What is the Alaska Fund Trust?

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A quick check of the Alaska Fund Trust website reveals that despite the six-figure speaking engagements like the recent one in Hong Kong, and despite the multi-million dollar book deal, and all the other opportunities opening up for our ex-governor now that she’s shed that pesky day job, Palin still has her hand out.

Yes, the Alaska Fund Trust, which has not been updated to reflect her new employment status, still says it is designed to help the “governor” pay off her legal bills.   As of today, you can still click on the site and find this heart-wrenching plea.

Governor Palin has incurred more than half a million dollars in personal debt defending her official actions as Governor. You can help by donating to the Alaska Fund Trust today!


Donors are presumably encouraged to ignore the fact that the ethics complaint against Palin claiming that the fund itself is illegal resulted in a report obtained by the Associated Press which states that the receipt of gifts through this fund is “improper.”

And by the way, donors will be relieved that despite this crushing legal debt, there seems to be a lot of new construction going on, expanding the Palin’s large lakeside home with the float plane dock.


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