Sarah Palin appeared Friday in Orlando at the Orange County Republican Dinner.  The Orlando Sentinel printed an article following her appearance, which quoted a mother as saying, “I love her morals, her character and the way she says what she believes”. This quote embodies all that I object to in the façade of Sarah Palin.  This mother was obviously persuaded by what Palin says instead of examining carefully what Palin does.  Consider Palin’s morals and character.

Even though statistics indicate that over 90% of Americans have pre-marital sex, Palin never-the-less still advocates abstinence in speeches given across the country.  The amazing thing is that she herself was pregnant when she married.

Palin suggests that she is a dedicated mother and a professional yet…


    1. She allows Piper to miss a multitude of school days for various reasons including beach vacations in Hawaii during normal school weeks.
    2. Her oldest son has had drug problems
    3. Bristol was pregnant at age 17, was not married, and Palin thought she would make it okay, by suggesting that Bristol was going to marry the father.
    4. Mommy Dearest parades her Down’s syndrome baby to national political conventions like a prop.
    5. Palin drags her Down’s syndrome baby to book signing tours often in his pajamas and without shoes.
    6. Trig needs glasses but we rarely see him with glasses on, so I guess his vision isn’t too important to his mom.
    7. Willow has been identified by police as a teenager who occupied an abandoned house for the purpose of having a party where alcohol was freely consumed.
    8. Palin chose to become pregnant at age 44, when the risk of a Down’s syndrome child was quite high given her age and that of her husband.
    9. Palin tried to ban a book from the Wasilla library designed to help a child gain a better understanding about his gay father.

Palin advocates “common sense” when it comes to running the country, but fails to offer any specific proposals to explain what that means or how she would fix any of the multitude of problems the country is facing.

Palin complained throughout the campaign that she was prevented from talking with the media, but when she had the press trying hard to come to book signing events, she prohibited them from attending.

Palin repeatedly complains that the media should leave her family alone, but she has sold grandchild photos for over $300,000, her book “Going Rogue” is at least 50% personal accounts of family life, and she mentions her family as often as she can in speeches and appearances.

The most amazing thing is that Palin makes ridiculous excuses for her behavior, and people seem to feel sorry for her, like writing notes on her hand and using God to justify it.

It is incumbent upon all of us, especially women, to ensure that the truth be known.  “Rebuttal to the Rogue” was my personal attempt to ensure that there was a record of the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin. 

Please help me educate people like this woman who believe everything that Palin says. Read More