Palin: The importance of bowling centers

By Jason Linkins

As you are no doubt well aware, Sarah Palin has successfully leveraged her celebrity into a lucrative gig as a trade-show keynote speaker. It has not always gone well. In fact, at times, it's gone quite terribly. But this week, Palin appeared as the keynote speaker at the (hotly-anticipated) Bowling Proprietors' Association of America's International Bowl Expo 2010, and honestly, she seems to be getting better at it! See full size image

Maybe she's taken previously panned performances seriously, maybe she's found in bowling a topic that's more up to her speed. But at the very least, she's learning that expo-goers want to hear remarks that are relevant to the event and their lives. And, in contrast to some previous convention attendees, Joan Taylor at BowlingDigital reports that Palin "had done her research," and spoke pleasingly about the importance of bowling centers as a place for communities to come together:

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