McLeod says the Law is Clear


Activist Andrée McLeod is charging the administration of Sean Parnell with an ethics violation for improper disclosure of information. She is alleging former Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey has had unfettered access to Palin’s e-mails for an insider book he’s putting together with two co-writers.

McLeod points out that while Bailey, et al., may have had access to the emails, they have been withheld from the public and the media, for as long as two years.

She’s basing the allegation on an Anchorage Daily News blurb in the Alaska Ear: “Bailey hasn’t been giving interviews, but earwigs say he and two co-writers are about 70 percent done with a manuscript based heavily on thousands of e-mails sent and received by people in the gov’s office during that period.”

McLeod says the law is clear: A current or former public officer may not disclose or use information gained in the course of, or by reason of, the officer’s official duties that could in any way result in the receipt of any benefit for the officer or an immediate family member, if the information has not also been disseminated to the public. Also, a current or former public officer may not disclose or use, without authorization information acquired in the course of official duties that is confidential by law.

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