Andrew Sullivan: How Palin Responds To Factual Criticism

How Palin Responds To Factual Criticism

By Andrew Sullivan

She doesn't. She can't actually disprove or rebut any of the mounds of evidence that she is and was the most ignorant and unqualified person ever put on a national ticket. All she does is deny, deny, deny:

“I had been warned not to watch it,” said Ms. Palin of the “60 Minutes” segment in question. That segment dealt with a new book on the campaign that alleges, among other things, that Palin did not know why North and South Korea are two different countries.

“That is a lie,” said Palin.

Host Bill O’Reilly of “The O’Reilly Factor” said that Palin couldn’t have bested Vice President Biden in a debate if she were really that dumb, and offered her his show as a base for future anti-“60 Minutes” offensives. “You now have a forum here at Fox News where you can immediately neutralize ’60 Minutes’,” Mr. O’Reilly said.

O'Reilly effectively backs Palin's claim on the basis that her crammed, force-fed burbling of talking points in the Biden debate somehow refutes the idea that she hasn't the slightest clue what goes on in the world or the slightest knowledge of history outside of sports. And he is essentially pledging that News Corporation will advance her lies and spin, as it did by publishing her book, and protect her from any real scrutiny that a political candidate deserves.

Since Fox is a propaganda operation and not a journalistic enterprise (Shep Smith excluded), they don't push back. What FNC is giving her is a platform to lie unchecked by any journalistic ethics.

I do not believe that this means she is out of politics. Au contraire. FNC and the RNC are effectively the same operation (and Harper Collins, which published her fiction as non-fiction with no fact-checking or editing is also part of NewsCorp). Her new job is running for office via the chief propaganda network for the red states. The strategy is obviously to focus entirely on the base, demonizing the president and anything he does, exploit economic malaise, and then get back to power on a wave of frightened white ressentiment with Palin as the hood ornament one more time. I fear her.

The indifference to reality, the cult-like connection with the gun-clingers, the charisma, the cunning, the fraud: this is like a second Bush utterly unleashed from any connection to the GOP's more civil and expansive past, holding a view of presidential power that establishes a national security protectorate for the indefinite future, and total unseriousness with respect to the debt and defusing Islamist terror – rather than provoking it even further.

At least this time, we will have more than eight weeks to vet her. But when a politician believes she does not need to respond to the press, when in fact she now uses the fiction that she too is the press and should be asking questions of others, when the platform she has been given provides her with total immunity from direct criticism along with a megaphone for lies, we are in trouble as a democracy.

She is a symptom of a broken political and journalistic system. She is not a tabloid story. She is a threat.

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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 18:58:00

    I do disagree with Andrew Sullivan on one point….I happened to think that she is a tabloid story. Results 1 – 10 of about 180,000 for palin in the tabloids. The threat. (A dumbing down of the real issues with no intellectual grounding in facts.)


  2. sjohnson
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 20:29:00

    What I find astounding is the number of totally ignorant, hypocritical, uneducated, violent people who support her. I had no idea that America had such a large cult of deluded idol worshipping people.


  3. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 09:28:00

    You took the words right out of my mouth! Major problem for me… This large cult of deluded idol worshipping people call themselves Christian Conservative.

    For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers and leaders, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
    (2 Timothy 3:1- 2 Timothy 4:4).


  4. sjohnson
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 12:48:00

    I totally agree. I just don't understand how someone could know Christ and think that this vindictiveness and violence are part of the teachings of Jesus. It certainly doesn't fit the feeling in my heart of who Christ is and the kind of person he wants me to be. Another blogger referred to these people as potential domestic terrorists. I'm afraid that is very close to the truth. I feel resentful that they are trying to hijack Christianity just as Al Qaeda has hijacked Islam.


  5. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 13:19:00

    You know, it's been a learning experience for me through these roughly 8 years. Since I discerned there was something spiritually WRONG with Sarah Palin on every measure. On my radio show on blogtalkradio I documented what she was doing as it was happening before anyone knew who she was. I had no reason to document Sarah's words and deeds, to act as a siren to her scandalous and unethical character other then to be obedient to GOD. YES for Christ 20 years


  6. southernyankee
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 13:25:00

    What I don't understand if this was a democratic that goes on a left leaning station you would be hearing people yelling on the right bloody murder.


  7. Syrin from Wasilla
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 14:07:00

    Thank you for your comment. Well, it appears that there are different standards applied to Sarah Palin…


  8. False Polaris
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 10:44:40

    I watched Sarah Palin’s Alaska excursions program and immediately drew two conclusions: (1) she doesn’t know squat about fishing, especially fishing for halibut (2) I have never seen a native Aleut or Eskimo or Indian face in her entourage; this lady appeals to the whites-only crowd. Whatever edited Alaska program appears on TV, it is clear that she is a real cheechako.


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