Honor Thy Father

Our life begins with the union of a man and a woman, our earthly Father and Mother. Our earthly father figure we come to know as Dad. I was privileged to have a wonderful Dad. In my life, my Dad is my biggest fan, my #1 admirer. He always has something helpful or humorous to impart to me, always timely, just what I needed to hear. My Dad raised my siblings and I couple years as a single man way back in the 70's. My Dad took his responsibility for parenting very seriously and to heart. He often says, that being a father is truly the most important thing that he's ever done, he's 76 years old and has done quite a bit.

Let me say that the relationship between daughters and fathers sets a standard in the daughter's life that stays with her as she becomes a woman. Some of the memorable ways that my Dad set that standard for me are not unusual or difficult to achieve. Even in the midst of his daily work schedule my Dad always kept the lines of communications open. He always had patience and a willingness to make us a priority.


My Dad, always took time to sit with me and help me think through an issue, develop alternatives and come to a conclusion. This tends to be counter-intuitive for some fathers, usually wanting to 'fix it'. But he thought it is important to teach me how to think, and not to lean on others for solutions. He helped me develop problem-solving skills, which has served me well throughout my life. My Dad deserves a special gift that's filled with appreciation and admiration.
But I would venture to say, from experience, a gift is not always what a parent looks for. They want your love, a visit or maybe a phone call if you aren't where you can be there on that special day. I live so very far away from my Dad, he's in Chicago and I'm in Alaska. I've made it a point to visit as often as I can and on occasion I've surprised my Dad by showing up with my sister and brother to the Father's Day Brunch. I usually come bearing gifts of smoked salmon and moose sausage, my Dad's favorites! He's always humbled and often asks why would you come all this way? And he followed up with, you could have just sent a card! Oh Dad, I love you! Sure he loves those cards and gifts, but he demonstrates that the love shown to him meant so much more. Why not take time out this Father's Day to call your Dad or go to see him and put a sparkle in his eyes? You will be glad you did in years to come when Dad is no longer there in your presence.

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  1. sjohnson
    Jun 20, 2010 @ 06:46:00

    What a beautiful tribute to your dad! I am lying here dadless and reflecting back on my memories of my dads. Yes, I had two, biological and step. Sometimes I wonder if dads realize how important they are in a daughter's life. Certainly, a dad sets up the expectations a daughter has of how she should be treated by a man later in life. Here's to dads everywhere (raising my coffee cup).


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