Alaska Politics is a Total Mess

Alaska Politics is a total mess.

We’ve been concerned about it for decades, but this Republican U.S. Senate primary makes it official. We’ve crossed into  Amy Winehouse territory. Yes, many have thought about staging an intervention, but we seem to think political rehab is for, well … quitters.

Maybe you’ve heard: Joe Miller is the Republican choice for the Alaska’s US Senate seat with the help of Alaska’s ‘undeclared’ ( mostly Democrats) and ‘unpartisian’  (mostly government employees) voters. They sent incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary, PACKING. Just so you’re aware, Miller ran on a platform largely consisting of a promise to fight against federal spending in a state whose very existence and continued viability depends in large measure on federal spending. By the way, we suspect many Alaskans vote absentee even if they don’t have to, just on the off chance their vote could help decide a close race. Yeah, we know, most Alaskans are confused about it too.

Just as we  Alaskans can smell a hint of autumn on the morning breeze, we sense a bitter ugliness rising from the confusion of this political season. It smells more like diapers and character assassination than woodsmoke, though.

We’re very concerned that until all is said and done, this fight is for the wrong candidate. We’re also terrified that the tiny portion of all Alaskans who voted for Miller in the primary may end up committing Alaska to a doomsday scenario this fall.

The most troublesome part of all this is the tolerance for a platform of lies and deceit within my Alaska Republican party. Every member in leadership positions seem self diluted on the idea that they have the answers. Miller’s whole campaign was established on a LIE against his opponent. Miller repeated over and over that Lisa Murkowski voted for ObamaCare, she did not! Of course having ‘Conservative Talking Heads’ playing  two ends against the middle demonstrated to me how integrity and honest play NO PART in Republican Politics. These radio personalities think that somehow they’re neutral?

Just this morning, a local conservative leader Roy Burkhart called in to the 650 KENI show to again establish Miller’s lack of core values, citing his lies, lack of reasonable solutions and fraudulent personal narrative. But, guess who called in before he could finish? You got it, Joe Miller. So, the conservative talking head and Miller start a dialog against the Democrat. Not touching on any of the concerns that Roy had brought up. Instead McAdams is the enemy, the problem. “He’s dangerous” “We have to unify against the democrat”.

The ugly truth is there is NO unification without integrity in the candidate for most of us. Honestly,  it doesn’t matter what party you belong to.  And finally, the conservative talking head says to this woefully unprepared Republican and ties with the incompetent and unethical dealings of Sarah Palin, who may or may not be socially conservative, but is definitely not fiscally conservative. “Thank you my friend”, please call back often.

Open Secrets: Tea Party Express Spent $314,000 in Final Week of Alaska U.S. Senate Race against the incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski Tea Party Express-financed message Miller’s campaign went to great trouble to paint her as a liberal, so if she did that, she’d already have some credibility built up. That probably wouldn’t work, though. Alaskans don’t often send Democrats to the Senate, even if Murkowski does seem to be the only Alaskan besides the late Gov. Jay Hammond (also bearded, in case you’re not from Alaska and are fascinated by our bewhiskered politicians) who could mount a serious challenge to Miller’s insurgent candidacy. We’re so confused!

Concerning whether or not Miller is “fiscally conservative”, Brad Keithley commented, ” Joe Miller may or may not be socially conservative, but a fiscal conservative he is not. Miller supported ACES, the single largest tax increase in Alaska’s history, targeted at Alaska’s largest investors and which virtually singlehandedly has stopped new investment in oil development in this state. If he is willing t…o throw the State’s largest investors under the bus in the State of the largest tax increase in state history, how can he be relied upon to be fiscally conservative when it comes to federal. issues.”

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  1. Syrin
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 13:29:05

    Hi everyone…
    Sorry for the loose ends… I wanted to get these links out along with the general sense of whats happening… I give full credit to Alaska Dispatch for presenting this perfect example of the frustration that many of us feel with our Alaska Politics during and now after the ‘OPEN’ primary. It’s NOT about whether you’re a Republican or Democrat..anymore. I used to think that just having the label Conservative Republican said all I wanted it to say. Sadly thats not the case…anymore. I will fight for small government with a Dem or a Repub! I will fight for the unborn, if policy or appointment require that! Above all, I will fight for honesty and integrity in those who seek public office….It’s a failproof standard!


  2. Syrin
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 15:47:30

    Note to self.. This system works similar as the others.. If too much time passes when writing, it won’t post.. You’d better COPY it! Or it’s lost! Sorry.. I was on a roll! We’re confused up here.. Words mean nothing, well, actions mean nothing aswell. 😦


  3. Syrin
    Sep 14, 2010 @ 19:26:46

    Welcome to the world of Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin, whose endorsements have proved beneficial to other conservative candidates, announced Thursday that she is backing O’Donnell, hoping again to thwart insiders’ calculations as she did in Alaska with Miller.

    “She understands the politics of personal destruction,” O’Donnell said of Palin, “and I think that’s why she got involved.”


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