Palin Fans Harass California Senator


California State Senator Leland Yee, who has been battling a state university over disclosing Sarah Palin's speaking contract, complains in a press release today that he's been getting nasty emails and faxes.

They include a fax with some really scatological, racist language and "a graphic of an American flag adorned pickup truck dragging a noose. The (very graphic) emails and fax are after the jump.

“It is quite disturbing that such racist and homophobic sentiment still exists in our country,” said Yee, who said he's forwarded the messages to the State Senate's sergeant-at-arms for investigation. “It is unfortunate acts like these that demonstrate why we must continue to be vigilant against hate and intolerance.”

From Yee's press release:

An expletive-laden fax received yesterday in the Senator’s San Francisco and Sacramento offices says, “To: JoBama Rectum Sniffer Fish Head Leland Yee” and then in all capital letters, “WERE YOU TO EXTRACT YOUR HEAD FROM TREASONOUS MARXIST NIG**R HUSSEIN OBAMA’S RECTUM, YOUR BRAIN WOULD STILL FUNCTION AT ITS PRESENT MUCH DIMINISHED LEVEL BUT AT LEAST THE NIG**R SH*T SMELL WOULD EVENTUALLY DISSIPATE.”

The fax, which included a graphic of an American flag adorned pickup truck dragging a noose, also states “FIGHTING The Marxist Nig**r Thug Hussein Obama” and “Safeguard the Constitution, Death of all Domestic Marxists!”

Another fax received by the Senator’s office with a similar graphic says, “NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON: lyeesucksobamasnig**ras*.com,” as well as “JoBama. HE IS BRAVE ENOUGH TO KILL OUR UNBORN, JUST NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO CALL OUR ENEMIES WHAT THEY ARE: Muslim Terrorists!” The fax also includes a rifle scope targeting a shirt with the communist hammer and sickle symbol.

One of the phone messages left after hours in Yee’s office voicemail says, “You know, I heard that Senator Yee wants to nix Sarah Palin from speaking at Stanislaus State…Maybe we ought to have a homosexual with a long enough di*k to where he can stick it up his as* and fu*k himself while he is on stage giving a speech. That would be acceptable to Leland Yee. So, good thing you run in San Francisco ‘cause you’d never make it anywhere else.”

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21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ken
    Apr 20, 2010 @ 12:39:00

    lee has been a lowlife for a long time including a arrest for shoplifting and being stopped many times for trolling for prostitutes in san francisco,if your looking for dirty pool tricks look towards the democratic/socialist party.


  2. sjohnson
    Apr 20, 2010 @ 18:14:00

    As usual, Ken throws out his bucket of red herrings and completely misses the point. ANYONE who sends a fax, email, or snail mail letter or who leaves a phone message of that level of obscenity and hate speech should be tracked down like the cowardly weasel he/she is, have his/her sorry ass thrown in jail, and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law regardless of whom he/she is or to whom the hatred is directed.


  3. sjohnson
    Apr 20, 2010 @ 19:42:00

    Lee? Lee who?


  4. ken
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 00:29:00

    YEE………….and anyone that leaks private memo's for political scoring points should be sent to jail for invasion of privacy,and from what i read about yee he's a half step away from going to jail.


  5. sjohnson
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 04:18:00

    I guess Ken is unaware that when a memo hits the outside trash bin, it becomes public property. Oh dear, Ken has formed a fixation on Yee instead of the issue at hand. However, let's take a ride on the Ken tangent fast rail. Yee calling a news conference to present the students who found the info and bring it into the light of public scrutiny can hardly be charactarized as "leaking private memo's…" [sic].


  6. Inside_Passage
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 13:19:00

    Even IF what you are saying is true, being a lowlife doesn't mean you deserve to be threatened with death. In fact, those who make death threats are considered felony offenders, yes? Any even lower form of lowlife than a shoplifter or someone who indulges in prostitutes, that's for sure.


  7. ken
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 15:02:00

    everytime i read one of your comments i wonder if you are relly this dense or your hoping i am,lets go through what really happened,yee got ahold of a memo that stated what palin needed to give a speech,grabbed the memo,walked outside with a big trash can with that one piece of paper in it,yelled his little socialist head off until he attracted the attention of some students,threw the memo into the trash,and then 5 students dove in and turned around to the little socialist[yee] and gave him their big discovery…in californis it might be hard to put the little socialist in jail for invasion of privacy but it should happen,but who know's maybe him and some acorn member will go trolling for underage central american prostitutes and get arrested for that,but wait acorn will bring in their own security and declare that they were doing no wrong…………now who's little dream has a better chance of being the truth.


  8. ken
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 15:08:00

    that this sleeze is going to get away with this,is most likely the truth,california just let acorn off the hook for giving lessons on how to set up whorehouses with underage illegal aliens,so invading someones privacy is a small matter to brown,and the liberal left,that more and more people are getting frustrated is to be expected.wrong,but to be expected………..


  9. sjohnson
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 17:04:00

    Oh my! Did anyone else realize that Ken's real name is Clark Kent? Holy mackeral! I really apologize for my ignorance. I didn't know that he could fly at the speed of light from one coast to the other and appear at just the right time at CSU Stanislaus to personally observe Senator Yee committing outrageous crimes. I mean, who knew? One has to wonder why he hasn't turned this insider info over to the FBI, CIA, and Jesus.


  10. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 17:29:00

    Lol .. sjohnson, you stated it perfectly..
    Ken and others that I travel in the same conservative circles with do try to re-write the US Constitution to support their hypocritical belief that OTHER people (Democrats)( Anyone who they dont agree) are guilty until proven innocent while some people (Republicans) (mostly the anti intellectual, anti integrity types) are innocent even after being proven guilty (cough…Palin et al).


  11. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 17:42:00

    Acorn? whorehouses for illegals? What do you think about chairman Steele can giving lessons on how to take party funds (supporter funds) and have themselves a good old time with lesbian strippers… whats your thought on that? Whats your thought on the words and expression these idiots use?


  12. Inside_Passage
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 18:45:00

    Acorn is irrelevant, and I wish you'd stop bringing them up in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable.If I went out and murdered someone this very minute, I would still be worse than Lee, worse than ACORN, worse than the worst of these lowlife criminal scumbags.Why?Because MURDER IS WORSE. Threats of murder are meaningless gutless threats if they aren't back by the willingness to do it so I tell you right now, every single one of those worthless sacks of crap that are threatening lives, whether they be Democrat or Republican ARE worse than Lee, ARE worse than ACORN and ARE worse than the Obama or Bush Administrations.Please stop excusing them, because if you are the "good Christian" you pretend to be, then you know they are wrong.


  13. sjohnson
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 20:12:00

    Well said.


  14. ken
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 22:43:00

    i really don't give a damm that some nutjobs are threatening a theiving lieing state senator,is that supposed to pull pity out of me,am i somehow supposed to feel sorry for a state senator that has no ethics,that has no basis in right or wrong,this guy should be in jail worrying who's boytoy he's going to be next,that he's a lawmaker in the state of california or any other state amazes me, what brings people to this point is they are supposed to be held to a higher degree,they are supposed to be the exsamples of the right way to do things,are you really this confused when people see the very people that are making the laws ,breaking them,wwhat is their recourse they are left feeling that they have no answers,no ability to find the light at the end of the tunnel.this guy should be put through a public trial live on all three networks,for the world to see that there is a thing called justice.


  15. ken
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 22:44:00

    back off the cheap mexican beer,its starting to effect you.


  16. sjohnson
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 03:57:00

    Oooh noos!!! Kryptonite weakens Clark KENts normally brilliant retorts and once again renders him impotent! What shall we do? The defender of the Xhristian world and chief hypocrite is down for the count. Sob!!! Life is no longer worth living.


  17. Inside_Passage
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 09:49:00

    Murder and threats of murder aren't justice. Period.


  18. Syrin from Wasilla
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 09:57:00

    I do appreciate your comments..
    You know, it's a shame that those simple truths have to be explained to Ken.


  19. Inside_Passage
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 11:51:00

    Yeah, I'm still weighing in on whether he's for real or not. I could swear he's a troll, simply from the way I keep running across his one-line insults to other members of Vox in their comment sections, but every now and then it seems like there is some kind of method to his madness even if it is complete #$*)&.


  20. ken
    Apr 22, 2010 @ 22:00:00

    oh, don't worry yourself for a second about wether or not i'm for real,when the weatherman were running around telling college kids the best thing they could do was kill their parents i didn't here the liberals crying,when crazy ted the shoe box bomber was sending bombs to conservative proff. i didn't here the liberals crying,when people were carrying signs saying they were here to kill bush right ouside of the whitehouse i didn't here any liberals crying,but some state senator from the socialist state of california gets a death threat after invading some ones privacy and your all up in arms,now you want and end to this crazy talk,makes me think your all about rights as long as their your rights, i believe thats called tyranny.not to mention childish…………..


  21. sjohnson
    Apr 23, 2010 @ 04:34:00

    Apparently paranoid Clark KENt has a previously unheard-of super power called "super-selective hearing (spelling corrected for the non-spelling impaired)".


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