My friends on Facebook:

My friends on Facebook:
Gender breakdown: 57% female / 43% male
Relationship status: 44% single / 56% taken
Political breakdown: 13% democrats / 87% republicans
Geographic distribution: 3 countries, 12 states
Most common zodiac sign: Gemini (20 friends)
Favorite music: (5 friends)
Favorite TV show: (5 friends)
Favorite movie: Lord Of The Rings (6 friends)
Favorite book: The Bible (16 friends)
Favorite activity: Hiking (8 friends)

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  1. JBodine
    Oct 05, 2009 @ 14:16:00

    Are you kidding me. You still have friends on facebook. I thought you bailed on it. What, you are up to 16 I see.


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