh, I love her!) when she filed a millions of dollars sexual discrimination suit against a conservative think tank she worked for. I’m sure those good old boys weren’t expecting that kinda of grifting from the apple pie cutie!

Turns out she hadn’t yet graduated from college and she was being sued for non-payment of her tuition, but that’s a whole other matter and anyway, like I said, Princeton just sounds better.

“I never lied under oath” she says when explaining the Princeton masters degree lie regarding an undergrad audited class she wanted to take at Princeton. When asked to defend why she lied in her lawsuit, she claimed her political opponents were out to get her but never answered the question. Her campaign then said that she was under instructions to not speak about the lawsuit, and yet….

She had just given an interview where she did, indeed, talk about the lawsuit.

Then there was her accusation that Castle people were running around hiding in her bushes. An accusation she couldn’t prove as it turned out she had never called the police, but still, this is right up there with Palin’s accusation about her security being threatened after she fired her security detail. I just don’t think it serves us to get hung up on details and accuracy, when the narrative is so much better: Castle people are hiding in the bushes! They’re out to get me! Don’t look at the truth, look over here!! Gaffney piped in:

“If that’s true and she didn’t call the police, she’s not only endangering herself but her neighbors. She also likes to say there are people hiding in her bushes. It doesn’t sound stable when you add it all up.”

This just makes me mad because no one dares to question Palin when she says people are hiding out in her bushes. No one says she’s unstable! And Christine is cuter!

OK, maybe in hubris, she is equal to Palin, but again, Christine is cuter. Girl has campaign debt and unpaid income taxes, too, so she and Sarah have that whole shady tax thing common.

The Hotter Palin: Christine O’Donnell is Presidentially Cute

OK, I give. The Palin cult were right. It doesn’t matter what someone knows or doesn’t know. All that matters is that they are like me, are super cute in a non-threatening way and they say things that make me feel good. To that end, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest to my new pals in the Tea Party that we start pushing Christine O’Donnell for President!

After all, Christine has never quit her job. She’s hotter than Palin, younger than Palin, and she puts the cute in cute.

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  1. cryinforthedyin
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 07:19:27

    Every time I see a politician I do not agree with..either in the extreme..or just a personal quirk..I say..’how can I make it better’..Peace Tony


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