Georgia Congressman to Sarah Palin….. Butt Out

U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) says Sarah Palin should mind her own business and keep out of Peach State politics — and politics in other states too.

The harsh criticism comes on the heels of the ex-Alaska Governor's decision to actively campaign for unsuccessful Georgia gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel who lost to Nathan Deal in the state's GOP primary runoff on Tuesday.

"Why Sarah Palin decided to get in the race is beyond me," explained Kingston in an appearance on "America's Morning News" with John McCaslin and Amy Holmes. "I don't know why she feels compelled to get into primaries all over the country, but fortunately Georgia voters are doing their own thinking on things like this."

When asked if he thought Palin should refrain from wading into primary election match-ups in general, the Georgia congressman responded, "I wish she will."

And the conservative congressman isn't the only member of the Georgia GOP community to express dissatisfaction with Palin's involvement in the state's political scene.

Prior to Tuesday's runoff, Georgia State House Speaker David Ralston (R) said, "I would want to know how long Governor Palin has known Secretary Handel and how long she's known Congressman Deal." (He added that his own endorsement of Deal was based on decades of friendship.)

"I don't do these things lightly," he said of the process that leads him to support a particular candidate. "I don't do them to write a book or get on a talk show."

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