SarahStyle! Immature, petty and vindictive

In light of recent events involving Joe McGinnis and Sarah’s latest example of her persecution fantasy, I thought this old post about Greta VanSustern’s strange relationship with Sarah was worth another look.

Written in October 2009, it’s as relevant today. Those of us who ‘pay attention’ to Sarah are very familiar with her immature reactions to any event that doesn’t go her way. (Geez, imagine once again, the nightmare of Sarah Palin anywhere near the real problems of the White House!) Sarah has shown us, repeatedly, that she is thin-skinned and vindictive; many people who have had dealings with her have commented the mean-spririted reactions she displays when someone ‘crosses’ her.

So, here we have Joe McGuiness, a well-known writer who is working on a book about Sarah for whom ‘God has opened a door’ right next door to Sarah’s house in Wasilla! According to Joe, the reaction (at least to those of us who have grown to know Sarah) is typical Sarah-the-High School-mean-girl! She runs to Facebook, and writes a lamely sarcastic post, describing a scene where she is outside in ‘a tank top and shorts’ and goes on to insinuate that Joe will be peering into her daughter’s bedroom!

Isn’t this what ANY teen-aged Diva would do if defied??? Yep, that’s SarahStyle! Immature, petty and vindictive.

Sarah’s daughters and sexual threats to them are a recurring theme in Sarah’s world, and this time it’s Piper. Some of you may remember that in her book, Sarah recounted an ‘incident’ about Willow being the subject of threats of gang rape while in Juneau. Serious threats! Serious threats?? Hmmm well apparently not serious enough to report them to school authorities, or law enforcement or even to Sarah’s own Security people! In another instance, a lame joke about A-Rod and Bristol (Letterman got the daughters mixed up) turned into OUTRAGE! and Statutory Rape in the Sarah version!

Sarah’s self-image is closely tied, if not entirely made up of, her sexuality. This is not surprising really; her father isn’t shy about referring to his daughter in terms that border on the inappropriate. To most people, there is something vaguely creepy about a Dad who would refer to the birth of a grandchild as ‘I was there when he popped out’ or wears a Tshirt proclaiming his 40 something daughter to be ‘hot’. While most grandfathers would say: those kids are always losing something! Chuck Heath specifies, they are always ‘losing their underwear’. Creepy. Did Sarah grow up hearing her Dad comment on her looks, her sexual appeal, her ‘talents’ ? Does her obsession with men seeing her daughters as ’sexual objects’ stem from her own love/hate self-image as an aging woman who is losing her looks while her young daughters are growing into theirs? Worse, does Daddy now make those same welcome/unwelcome comments about Bristol, Willow and Piper?

Which brings me back to Greta: the smart girl in High School, who worked hard at her studies. She probably had a lot of friends but none like Sarah Heath Palin, unless it was to borrow her notes before exams. I’m guessing that Greta never got ‘messages’ from her family that her looks would open doors for her, nor did she need to use her sexuality to get ahead, if it ever occured to her at all.

But …….. still ……… even the plain girls with brains must have even a tiny bit of envy for girls like Sarah Heath, who Dumb & Wink their way up the ladder while GretaGirls rely on hard work, integrity and open their own doors!

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  1. sjohnson
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 11:23:00

    "Mean girl" is the default coping mechanism for the Palin females. They haven't evolved socially beyond the junior high level. Mean girls generally have no real friends or relationships either; they have followers, which they collect like baseball cards. Actually, the entire clan reminds me of a group of jackals circling their prey. These are not the type of people that I would want in my social circle. It's a sad comment on society that so many people (Palin-bots) feed off of the Palin poison (hatred) like maggots on dead meat. I feel nothing but negative energy around these people.


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