Alaska: GOP Primary- More Ugly Politics

By Andrew Halcro

It shouldn't be a surprise that a challenger with little name recognition and even fewer ideas on how to lead America forward would resort to the same tired race to the right in the GOP primary, but Joe Miller is carving new ground.

Miller, who is challenging incumbent GOP U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski in the August primary, has wasted no time in stepping out on the sidewalk, trying to hail votes by using ugly politics that are usually reserved for candidates who don't have any ideas of their own.

For Joe Miller, the two piece fits.

As the proprietor of this blog I make no apologies for my ardent defense of Lisa Murkowski. During our toughest days together in the Alaska State Legislature, Lisa always defended me the way a big sister would her little brother and I damn well intend to do the same.

But this blog is less about my friendship with Lisa than it is about Joe Miller's complete disregard for honesty.

Today Lisa Murkowski has risen to the top of the leadership team in the Senate due to her smarts and common sense. In fact, I'd argue she is one of the few rising stars at a time when Alaskans desperately needs a senior voice in D.C. to protect Alaska.

But GOP primaries have always contained a little bit of nastiness. Every candidate wants to be more conservative than the next to cater to the extreme elements who make up a fair share of primary voters. Saying your more pro-life, or love the constitution more than the other guy always seems to resonate with those who are chronically angry.

Joe Miller and his Tea Party entourage are angry.

At the 2008 Republican State Convention, Miller mounted an unsuccessful coup to oust GOP Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich. In response Miller said he was quitting the party.

"It is my perspective, that until this party can clean up its leadership," Miller said. "I have to resign as District 8 Chair and Interior Regional Chair and therefore register as a nonpartisan voter as soon as the Division of Elections opens on Monday."

Now Miller is back, aided by an endorsement of another quitter, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party gang.

But Miller's recent mailing that landed in my mailbox on Saturday, comparing positions with Murkowski, tells voters all they need to know about Joe; he has no ideas only anger. Even his positions smack of hypocrisy and a lack of understanding and vision.

Government Bailouts

Miller states that he opposes government bailouts and criticizes Murkowski for voting for the TARP bailout of Wall Street. Would Miller have rather had the entire financial system collapse?

But more importantly, he's been endorsed by Palin who is the epitome of supporting bailouts. Her use of government funds to help friends and neighbors while bailing out a failing dairy is far more egregious than saving the countries banking system.

This is ironic, as Miller states in his mailing, "taxpayers should not be on the hook for the poor business decisions of irresponsible corporations." I guess Palin's dairy bailout is okay, but protecting Americans and their savings accounts is not. 

In fact, the TARP legislation is the only bailout that Murkowski voted for, as she opposed all other attempts to use government funds to bailout the private sector as well as the stimulus. 

She opposed the $800 million stimulus bill, voted to terminate the TARP program as well as opposed spending the remaining $350 TARP funds. She also opposed raising the debt limit and voted to terminate the cash for clunkers program.

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  1. ken
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 19:47:00

    another rino,plain and simple,believes in abortion,believes in stem cell research,got caught buying and selling cheap land,dirty old school politics.not needed……………


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